(logo clicks) – The number one thing I do,
is I don’t say no for them. – Okay. – Everybody says no, they’re
not going to like this, they don’t care about my kickball team, they don’t care that I collect wine, they don’t care that I’m in
the business with my brother. They do care. (ethereal music) – I guess, where do you keep
the balance between quantity versus quality? – Quality is subjective, quantity isn’t. – Okay, gotcha. Second question is with– – And real quick, I’m gonna stand that ’cause it’s gonna bring you value, and I ironically just mentioned it, the “excuse of perfection.” Quality is in the eye of the beholder. Everybody’s not creating
’cause they’re like, “It needs to be quality.” That’s insecurity or politics
in every organization. Somebody wants to make the
subjective creative call to justify their being. Instead of doing what I do, which is produce content in
scale and let the consumer give me feedback to make me better at it. I get to quality by doing quantity. There is no, Zucks isn’t
behind some Wizard of Oz thing being like, “Ah, I don’t
like this Ohio guy, no.” (audience laughs) This is basic. I love when this gets political, they’re like suppressing conservatives or suppressing liberals, no they’re not. Their entire business is your attention. I can know everything about you right now if I open up your Instagram
and look at your explore feed. You’re a perv, I know! (audience laughs) You love basketball, I know. This is so funny that people think there’s something going
on, it’s just propaganda. These machines are just running math against what people are doing. The end. Don’t like it, fine, you can move, but this is how it’s happened. This isn’t Russia, this isn’t China. People are very, very, very, naive. (upbeat music) – [Gary] A real pleasure. – I’ve got a question for you.
– Please. – We work in flooring business– – Okay. – And it’s mostly
residential existing homes. Growing a lot–
– Good. – By reputation, old school
way, and Google reviews. – Understood. – Facebook page, we never post to it ’cause we don’t have the time, just trying to keep up with sales. – Understood. – But, off of what you said this morning, what kind of content would you produce? ‘Cause I thought of stuff in the past, and just hadn’t had time to do it. – That, all of that,
Facebook and LinkedIn. – And where, okay.
– Facebook and LinkedIn. – And what kinds of content? – How to’s, how to preserve. – Designers?
– Design. Like anything that you would even conceive if the four of us had dinner
and I’m like, tell me about it. What I’m trying to get
people to understand is instead of thinking about
what, put out everything and see what they want,
not what we think is right. It’s finding right instead of being right. A million different things,
a million different things. – Can I follow with a second question? – Yeah, you can even make
content about being in a business with a sibling, and that may resonate with somebody on LinkedIn. (laughing)
– No, really. Look, I think it’s actually, potentially, your biggest pillar of content. You guys talking ’bout how to
make a family business work will have a whole group of
people become aware of you who then happen to also
need fucking flooring. – I would also think
too, you’re in a space where people who consume are
gonna assume it’s commoditized, where all your kinds is not commoditized. There’s shit that goes wrong, right, you would think I could
go hire any floorer, that’s not the case. – No, you can’t.
– Exactly. – But I’m telling you, I’m telling you, this doesn’t cost as much money and so you should put out
content about this, man. And it doesn’t have to be over produced. Just use an ad at first. It gives you indicators. – It’s not that complicated. – Portfolio. – What do you do?
– Construction. – Okay. – And so what my question is, is should I take my 1300 followers and expound upon the business? And I run the construction
business, I’m not the founder, but I run the business. Should I expound upon the
followers I already have using me?
– Yes. – Okay, versus make a whole new one? – I would do both. – Do both?
– Yes. But you have leverage with
what you have right now. – Okay, and when you were
talking, you talked a little bit, you know, talk about you, and so should I add things
about my personal life? – 100 percent. – Really, okay.
