Great. Thank you, mam. Have a seat I’ll call you when your pictures are ready. Thanks next Hi, I just take a seat Sorry, this is for US passports.Im a citizen okay I Think you should leave, I feel really uncomfortable Putting one up saying with real Americans You’re planning a trip abroad and you’ve come here to take that all-important passport picture in front of you is a man Who’s being denied that service simply because he’s Muslim? Do you come to his rescue support the employees decision not to provide him service or just stay out of the picture? What would you do? Excuse me As an American I feel like it’s my responsibility to stop you before anything happens Our hidden cameras are rolling at Wayne Pharmacy and Wayne, New Jersey this first customer walks in smile Okay, great. So just have a seat as he waits for his photo. Who’s next I have to have my photo taken, are you a US citizen? Yes, I was born here. I don’t feel comfortable taking your picture. You just took his picture right, but he looks American Do I? Look at you. You look great. You’re you you’re wearing your your cap. You’re profiling me No, I’m not racist. I just feel uncomfortable Once Fahim storms away, I would never forgive myself if I took a picture I guess he’s not a happy camper He tells Michelle there was an easy way to confirm Fahim citizenship It turns out he understands all about something happening his wife had a close call on 911 So you understand you I know are you coming from? idea Alright, we’ll break it either, sir We’ve heard you say about your wife missing them. Yes, we were so lucky I thank God every day so you understand when people feel that way if that woman did I could understand her point of view I don’t think somebody showing up here with a prayer cap should be denied a photo for a passport If It’s really a problem. You say give me Id It’s just a photo and showing identification is not required yet throughout the day many customers felt it was necessary for Fahim to Present Id Proving his us citizenship. You don’t look American to me, and I know I watched the news. I know what’s happening, okay? He doesn’t have to show me id but I felt more comfortable he did Are you with me? And he’s Muslim? Well, he said he had a driver’s license You know she has no right to question him at all because well That’s why I said you know what what does him being muslim have to do with you taking the photo you think it’s fair no It’s not he wasn’t doing anything wrong. Well. He didn’t show her any proof either. No one else has to show proof sure What’s also true? Is that lots of people found reasons? Why Fahim? warranted extra scrutiny You’re making people upset. It’s probably just better if you leave Including a facial characteristic. We hadn’t really noticed Did he make you nervous? Do you think I did the wrong thing? You thought he was suspicious too – yes. Yeah, what troubles you well if he’d gotten on a plane and Something happened. It wouldn’t be good. You’re not saying all muslims. Oh no. No no, but he obviously Didn’t want to show her proof of citizenship. I don’t feel safe around them I Am not prejudiced at all, but that’s your opinion But some customers make it clear they disagree with Michele’s refusal to take by Fahim passport photo I’m a little uncomfortable because I don’t want to be responsible if something happens I’m not sure what you mean look. I mean honestly you’re making these people uncomfortable I No but come on, come on what you’re profiling someone that you don’t even know But look at him. He looks like a human being to me Why are you defending him? because He needs a passport. It’s your job to take a picture you have to take a picture the man didn’t do anything You don’t think it’s better to be safe than sorry it’s not your job. You’re blowing it all out of proportion My Gosh and for the first time all day a customer reaches out to comfort Fahim and She is not the only one to deliver that message so because I’m muslim you say you can’t take my photo. You’re Muslim You’re not American before Michelle can finish her thoughts marty Mciver calmly takes Fahim aside to reassure him people like He tries to quietly educate Michele Excuse me sir can you Stop bothering this man Okay, I’m just talking about what we’re just like it. Just makes me uncomfortable I get it You’re just taking the photos or the whole passport Then this 21 year old tells Michelle. He would gladly do her job I’ll take the picture, I just I can’t do it. I can’t do it. I’m washing my hands of this With Michelle out of the picture he works with Fahim to set up the shop. Can you see me? As he snaps away, we slowly approach It Bothered you right yeah, yeah, it definitely did I didn’t want to cause a scene or anything, but if he needs passport picture You know I’m going to help him out what were you trying to tell her by doing that that? You know what you know what be like afraid just by how someone looks you got to treat everybody the same because more likely They’re not they’re just like you so at the end of the day our actor fahim hameed is Disheartened to see so many people agree with Michelle, but customers like marty give him Hope you know he’s a total stranger. He has no reason to do that, so I appreciate it I just want to make sure that wasn’t happening in my bright