Hello, it’s Binky from made in Chelsea, welcome
back to another episode of Binkys Boutique. This week is all about my beauty winter essentials.
In keeping your skin to your hair silky smooth. I am going to show you all the products that
I am using this Autumn winter. [Music]
First up, we have this product called skin boosting super serum and is by Dior. Obviously
this is a sample size, you do get them in bigger bottles. This is really good for really
irritated skin, giving a bit of a moisture boost, especially when it’s cold and windy
and rank outside, and your face is getting dry. This will moisturize it and make it feel
better again. Next product is Guerlain Terracotta sun scrub,
this is really good, obviously if you have dead skin it will bring all the blood to the
surface and give your skin life again. Also, it is really good to scrub your body before
you fake tan. If you wear fake tan all year round, which I do, because I do not like being
pale. It is really moisturizing as well as taking you dead skins off, so it is a good
product to have. Also, it does smell really nice. This is Nuxe Body Tinted Moisturizer, what
I like about this fake tan is that it is moisturizing your body at the same time giving you a really
lovely healthy glow. Self fake tanning can dry the skin quite alot. This is obviously
a moisturizer so it’s moisturizer the skin at the same time as giving your body a healthy
shimmering glow. Some fake tans smell really gross but this actually smells quite nice. This is a Philip Kingsley product called elasticatrr
and it is actually really good for blondes. I know a lot of blonde friends that swear
by this product. It is basically before you shampoo your hair, it is a hair mask or if
you overly dye your hair or bleached it, this will make it all smooth again and moisturize
and shinny. This is a Bare minerals moisturizer called
purely nourishing cream, this is perfect for dry skin, especially during the winter, apply
morning and night. This is quite thick and it smells really nice very smooth. I use this
after cleansing my face. This is the Guerlain face primer is called
Meterorites. Look how cool this little packaging is, little beads here and the same color as
your skin tone. Obviously cleanse tone and moisturize before and than add your primer,
which comes out like that, it’s a nude color, it evens out skin tone adds radiance to you
skin and it is a perfect base for putting the rest of your makeup on to. This is the St. Tropez fake tan for your face,
this is not a wash off is a wear off, when you cleanse your face all the time, day and
night obviously your fake tan will be off your face before your body, so it is good
to apply at night before you go to bed, washing your hands after you use this. It is a really
good tan nice base lasting for a long time probably up to a week. I hope you like this sneak peak into my winter
beauty essentials , and I really hope you found it helpful. To keep up to date with
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