hi guys Welcome to my ~epic~ winter haul I don’t live somewhere really cold so this is not gonna be a haul with like 8 jackets, 8 sweaters… I just have a little bit of everything, you know? πŸ˜€ I have some pieces that brands sent me but most of these, I have bought myself Without a long intro, I’m gonna get started! This is not part of the haul πŸ™‚ I have tops, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, pants I also have a purse, some accessories… it’s gonna be a fun haul (hopefully) I have this turtleneck from Everlane I absolutely love Everlane because I think they have a really good selection of basics and compared to other brands, they really do care about the environment and making sure that people are getting paid, everything is ethical I know the brand is not perfect but I still like the fact that they’re trying to do better than other brands so I support their brand 100% this is a really nice white turtleneck it’s such a staple piece for the fall and winter time I’ve been looking for ribbed turtleneck with
longer sleeves and a turtleneck part that’s not too tight on my neck I wish the neck part was a little like flimsier because it is a little tight on my neck still I like how there’s a seam down the back. It adds a little detail. Overall, it’s a nice piece in my closet and I’ve been trying to layer a lot more
with this piece It’s so versatile I definitely recommend if you’re looking
for a basic turtleneck. This is a tight-fitting black sweater from Mango I think I really like clothes with the ribbed details because it just makes you look really slim I was really impressed with this sweater in particular because the ribbing is different for each part of the sweater so like the main part is a bit of wider stripes going up and down On the side, it is skinnier. On the shoulders, it goes different ways so I think they really designed this piece to
make you look good and to make you look slim It fits really nice on the body, super flattering Also, there’s a nice v-neck that’s not too low, that’s not too high so I’ve been wearing this like crazy this sweater is from “& other stories” it is this cute leopard print I like how this is such a subtle leopard print because of the fuzziness it’s not like a bold leopard print I think it’s gonna look really cute with this coat that I have right here I think it also looks good with a black jacket I almost bought this off the & Other Stories’ website but I bought it on Depop! because I was scrolling through Depop and I found this and it was cheaper than buying it off the official website it is a really gently worn piece it’s basically new! so I’m really proud of myself for finally finding this on Depop! When you look at this sweater, it looks really fuzzy and soft but it’s actually kind of rough it’s not like an itchy material but it’s not a soft sweater This crewneck sweatshirt is from this brand called “J Industry” The brand actually did reach out to me and send some of their stuff but I did pick this out I love, absolutely love, this detail in the back It’s basically a normal black sweatshirt but in the back it has a panel with this really cool material I can’t really pinpoint what this material is If you can hear the sound… it’s like that material (lol) this is the kind of sweatshirt if I saw someone wearing I’ll be like “woah that’s literally a black sweatshirt but that looks so cool” so I hope people think it’s cool because I think it’s really cool I also like how there is this detail on the sleeve and it also has a drawstring thing at the bottom I also really like how I can wear this as an athleisure/sporty look and I can also wear it under coats and it will just be a normal black sweatshirt! this piece is like the most unique piece of clothing I have in my closet it’s a basic black hoodie, again, but with this really cool details on the pocket and the hood It says “J industry local” in the back Oh, it also has this panel on the back it’s so cool people try to take this off of my sweatshirt every time I wear this so it’s been awkward but I feel so cool
when I’m wearing this I also wore this a few days ago when it rained because of this waterproof material I think it’s really nice to wear this under just a normal black puffer and it will instantly outfit look so cool Omg, this sweatshirt! I am in love with!! So last fall, winter season, I bought a hoodie off of Stussy StUssy or sTussy? (not sure) I got the men’s hoodie in size medium and I absolutely love how that hoodie fits Unlike other hoodies I’ve tried, the bottom of the hoodie doesn’t cinch in too much so it’s a wider cut and it doesn’t restrict me in any way I feel so cozy and comfortable in that sweatshirt* So I was looking for a sweatshirt in the same kind of fit and then I came across this hoodie from Aritzia It tops the Stussy one. I love it even more!!! I got it in size 2 because their sizes are in
1,2,3, not S, M, L As you can see, it is really big this one… it doesn’t cinch at the bottom so it fits super baggy Also, the hood is so so big literally HUGEEEE and it’s so flattering I wish I could wear this every day, I wish I could have this in every single color because they have it in other colors too but I really like this color the material is nice and thick It’s fuzzy and soft inside It’s the perfect winter hoodie I’m in love This jacket is from J industry again I didn’t know I would like this so much because I usually don’t wear a lot of flannel, plaid print but I’m so in love with the jacket because of how oversized it is I wear oversized clothing but not like super oversized this is size large so it’s really big let me try it on for you right now because I want to When you wear it, it basically looks like you’re wearing a gray zip-up and a flannel on top of it but as you guys can see, it’s lined with this quilting you know what I’m talking about like the winter jacket material so it keeps you really warm Also, it has these button so you don’t have to zip it up which I like because if I’m lazy, I don’t have to zip it up I can just close it with the buttons and it will still be closed! I think this is a good early winter jacket I guess you can wear it during the really cold months if you layer well but it’s not going to be warm like goose down puffer jackets and I like how it’s plaid because I can just wear this with an all-black outfit and it will still spice the outfit up I’ve been wanting to wear long coats for the longest time but I never got myself one because 1. if I was gonna buy a coat I wanted to get a nice one that’s going to last me a long time 2. I live somewhere really warm so I don’t need long coats If I wore a long coat outside people would look at me weird but I got myself this nice camel