– Yes. – Awesome, and is that– – Don’t say no for the audience. – Hmm, okay, okay. – That’s the number one thing I do, is I don’t say no for them. Everybody says no, they’re
not gonna like this, they don’t care about my kickball team, they don’t care that I collect wine, they don’t care that I’m in
the business with my brother. They do care. – Hmm, okay, and that makes you
basically more approachable, more likable, you’re a normal person. – 100 percent, you might be
walking through like, “Browns.” They’re like, “Oh, yeah,”
you never know what it is. – That makes sense,
okay, awesome, very good. Can I get a picture with you?
– Yep. – One question, you’re a high energy guy, how do you keep your energy up? – I think I’ve come to
realize it’s gratitude. Gratitude is my fuel, I’m grateful. It’s like, I’m alive.
– That’s good, man. – Yeah, I keep things very basic. As long as my family’s healthy, it’s hard for me to get down. It really is, I’ve really got
a very old school perspective. And so I’m just grateful, you know? – Why people should be
grateful for traveling. At the end of the day it’s a fucking plane traveling a thousand miles– – Yo guys, it’s Gary V again. You know, you saw my impromptu
rant a couple of weeks ago. I’m sending some real love to
all employees at the airport. I travel a lot, I see a lot. They’re just underrated, they just are. I just don’t understand
the lack of gratitude of the traveling community. The reality is, it is the most remarkable
technology in the world. You go in a metal device and
you land in another place in record time. Of course there’s going to be some delays and things of that nature. Gratitude and kindness
always makes a trip better. What are you looking for? – Just want to ask you a– – [Gary] A question. – Anything for millennials
trying to manage everything? – Video. Learning how to manage everything. How do you manage everything, Gary? – By not over judging myself,
that’s the actual answer, bro. – Appreciate it. – Nobody’s managing everything every day. It’s about lack of judgment
on one’s self, patience. That’s why I push it. Because when you think
you’re gonna actually work for next 80 years, all of a sudden, eight days and eight months
doesn’t mean so much. – Appreciate it, thank you so much, Gary. – So, my industry is so heavily regulated, I can’t like somebody’s post because it’s considered a recommendation. – I understand–
– So I like what you said. – No, no, you can’t,
listen, I’m deep in this. You can’t like somebody’s post who’s making some sort of
claim or is within your field. – But if it’s just like, she’s well– – You do understand that
you could make content around soccer and that could
be the gateway to your clients. – Well that’s what I liked, you said to interview
local community officials. – Dude, there’s so many
ways to navigate this. I’ve been working on a
deck that I’m gonna put out on LinkedIn of how to create content in a regulated industry. Look for it, I’m gonna
put it out in the fall. But honestly, it’s a paradigm shift. Instead of dwelling on what you can’t do, which is what you can’t
do, start the process of. I couldn’t ship to 39 of the 50 states when I started my wine
company ’cause of laws. Instead of just sitting there
every day like everybody else and crying, I fucking crushed
the 11 states I could. (smooth music) – A lot of people are
fighting for attention on gaming content and
passive viewing content. How do we make our thing,
and I’m not asking you to answer this right now, it’s like– – It’s content on scale that’s
contextual to the moment. It’s making 747 pieces
of content on TikTok that understands what
content on TikTok works. – Yeah.
