(♪ Lively Guitar ♪) My name is Kim. My name is Shannon. My name is Bianca. This is Amariah. This is Addison. This is Kimberly. We are the Williams family,
and we are not actors.BIANCA:
We’re real WIC shoppers.
SHANNON: My WIC benefits are
extremely important every month.
KIM: WIC has definitely
helped me understanding
the connection between
the healthy eating
with me and the baby.I have the list,
and I read off the list;and she has the book which hasthe pictures of the products
that are WIC approved,
and she’ll help me find
the products
throughout the store.Oh.KIM: WIC, WIC, WIC,
where’s that sign?
Beans. No, those are peas. Oh, look, “WIC Approved”
right there. Avocados. No, that’s
a cucumber. Cucumbers, agh.BIANCA:
I’ve learned a lot with WIC,
like how to eat healthier,
make healthy recipes.
KIM: Lots and lots
of good things.
It’s like anything
you could think of.
WIC, like, extra helps us
to get healthy stuff
that definitely benefits us
in the long run.
This benefit card
is a lifesaver for my kids. A lot of families don’t know that they can have
their children on WIC up until age five,and that’s really great.It’s not just for infants
or pregnant moms.
We’re gonna show you
how we do our WIC shopping, screaming baby and all. ( Baby Babbling )
( Laughs ) Let’s go shop. Come on, let’s go. ♪ ♪ My advice to a mom
just coming into WICis bring your shopping list
with you.
KIM: This right here
is our shopping list,
so it basically tells you
the items you can get each month
and the amount of items
that you can get.
Bring your booklet with you.
The guide helps me
because it shows me the sizes
and the amounts of items
that I can purchase
that are WIC approved.
I have the brochure
which shows me
exactly what I’m going to get
and what I need.KIM:
When you go to the store,
you can ask them
to print out a little receipt
showing what you have
for each month.BIANCA: Everything is there
on the card;
and if I need to see my balance,
the cashier can assist me.
KIM: We kind of manage it
according to how, you know,
me and the baby eat.It’s really important
to redeem your WIC benefits before the end of the month
because they expire. We want to make sure
we use it before the next month
rolls over. Just be confident. You shouldn’t have
any problems;and if you do have any issues,everybody’s usually
very willing to help.
♪ ♪ My WIC benefits are extremely
important every month. They give us the ability
to purchasethe fresh fruits
and vegetables.
Based on my shopping list,
I get $10 worth of fresh
or frozen vegetables and fruits.
KIM: You can get quite a bit
on your fruit and vegetable,
which is good,because whatever I intake
she intakes
because I breastfeed.SHANNON: It doesn’t have
a picture of the produce because there’s so much
that you get to choose from. Mommy gets mixed vegetables,
frozen vegetables. Oh, I can get organic ones too. ♪ ♪KIM: It’s really important
to pay attention to the weight.
Get the calculatorbecause we want to make sure
we’re not going over our limit.
BIANCA: I don’t really use
my calculator.
I just try to weighand get as close as I can
possible without going over.
KIM: Because if you
get to the register
and it’s over the amount
that’s on your card,
then it’ll, like,
say you can’t get it all.
This is about $10. Comes out
to a grand total of $6.61. So we’re still doing good. ♪ ♪BIANCA:
The food that I get in WIC,
it’s very healthy.I get rice.We’re gonna get
one bag of brown rice.We get bread.It’s 100% whole-wheat bread. We’ll keep it up here
so it doesn’t get smooshed.KIM:
Go ahead and grab one.
I get tortillas.KIM:
Whole-wheat tortillas, bam.
I get 2 pounds, awesome.I usually combine what I buy
on my WIC shopping list
with my, you know,
two weeks’ worth of groceries.
I know exactly
what I’m going for and what I need. Checking the list. Oatmeal. Oatmeal. Oatmeal’s
right here. Can you grab
some oatmeal? Can you reach it? Yep.Awesome.Okay.KIM:
Yeah, Mom’s Best.
16 ounces are good.BIANCA:
We get whole-grain pastas.
It’s just helped me
make better choices
on what to feed my family
at dinnertime.
♪ ♪ Let’s look for cereal. All right,
we’re going to the cereal. Some to put in our meals. This!We can get that cereal,
yes, ma’am.
We can do two of those, so a total of 36 ounces
for cereal. Wait a minute,
we want to get something else. Let’s think about
what I want to get now.BIANCA: Oh, you get
so many different kinds.
