Right now we are in the souk Al-Mubarakiya This is old fashioned, old style bazaar and I can imagine that back in the days it must be a lot of caravans with camels coming here and travelling to far away places like Persia, like Sham (currently Syria) or Iraq to sell their products, to sell vegetables, to sell fruits beauty, fashion perfumes, carpets, everything what you can only imagine Let´s go and discover! Yalla! If you are fan of local places, you won’t get disappointed I advise you to get lost in this souk full of everything! 🙂 Here is my journey through the bazaar! Wow! this man is everywhere it is the Emir (not Sultan) of Kuwait Kuwaiti flags and colors are in each and every corner This nation is proud of its identity People are very friendly They love to chit chat even if you are not interested in buying but only staring at their products This is sugar cane for chewing The streets in this market are always bustling with lot of crowd This place is so lively, with a lot of local people sitting and sipping their Arabic tea while other people are just shopping This market is 200 years old and you can still negotiate here in this modern world we live they are always set prices they are always fixed prices but here you can still use your negotiation skills and buy very cheap What shall we buy? Something very typical from the Middle East We are trying dates! Very sweet and tender You can see we are very sticky They stack to my finger you see This one I really like I have a lot of them to try but I think I already found my favourite! This one! This one for instance is black It’s much much harder but is also tasty It’s so hard to choose I think I will buy all of them Negotiation never happened It was so cheap, I didn’t have heart to ask for discount Oh, so many men with traditional outfit I hope I didn’t creep them out by following them with camera Are you also curious how his outfit is called? Deshdashah (dress) Shmagh (scarf) Egal (black ring) Tagyeh (white underrate) This is traditional Kuwaiti outfit Shokran (thank you) My strategy how to talk to strangers eye contact, wide smile and brave loud word HELLO The rest goes very easy 🙂 After that I stack my nose to the back side of the restaurant since I noticed ongoing preparation of Iranian bread I smiled and stared at this man as long as he decided to invite me inside and teach me how to do it so I can try myself Language skills of Arabic language needed? NONE Fun you have? It is priceless Nothing tastes better than bread prepared with your own hands Add hummus to it, or kebab and food heaven in guaranteed Big thank you for the experience to this man Just felt a really nice smell. What is it? No, no, it’s not incense It’s a wood which is called Bakhoor and it smells very nice Like a perfume that reminds me of a preparation for shisha Fire is ready. Now we pick up a wood It looks like this – tree bark This doesn’t smell anything but when it burns… Hmmm… Very nice What is a perfect way to end day at the souk? Traditional Kuwaiti music! This performance doesn’t happen every day I was simply lucky with timing and it was like a cherry on the top of my visit in the bazaar My first try of making bread I was so scared of the fire that I almost stuck it outside