– The end. It’s kind of like, how do I
get into incredible shape? Seven days a week, I
want you to eat properly and I want you to workout properly. The thesis is simple,
the execution’s hard. But that is the thesis. – So we’re looking to probably
bring in a head of content that’s literally like,
we’re gonna freelance out a lot of shit in terms
of content creation. – Again, think of that
the same way I told you to think about Twitter. I know it’s an overhead,
there’s value, you know. The sooner it becomes yours, the better. Because you know this,
the scariest part is, social media marketing
works uncomfortably well. The problem is 99% of people
who claim they know it, don’t. – I mean, that is 100%–
– Right? That is the craziest thing right now. It’s so right, but the amount of clowns, compared to actual executors,
is so out of control because the judges don’t
know how to judge it, which has created the
ability for so many clowns to run wild. – I mean, TikTok’s incredible. You saw the news coming out of VidCon, like that was the place that
people really needed to be. What did you say? It’s like training wheels for YouTube, or something like that? – My point on Snapchat, the
last two that have popped, and actually, I’m sorry, Instagram too. Pay attention, Instagram with filters. Snapchat with the way it kind
of worked also with filters and then really, AR, first. And then TikTok with music. The last three social networks that popped are helping people create. – Mmhmm, yeah. – Got it, got it? So that’s what I’m thinking about. Like, what else helps somebody create? The music, someone’s like,
“I don’t know what to do.” Take something that’s popular, music-wise, and it doesn’t matter what you do. You got a shot, it’s no
different than sampling fucking classics, you know. Diddy did it better than
anybody ever did it at Bad Boy. I’m just gonna sample the
classics from the last generation and reboot it, and get
great talent to go over it. Music just makes me
and Matt have a chance. So that’s how I see it. I see the last three
social network platforms that have come out have assisted
in the content creation. So my argument is, if you’re the kid sitting in your basement right now, Sally, and you’re 13 like, “I’m
the next Mark Zuckerberg,” it might be a good idea to
think about what training wheels can I put on my app that helps somebody. – [Male] You wanna make content? – Just throw it up on the
story, something fun with Gary. – Yeah, want me to do it, let me take it. – All right. – Hey guys, it’s Gary,
I stole Matt’s phone. He doesn’t know, he clearly knows. What’s your favorite thing about Matt? Leave a comment. – Isn’t it funny how people
don’t want to learn, though? To your point, they give this advice and then come up afterwards and be like, “So, what do I do now?” (laughing) – [Male] Go! – Well, learn, do. You can’t just hire somebody, or at least that would be better. – [Male] Ask your mom, Google. – Google’s your mom,
that was such a good– – Isn’t it amazing how the
answers are all out there? There are no mysteries, people
don’t want to accept that, that the answers are everywhere. – They don’t want to do it,
it’s no different than dieting. – Yeah, well. – They don’t want to do it. – [Matt] Right, that’s true. – [Male] So is that a lack
of intrinsic motivation? – I don’t think so. – It’s a disconnect
between words and actions. – Yeah, that’s true, between
intention and action. – It’s a disconnect between the narrative one is putting out to the world– – And back to themselves,
I really want this, but you really don’t want it, because the information is available. – 100%, like I fuckin’ really wanted it, and I gave up my fuckin’ twenties. I can never, through all my passion, actually describe how
fucked up I played it. I mean it, I fucked up,
like it was too ridiculous. I did nothing. – [Matt] What do you mean? – I over corrected, I
worked every minute, 100%. – My brother’s always giving
me shit, like you’re gonna die. This is what it looks
like, it’s on a scalpel. I gotta fuckin’ over-correct to end up anywhere near where I want to go, right? And I might die in the
process, hopefully not. – But it’s kind of like,
being a fuckin’ caterpillar. I’m gonna be a fuckin’ butterfly. This is the destiny,
nothing else is interesting. – [Matt] No, I agree,
well this is my hobby. – This, with death, is better
than not this without death. – Well I always say,
what’s the alternative? This is a better outcome. – I’d rather live happy. (distant male mumbling) I’d rather be happy, going
from Columbus to New York. (laughing) (upbeat music) – [Camera Man] So we’re waiting
here in the next location for the next meeting,
and Gary’s just hidden behind some cars across
the street. (chuckles) I wonder if he can see us, ’cause I feel like he just made a face. (laughing) I can’t tell. – [Camera Man] This is a short
little segment in our episode that we like to call The Daily Rock. It’s early in the
morning and we’re walking through the hotel lobby. The Wild Rock looks a
little tired, doesn’t he? A little bit on the sleepy
side, ladies and gentlemen. I really hope this makes
the DailyVee episode. (chuckles) If I’m editing it, it will. – The DailyVee and Daily Roo. – Oh, the Daily Roo? (chuckles) Notice The Rock in his wild
environment here, still has wit. Still has wit. – Can you not, please. You know you love it. – [DRrock] I’m not gonna
let you in the room, I’m just gonna let you
walk around the hallway. (upbeat music)