Let’s get
some cornflakes. Cornflakes. Oh, 18-ounce.KIM: We’ve got to make sure
we look at the sizes.
We want to get 18.So 18 and 18, 36.We can get Dora cereal.SHANNON: And how about
this Honey Bunches of Oats?
That’s mommy’s
favorite cereal. Yep. Let’s go
to the next aisle. Coming, Dad? ♪ ♪ So we’re gonna get
some beans in the can.SHANNON: Okay,
let’s get some beans, Faith.
Can you find
the picture of the beans? Beans! No, those are peas. Oh, wait a minute. Let’s see
how many we can get. Hey, babe,
do you have that list? So get two beans?SHANNON:
The pinto beans,I’ve got to make sure
that that is on the list,
that we’re able to get
those kinds of beans.
KIM: All right,
awesome possum.
So now we have our four cans
that equal one item.
My shopping list says
I get a pound of dry beans. One pound, pinto beans. And we need to find
our peanut butter because we need
a good source of protein. Here’s the peanut butter. Do you want
crunchy or creamy?KIM:
Checking my guide
to make sure
I pick up the right one.
Creamy? Okay,
I’ll get creamy this time. Here’s let’s go ahead
and do the creamy. Creamy? Yeah.We can do a lot of stuff
with peanut butter.
♪ ♪ A lot of families don’t know that they can
have their children on WIC up until age five,
and that’s really great.It’s not just for infants
or pregnant moms.
I’ll just pick up
what I need when I’m here.
We need eggs. It says we can get A, AA, large, medium, or small. We get four dozen eggs,
but we’re just gonna grab two. You want to open that up and make sure
they’re not cracked? Yep. No cracks. Oh, these are good to go. Yay, Kimmie. All right, awesome.When we shop with WIC,
we get our milk.
You just turned one, so you get whole milk
until you’re two years old. Yay!SHANNON: You get extra benefits
for breastfeeding from WIC.
You get one more
dozen eggs or so,
and you get
a little bit more milk.
We need to get
two gallons. Two gallons? Yes, ma’am. Here. Rrr! Rrr!KIM:
Get the buttermilk.
It’s right there;
you see it?
Make sure it says “WIC”
in front, right?
Right there, yep.BIANCA:
Lactose-free whole milk.
It’s the right size,
and I get two of these. So let’s pick out
some cheese. Would you like–you want
some Monterey Jack cheese? Yeah. I am always confused
on the yogurt, so let’s make sure
we get the right one. Parmesan.KIM:
I’m a strawberry-banana girl.
Let’s get that one.Or some cheddar cheese?Cheddar cheese.Cheddar cheese?
– Uh-huh.BIANCA:
here it is.SHANNON:
We get pounds.
So we need
a pound of cheddar cheese.
Here.We’ll make several more trips
throughout the month because we do have quite a bit
of benefits left. I just–I like to get
what I need now. It’s really important to redeem
your WIC benefits before the end of the month
because they expire. ♪ ♪ Let’s get some juice,
Kimberly. We’re about to get
some juice. Oh, here’s the juice. 100% juice. Orange.KIM:
We have an option of getting
64 ounces or a 12-ounce frozen.Here it is. 64-ounce. Look at my shopping guide, what other juice flavor
I can get.Apple juice,
grapefruit, orange.
Ooh, orange-pineapple.KIM: Make sure
you time it out well
so that you can evenly purchase
your items throughout the month.
Oh, here it is,
64-ounce apple juice, yum. KIM: All right,
let’s go to baby food. ♪ ♪ SHANNON: You get extra benefits
for breastfeeding from WIC. I’m strictly breastfeeding,
so I get meats, whoo-hoo.BIANCA: A larger amount
of jarred baby food.
All right, this is
where you have to pay attention to the baby food,
because as you see, there’s plenty of options
to choose from, and just staring at it
can be overwhelming. Let’s get Addison
some fruits and vegetables. Make sure you’re not getting
a mixture of both, of meat and vegetables, because it won’t allow you
to do it. You have to do it separately. So make sure you have a separate
container for your meat, a separate container
for veggies. Let’s get her two apple sauces,
two pears. ( Baby Babbling ) Are you hungry right now? For 6 to 12 months,
we can do 4 ounces. We can also do organic. And because I’m breastfeeding,
we get meat. So I’m gonna get
four chickens. Four chickens? Four chickens and then,
two bananas and two squash. Make sure it’s a two-pack,
4-ounce only. Give me ’em. Be careful
when you dump them in there. Well, also, too,
we can get the cereal. So we’re gonna get… I can reach ’em;
I can reach ’em.KIM:
For the cereal,
the options we have are 8 ounces
and 16 ounces.
