hi welcome to the movie titled shopping in Germany as the title indicates I brought two machines from Germany set of machines it is a plow Frost 3 rotary furrow and shaft Campbell I think it is called that at the beginning you have to thank colleague Michał for sending me this plow Grzegorz’s friend for that he helped me organize transport he wrote with this German to get along somehow and he came to me on sunday in what condition it is, I will tell you that I like this plow has a little bent shares tips it can be patted exchanging is not worth it because they are in very good condition maybe I just chisel myself but this plow is very heavy so it will enter the ground without a problem this is Frost mosel 110 here the frame is mounted to the shaft I don’t know if it was originally or made up but it is with this shaft I’m happy with it, I really like it so my old plow will be for sale as if someone wanted him then the price for him will be 5.5 thousand mine is also the same as the one turned on two snakes we will complete it now I will pin the shaft and arm we’ll see how it looks together I wonder if I will lift this shaft because it is quite heavy we will approach this shaft soon this is the 3 + 1 version 4 furrows can be tightened in case I buy a bigger tractor, it won’t be a problem you can confidently tighten here regulation you know what’s going on very simple adjustment I like this in that it is more complicated I can show regulations in Mustang it’s also simple the width of the first furrow is set here moves and here is the lining later here it is made with two screws I’m going to show you the embankment and we will be bound together the shaft is quite heavy I downloaded him by cyclops I’ll add some material to you from unloading but the cyclops had a problem with unloading I mean, lift it up but the piston hid inside the main one which raises the whole and so at first glance what to do here here I noticed that it is loose there are wooden shells here but that’s enough replace and it will be great Do I need this wal? I do not need it and I will sell it so how would anyone want anyone would be interested then you can buy it because I really am not needed in my fields would disturb more than that it would bother me to transport it, fasten it conversion so it will be for sale damn I can’t get the balls out we’ll try to hook him without a bullet I will not use it, maybe for a trial we’ll check how nobody buys it but I have nothing to do with it I have everything plowed I left nothing to myself I did not expect a plow now bought Okay we fasten it it’s a shame it’s so cold here also this funny pin is some the pin is that on the one hand there is a big hole and on the other a small hole and I don’t have such pain I have to roll away what is this ? it can fit oh that will be good harrow handle we will give it yes it can only be whether I will fasten it at all I drive up and we are trying to fasten it and we will go there to the meadow we will complete it all as it should be I can’t fasten it there was a fastening problem raise it raises now it has expanded but I didn’t like the category here supposedly I have a second category as it is supposed to be and here it is apparently a bit wider done a little wider than it should be oh you see my arms bent because here it jumped okay, i don’t know if to fasten it on this meadow how will I attract it later? I will attract him on wheels the most it will roll on because I have to put it somewhere now we will fasten it to the shaft and we are going we are going to plow here lies this arm there is still a blockade these snags lock for transport so that it doesn’t fly on the road, doesn’t open probably it will be quite heavy to put it in too somehow mount it where to give the camera to see something will be seen something for sure but what it turns out later gloves because it’s cold as I don’t know heavy terribly heavy damn the opposite but a donkey this is how it looks here the distance is regulated so you can fit under your tractor under your plow I will tell you that this is a nice set we attach the hoses blue is marked with something that will probably be power power supply and it will be back we will try for now, as always, I hook it up also UTTO oils will not mix because here I have only one such return with slow flow unless I try to connect it here I don’t know what a nest this is some service there we’ll see what happens I haven’t connected it here yet it goes to the chest back it will be okay maybe we will see if it rotates Okay I was wrong it turns around tootsy footer bothers you here because it unlocks I have to fly for a string and tie it here we will fasten with this excavator this meadow will also be plowed, it will be a test on it we unfasten it is recording? gloves and yet it succeeded I thought it was blocked withdraw jeb why it locks on this screw good gone Okay we will convert now there is little space here but it is difficult somehow now it is necessary new toy and need to be tested no something is wrong in the opposite direction oh because he has to turn around so I have to hook it, I understand now it’s ready, I’ll give it so far because it somehow falls we’ll try dry for now but will he hook him? no it’s too low and what now ? ass I’d catch him about is coming dup unpinned well, unfortunately, it must be plowed to make it lower I will do nothing now you see it looks like it, I like it it will definitely be nice to plow nice to enter the ground even when it’s dry we fasten and fall because it’s Christmas Eve today on this occasion I wish you all Christmas wishes all the best I will probably write something for the new year for the new year we borrow in another movie Okay we fall because you know you have to sit at the table first star, the presents are already under the Christmas tree damn sand dug here because here they pulled out the poles on the dung ride video I said they were tearing up too here too she was so struggling it all bothered