coat from and other stories this winter because I’m going to Korea and I wanted
to get a nice coat that I could wear if I needed to dress up I researched a lot about coats beforehand this is a wool and alpaca blend so it’s really soft to
touch it’s really light but really warm I got it in size 6 I think I got a size bigger because I wanted to layer with
hoodies and sweaters and the size is perfect I’m actually going to take this off because I’m getting hot from this jacket this is from Yesstyle but I actually cropped it because I wanted to wear it cropped this is another big purchase that I made for my Korea trip this winter it’s called the super puff from TNA which is a brand that Aritzia carries It is a premium goose down jacket, keeps you warm down to – 30 celsius the jacket is super soft and super light If you try to fold it, it will actually get pretty small for being a really warm jacket It also comes with a hood that you can detach and this hood is huge so I guess TNA really knows what they’re doing with the hood because the hood has to be big for it to be comfy and cozy it has this tighter sleeve that’s definitely going to keep the wind from entering these Agolde jeans are my absolute favorite pair of pants ever they’re so flattering they’re definitely an investment and I showed this in the vlog like three months
ago but I never got to talk about it so I decided to feature it in this haul so here’s what I look for when I buy jeans… I usually look for 100% denim or at least like 98% denim because I prefer when my jeans are stiff I don’t really like jeggings because they just stretch out and I don’t think they look as flattering I also make sure that this part, the zipper part of the jeans are long so like all the way down here because sometimes this would be like all
the way up here and I just don’t think that looks flattering I also make sure that my jeans are high-waisted, always and I also look how the butt pocket is
located so this, you gotta look at the model and see how the butt pockets are placed because sometimes, it just doesn’t look flattering I make sure they’re like higher up and I also like my jeans either cropped above my ankles or long where they drag on the floor so this is a cropped one I have jeans from Reformation I bought this when they were having their Black Friday sale This, I made a mistake with so Reformation is also another sustainable, ethical fashion brand so when I read the material detail… it said like 40% cotton and the other materials I wasn’t familiar with but I just trusted Reformation because they’re a really famous brand (I just got too excited about the sale 🤦🏻‍♀️) so I didn’t really think about how the material was going to be like when I ordered these but they’re like jeggings material and as I have mentioned before, I’m not a huge fan of stretchy jeans like super stretchy jeans I really like how they fit even though they do stretch out a little bit so I decided to keep it the length is really long so I’m gonna have to cut the
bottoms off a little bit I just have them folded for now they’re really high-waisted, really comfortable because they are stretchy Again, the zipper part is pretty long, the butt pockets are pretty high Also, their sizing… I got a 25 in these and they fit a little tight and that’s how normally 25 jeans fit me A little tight but 26 would be a little loose so like my jeans sizing is always a little off I ordered 25 in these and they’re loose on me so I guess they run really big with their sizing so I would definitely look into that look at the sizing chart before you order because they are not a cheap brand Last clothing piece, I have these trousers from Zara I still have the tag on it I have worn this few times but I just wore it with the tag tucked in I don’t know.. I do that sometimes… these pants are really high-waisted I wanted a straight cut trouser I like how the lining/seams are in the front so it makes you look really slim, makes your legs look really long!! They almost fit like yoga pants and I wish they were a little looser so they didn’t look so much like yoga pants but I haven’t found the perfect fitting trousers yet So I’m just going to be satisfied with these for now I have 1 purse from Beara Beara They sent me this purse I have two other bags from Beara Beara and I absolutely love both of them so I was really excited to try this one out I shorten the strap to the
shortest one possible because I like when my purses are a little bit shorter I think it looks more flattering It’s this reddish brown color I don’t have
any purse in this color so I’m really excited to play around with this color I have few accessories from J industry I have these two cases which I think are
really cool, industrial looking They also came in this nice packaging I have this hat from J industry again I really like how you can wear it short like
this which gives that really like almost street style vibes and then you can also unfold and wear it like a normal beanie I absolutely love beanies and I like
how this is in a royal blue color because again I can just wear a really
simple outfit and put this on and It will instantly make my outfit look
really cool lastly, I have some jewelry pieces that I want to show you guys You guys know I absolutely love wearing gold jewelry especially necklaces if you’re new to my channel I actually designed a necklace with Ana Luisa I absolutely adore the necklace it’s such a staple but I do like switching out my jewelry
so here are some necklaces that I have been wearing recently I have this angel necklace. I will do a close-up! and I have this butterfly choker my friend Kate, she owns a jewelry business and she sent me these pieces and I’m absolutely in love with them so definitely go check her out her Instagram, I will put on the
screen right now she is the sweetest girl and these pieces are absolutely beautiful she also sent me these coin earrings Lastly, my other friend Nuria collabed with Ana Luisa too She designed these beautiful earrings they are gold hoops with pearls at the bottom I think they are so elegant and classy looking I definitely can’t wait to wear these during the holiday season that is it for this haul I’ve been talking for 30 minutes now but I’m actually feeling good because I absolutely love these pieces and I’ve been waiting to show you
guys all the clothes that I bought with my own money so I hope you guys enjoyed make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you want to and I’ll see you guys in my next video thank you guys so much bye