Yep, awesome.SHANNON:
Some oatmeal for Addison,
and then
the multigrain cereal,
and then
one thing of rice cereal.
Perfect.Put that one
in the basket. ( Laughs ) ♪ ♪ I breastfed
all four of my children, and they assisted me with that. She’s hungry, so I feed her
wherever she’s hungry, um… and continue to shop. Looking at all this food, we get a little hungry, so…SHANNON: You get extra benefits
for breastfeeding from WIC.
You get some tuna fish
and salmon. We need six cans because we get 30 ounces
because I’m breastfeeding. And it says pink salmon. As we see, pink salmon,
pink salmon, pink salmon. Perfect;
this one right here. So we’re gonna get
three cans– Ooh! We’re gonna get
three cans right now, and then we’ll come back
later in the month and get the other–
three more cans. I was just looking for, you know, some benefits
that could help me along the wayand healthy foods
during my pregnancy.
KIM: WIC has definitely
helped me a lot
understanding the connectionbetween the healthy eating
with me and the baby,
whatever I intake she intakes
because I breastfeed, and that makes me happy. ♪ ♪ You ready to go check out? You ready to go check out? Good morning,
how are you doing today? Good; how are you? We can start off by you
putting your card, please. Oh, yes,
this is gonna be on WIC. And I insert it just,
like, up here? No? Right in the slot. Gonna insert
the gold–gold– Gold square up,
right, like that?CASHIER:
You’re doing it right.
Okay, awesome.So I don’t lose
my WIC card, I keep it
in my phone case, and it’s right here
so I always know where it’s at.BIANCA: I always have it
in my wallet in the same slot
and in its sleeve
to protect it.
( Scanner Beeping ) So I didn’t check the ounces
on the cereal. Cheerios is WIC approved,
but this is a 12-ounce box, and they’re approved
for 18-ounce boxes. So she had somebody
go and check to see if there was
an 18-ounce box. See, even though I have a list
and I have a shopping guide, I still make mistakes,
but she’s very helpful.KIM: I normally don’t
let people see my pin number.
SHANNON: You want to make sure
that your pin number,
that you kind of cover it.So I’m shielding right now,
okay? Because if you do lose
your card and someone sees
your pin number, they can use your card. It’s updating my card
right now. So everything
that I bought, it’s gonna take awayand show me what I have left
for the rest of the month.
Oh, look, Kimmie, you still have
3 gallons of whole milk, and I have 77 cents left
in my fruits and vegetables. Awesome;
I didn’t go over. High-five, High-five. High-five. Yay! It’s always gonna make sure that we have
our beginning balance and our ending balance to make sure
we got it right. Took it off my WIC automatically
and paid the difference. That’s so easy. We’re good. Good to go make some recipes. This benefit card
is a lifesaver for my kids. ♪ ♪ KIM: We’ll be using
our WIC card to help us to cook, like, a healthy meal
for our family. I’ve learned a lot
with WIC, like how to eat
healthier, make healthy recipes, new things
that I’ve never tried. I’m so excited we’re gonna shop
for this new zucchini recipe.SHANNON: We’re gonna try
a new recipe
when we get home,
when we’re done shopping.BIANCA:
I got it off of Texaswic.org;
and you can, like,look up these awesome,
different healthy recipes.
It gives you
everything you need,
all the ingredients.Get two of those.SHANNON:
You want to grab two mangos?
Because when we get homewe’re gonna make
a mango parfait.
♪ ♪BIANCA: And I’ve done
a lot of nutrition classes
where they’ve given us recipes,and I’ve used the WIC food
that’s provided to me
to make healthy snacks and meals
for my children.
>>It’s one of my top–KIM:
Perfect. Let’s see if
I can get my– Oh, I did it! ♪ ♪BIANCA: Yay!
Can you pull it?
Mm…it’s really good. Tastes very good,
like really good.BIANCA: I make better choices
about the meals I make at home.
♪ ♪Caption Technologies Inc.