hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and
I’m here for scrapbook boutique today and I have decided to play with some
yupo and some alcohol inks there’s heaps of great ideas out on the
Internet at the moment using these really fun products so I just thought
I’d try and see how I can get them to work for me I like bright colors I like
flowers and I like clean and simple so I decided to combine all of that together
here today these three colors came in the same pack
which is called spring break so I thought I’d actually combined those
three colors here on my cardstock and I’ve got some isopropyl alcohol here
which is I think what is called rubbing alcohol in the u.s. it’s not really easy
to come across here but I did find it in one of the big stores here in the paint
sort of section and rather than spray that on I have actually just used the
end of the nozzle to drip that on so I have a little bit more control I’m
mixing the colors with each other just to see how they react and I’m also using
some of the colors and I have actually done this because I want to
actually use this altenew stamp over top so I have actually chosen where I’m
going to drop my colors I know it’s the control freak in me I can’t help myself
I was really surprised actually how far the alcohol pushed the colors out and
apparently the blending solution that you can buy works really well even
better but I just don’t have any of that here on hand I will have to get some
though so I did once I sort of got this how I thought I wanted it I just kept
adding and dropping and once I was ready to sort of think well that’s how I want
my own colors to be I did set this aside to dry for quite a while and I didn’t
want to lose any of the brightness so I did actually come back in with some more
of the orange and and back into Center without adding the
alcohol so did end up a little bit thick in places but it seemed to dry fine my
sentiment today comes from an MFT set which is called anything but basic
birthday wishes and it has some really fun sentiments I’m gonna white heat
emboss this on some black card stock and I’ve prepped this card stock really
really well can you tell there’s some powder and this is just using the the
powder tool and I find that this works really well I also have an anti-static
powder bag and that’s great too but this is an old piece of cardstock and they do
get lots of finger marks over time so I find if I had lots of powder it works
perfectly I don’t have to try to clean up too many stray beads so after I have
hit it with my heat tool I do just let it dry for a few seconds and then to get
rid of that excess powder I just come in with an old rag and wipe it away and you’d
never know I am going to cut my Yupo panel down now and
this is actually going to cover the whole front of my card it is a really
white cardstock which is great so my card stock that I generally use is very
similar so I could probably leave gaps and not have to sort of get really weird
about the matchy-matchy for the whites but I decided to actually cover the
whole front of the card now this is where I didn’t know whether it’s going
to work or not I’ve got the charmed stamp from Altenew and this is a
lovely sort of washy kind of watercolor II floral bouquet and
I’ve got some archival jet black ink and I did a little bit of reading up and I
found that the archival ink actually works well on the Yupo paper with the
alcohol inks and the trick is to allow it a good 20 minutes to dry well I let
let it dry longer than that and that seemed to work just fine and that’s why
I actually attached the panel to the front of my card first because I didn’t
want to be mucking around with it after that I’m using my Misti so I can
stamp it a few times and that was actually a good idea because I did need
to stamp it a few times especially over a couple of those areas that had a lot
of ink on them and I have got a piece of acetate here just protecting my
cardstock while I position that for a second stamping and these colors are just
beautiful and it was so easy to do as well there are so many wonderful videos
out there with some great techniques to try using these products so I’ve got
some more ideas so hopefully I’ll get to share them with you here soon I have
popped my sentiment up with some black foam squares and I did come in and add
some black enamel dots as well that’s my finished card for today I’ll link
everything below we can head to my blog and find everything there til next time
happy papercrafting bye