(rhythmic music) – Hi, I’m Sade Solomon. I’m from New Your City. I’m a contact creator
and a trend forecaster. My personal style, I would say
I like bold statement pieces. I like things that are gonna spark conversations with
people in New York City. So I got these shoes from ZARA. These are probably my
third pair of white boots that I have for the season. I just absolutely love white shoes because you can wear them with everything. What I really love about
these is that they’re slim and I have a really narrow foot. Also love them ’cause they’re 100% leather and they’re super comfortable. I wear these all day. And so I got these cargo
pants from The Frankie Shop. And have you ever put
on a good pair of pants and it just makes you feel so amazing? That’s exactly how I felt
when I put these pants on. I mean my legs look good,
my butt looked good in them. I’m so obsessed with them. I see myself wearing them all the time. All right so who doesn’t love a cozy coat? I’m all into coats. Coats are probably the one thing that I would super splurge on because I like a good quality coat that’s gonna have a good fit
and that’s gonna keep me warm. And I absolutely love
this coat from Cameo. I love the dark. It gives a really super
feminine look to the coat. And I love this button-up because it looks like it’s a one piece but it’s actually two separate pieces. And that’s the great thing
about monochrome looks. You can interchange the
pieces with other things that you already have in your wardrobe. And my turtleneck is from H&M. I love it because it’s
an easy layering piece. I think I own maybe 12 or 15 turtlenecks. I wear them with everything. And this is my Chloé Faye bag. I really am obsessed with this bag. When I first bought it the guy told me it’s not an everyday bag but I knew that I was
gonna wear it everyday and I think it really defines my style. It’s ultra feminine, it’s chic. So how big can your hoops get? These are my Jenny Bird earrings. I love Jenny Bird, it’s
one of my favorite brands. I have so much jewelry from her. And what I really love
about these earrings is that they’re super lightweight and they’re a great statement piece. I got maybe three compliments today just off of these earrings,
so I’m really obsessed. And now can you guess
how much this look cost? (gentle music) – My name is Anna and I’m a freelance fashion
writer and beauty writer and an editorial stylist. So style is sort of everything to me. It’s such a passion of mine. I am loving monochrome trends
right now, as you can tell. I absolutely love taking one color and you can just play with it. All the different shades. I think it’s so exciting. Mixing high street and designer is something that I do all the time. My shoes are actually just from Mango. And I love Mango and & Other Stories if you want something
very similar to designer but you don’t want to have to pay. My trousers are vintage. Like I said, I love vintage
shopping for designer. It’s from a very cute
vintage store in London where everything is super curated. My handbag is vintage
from my mom’s closet. She has no idea utterly incredible all these really amazing
vintage classic bags are. I love vintage shopping for designer because I think it’s about
the quality not the quantity. And I think you can go
hunting and make fun of it and find some really
amazing pieces in vintage. My jacket is from The Frankie Shop. It is a store here in
Manhattan that is very curated and you can’t go in
without buying something. My shirt is vintage J.Crew. I actually bought it online via Instagram. So there are so many methods
that you can use to buy your perfect vintage items. I love statement earrings. These area actually
just from Mango as well. So like I said, mixing the high
street in with the designer. I only wear gold jewelry. It’s something, I don’t know maybe my mother brought it up in me. And they’re all pretty much from Mejuri which is a great brand. And I also have one Cartier piece that I got when I graduated from college. And my mom and dad’s first engagement ring which is very sentimental to
me so I never take it off. The reason I really got
into vintage shopping is because I have this intense passion for the classic designers. And I find that you can find
that all in vintage shops. I love the ones that are curated. It makes it a little easier but I also think you can go to one and you just take the whole day you know what you’re looking for and always go for the blazers. That is my biggest tip when
you are vintage shopping. Blazers, blazers, blazers. And now can you guess
how much this look is? (soft music) – I’m Dylana Lim Suarez and I am a fashion blogger
and a photographer. And I would describe my personal style as a mix of West Coast
meets East Coast nostalgia. One of my favorite fall trends right now is, obviously, suit dressing
and monochromatic color play. My heels are by Salvatore Ferragamo. They’re from I think last spring and they have a really beautiful
printed scarf detailing which I think is really fun and playful. But they work super well in the fall with a sock or a tight
like the ones I have on. My tights are by We Love Colors which is a brand that makes literally every color you can imagine
of socks and tights. So that’s how I found
this fun lavender color. My suit is by a Russian
label called Lasienevo. They’re sort of under the radar right now but they’re super cool and they’re all about
the monochromatic look and they’re all about suit dressing. And this is a fun twist on the suit. Cropped blazer and a mid length skirt. I wear suits all the time so this is a fun way
for me to change it up. My sweater is by Mulberry. It’s one of my favorites. I’ve had it forever. And sometimes when I just feel
like we need a pop of color I’ll just throw it over
whatever I have on. Wear it like a scarf. Really fun and cozy. My bag is by a Brooklyn designer. Her label is Anone and this
bag is made from leftovers from her coats that she makes. So purple look completed. Can you guess how much my look costs? (soft music)