I’m in beautiful New York! I just got off a plane and now it’s time to wash my face. Come with me! So my favorite part of the day is actually taking my makeup off and I always start with a makeup remover wipe. It’s actually a German brand but it’s my favorite. I remove my eye makeup first. I’ve been using this product for like ten years and I think it’s more for like girls than for women but its the best product I ever found because it actually removes all your makeup and it’s very gentle to the skin. I never ever ever ever sleep with my makeup on. Like even if I go out and I’m Like you know when you get like drunk and you’re really tired but I always take it off no matter how tired I am or where I am. Next up is a rinse off by Chanel. I’ve been using this one for years. I really like it because it’s a mousse so you put it on your skin and it gets foamy. After rubbing it in the skin I rinse it off. And now I put on lotion which is super important ’cause otherwise I would wake up with like very dry skin especially after washing it I feel like it gets a little bit more dry. So the first product I’m gonna use to hydrate my skin is a serum by 111Skin. I just put it as a base and the skin already feels way better after putting this on. And since you sleep for like six to eight hours I like to put on one night lotion. The face cream by Barbara Sturm which is my go to brand for skincare. What I love about Barbara Sturm it seems very natural and it is actually ’cause you can look up the ingredients and they’re all very natural. Okay, so my last product is the eight hour lip cream by Elizabeth Arden It’s by far my favorite and the only lip product that I’ve been using. It does a very good job of hydrating but also for this, when I wake up it’s gone. ‘Cause I feel like my skin and lips get very very dry. So this is it. I’m very shiny right now but like I said it’s necessary in my case and I will wake up with a very fresh look. Goodnight!