Hello, it is Binky from Maine Chelsey and
welcome back to Binky’s Boutique. In this weeks episode I am going to show you all the
bits I have in my Autumn handbag. [music] First up, I have my Daisy Perfume by Marc
Jacobs. It is really summery fresh smell, I love that it lasts long. Normally perfumes
seem to fade after a while but this lasts for a long time. And I know it is not summer
anymore but I wish that it was, so Daisy takes me back. I also have this Daniel Sandler Sculpt and
Slim effect bronzer, this is perfect for illuminating your face when you have had a tiring day.
It makes you look brighter and happier, it is good to keep in your bag also for sculpting
when your makeup comes off a little bit. So, it’s good and a big mirror to apply it with.
There’s nothing worse than having tiny mirror to work with so that is the perfect size to
put a bit of makeup on. Obviously lip balms are the major thing for
girly. This is the Nuxe lip balm which has a tint in it. A bit of red cherry smells really
good. Put this bareminerals brush in my bag, which
is obviously to apply powders. It is useful to have in my bag when I need it to top off,
remove the shiny, it is good for matting your face down. This is one of my colors from my nail arrangement
Binky London, it is a metallicky blue. But also purple if you can see in the light, when
you move it it kind of changes color. And this is the oil slick color range coming out
soon, this is a really cool and up and coming color coming out this season. Yes so my bareminerals is called top shelf
eye shadow pallets. Just use this for the lighter in the base and then this to go to
the corner of your eyes. Obviously your makeup does come off during the day, you can top
off. So, same as your eyes as everything else. Browns are really good colors to use day and
night and you can obviously intensify it if you want to. That is why I keep these colors
in my bag, this is obviously an illuminator you are supposed to put it under your eyebrows
and under your eyes to make you look more awake. It is a perfect little cheating kit. This is the Guerlain powder foundation, obviously
again make up comes off your face during the day just get a brush that I have got, that
I showed you earlier. Just put it on your t-zone, matte your face down a little bit
just makes you feel more airbrushed. For the big mirror again, which is perfect for applying.
And it is not too big a package so it is good to put in your bag for everyday use. If you
do not want to use a brush, you just do this and you have got your little sponge in there
to apply it with. Last but not least, we have got this Daniel
Sandler lipstick and it is called impulse. Nice red color for when you go out at night,
if you have been taking on a date unawares. And you want to feel fresh, feel sexy, feel
glamorous. It is a long lasting color and a pretty one at that so it is good to keep
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you for watching, bye bye. [music]