hey guys well I think so why is my brothers Shane Dawson conspiracy theories well I was but my background literally myself hour ago so we're gonna start recording in three two [Applause] okay restarting and do too okay so my home screen is myself as you can see take a good look cuz I think okay then this is my you know home screen and my text messages my phone my calendar just like the basic stuff photos mail clock unless you guys want to see my alarm it says awake the hell I don't know 30 but I don't wake up at the time but I woke up at that time today so then we have maps weather notes I don't even know what's in my note Kelly you guys those reminders iTunes Appstore health utilities settings and Safari yeah that's pretty much it then there's snapchat let me sell snapchat my friends right now my best friends so I'll just take a quick snap bro I'm recording so to see Anna yeah I just oh yeah we're guys like with my background my background is of myself I said stay swaggy so that's what I say 24/7 and you know just take swaggy just yeah then we got take talk should we make it tick tock right now we're gonna make it tick tock okay I wanted it to talk and I'm good okay my dogs are new they're brought you know wrestle it's okay then so we just made a tick-tock I'll post a I'd be like hey I take talks in the description gunner you're cool stop messing around oh okay so next we have twitter my dog that is chilling over there on the ground so oh yeah look at how like an odd aesthetic that looks I'm so sorry I'm really exciting in my vanity probably being comfortable we're gonna get a Twitter which I don't post on Twitter I like like Grace and Doland toys are also r.i.p to um Cameron Boyce I don't tweet anything I tweet like stupid things I don't have sticks for my tweets are cuz you might earthquake I get it cuz there was an earthquake I want to change my name to roll there's YouTube oh I replied to a hate comment I don't really know if it was in hate Chloe says y'all both look like cartoon characters glasses look like Minecraft blocks and the other one looks like every little brother I look like every little brother apparently so I replied and said you look like every other ain't called me another one said I didn't laugh like you said I could I would I said well then I apologize they said you know I edit videos and I'm not terrible if you're looking for a semi-pro editor I will do it you say if you're watching this no thank you yeah also my cousin and my best friend boosted my freaking subscriber count' like it was literally at 129 and I was at 116 you're gonna see it on the screen like I have 220 views 256 used and if you click on these videos actually in 100 years I'm just like that's me you two didn't bit me I'm trying to think that your mouse you don't die you're being like this okay I have all these weird folders those games random random video I don't name them because so in games I have purple diver pick me up I dunno okay so we're gonna be like I'm I'm gonna eat and it makes it just weird yeah that's pretty much and then my other one it's just random stuff like literally I've annoying which is just like weird I hate this noise Oh draw bruh there's high frequencies I hate that a human gross then we have fun it's just like y'all show you is just like these and like it comes with emojis and like different fonts I work I'm in this app because it's actually really helpful if you want to like change like you're falling about something then I have acapella you can do I ever really played on it yet you can just like do like random acapellas I'm not gonna try it out because I don't time for that yeah okay then I have awkward that needs to go in my games actually I got obsessed with this game birth take talk okay then I have so next yr my games in here like I have Virtual Boy like one gets it back then but then I have bit life there's a little sperm oh you can see okay I have an unfinished obviously I was failing look at my bank balance my happiness in my health I looks like me right now okay then I bit my G cos also my best friend your greens then we have musi I use music all the time next to Spotify here's my whole entire playlist yeah it's just my library there's like get some things I have baddy baddy Mars I needs to go out of here it's a birthday sex but I don't even listen to that anymore but there's body eating juice world my grunge then there's just like another thing of batty like autism there's my chisel and there's like another like I don't even know why I have all these playlists she noticed yeah that's what I listening to you wanna Daisley I have Gmail Don I'm gonna click on Gmail because I have like none that I need to have been so there's like no used to like sitting here like yeah then there's Virtual Boy since I can't like find real boyfriend you just use this one how do I exit out here okay so my boyfriend I know this is him he's kind of dumb to be honest I'll text him right now and be like good morning am I gonna text back so fast good morning he's a good morning I'd be like what are you doing I've been playing basketball since childhood my passion I've already been into ganja universe that's good did I ask for your whole life story I better get going I can't respond – he responds what kind of freaking that's just stupid next to you goodbye to be like bye don't care farewell day no sad okay I love you there's music I don't you don't we have another random folder so the first thing in it is huger it's a basically a picture taker Wow all these things okay I'll take a picture you can look at yourself through the lens I click on the lens I thought you can oh wait that's how you do it and then you go to your lab and then there's a picture me super cute I'm living for it you can turn it around or whatever and all of these are ugly but yeah so then I facetune I'm scared to click into because I don't know gotta face to myself to like don't think I'm gonna let you off the hook buddy welcome John let me say that's my camera okay so the next thing is iMovie of course use this app to edit my stuff we're not yeah then I have YouTube studios YouTube studio its how many like it's like using subscriber changed I've obviously had 31 subscribers in the past two days I'm like obviously increased and that's just yeah yeah yeah I have fontelle I just used this to like I used it to make my intro I use it to make my channel art I needed to make my home screen so yeah that I have meme that me manic I love this freaking I love this freaking yeah okay so it's gonna random photo from my camera room I'll put in the photo died chefs mean okay we're gonna edit it to be like meme size the only one of the pigs are more fit than you because he has pigs when he had pigs so the moment when the pigs are more fit than you okay the next one is like 360 we're not gonna get it where does it's just an app that my mom can locate where I am putting four seven but I also have a friend Groupon it's where I like my friends seeing I'm Megan and Kendall are all on we're all on a different one where we can also see where each other are where we are so like when school starts we can tell when they're gonna get there it's kind of weird but it's kind of like cool you know then I have translator which is just a translator I'm Yolo they're a video stars and pocket video pics are important boys just where you can edit videos without pictures to it I remember then a photo video I have vsco which is my favorite freakin yeah yeah I love this app look this is everything on there that's everything on my camera roll oh my thing that I posted I go all the way down to seventh grade then there's everything I added in with Tim post you don't see as I did it oh wow then there's insta sighs I don't even use it Netflix how you do use it and I love layout layouts how I made my Instagram picture I just went like this I save it then that's it Oh down here i FaceTime Instagram and I'm gonna just like this this is my Instagram it's Madison mags leisure and the drunkest in that description you know my photos yeah I like my photos don't even saw me then this is my spam if you want to go and check that one out and follow me you can go do that okay then I've Spotify in the only photos I listen to or I'm a Chamberlain's playlist and Chloe Brock's playlist so yeah that's pretty much it I'm gonna end this right here but yeah pretty much off for this freakin video and I'm gonna have to edit it and post it and to all that see I hope you guys enjoyed this video leave a thumbs up if you did and make sure you subscribe stay swaggy