(An upbeat Jazz piano tune plays over the video until the male speaker appears, whereupon it fades away) Male: Hello this is Peter Tucic from The Chicago Lighthouse Today we are going to be doing something slightly different with our videos We are going to be demonstrating some of the more low tech options that we have available at our Tools for Living Retail Stores. These products are available both at our store at the Lighthouse main facility in Chicago, as well as our location in Glenview. They can also be found online at lighthousetoolsforliving.org. The first two products that we are going to be taking a look at today are products that will help somebody better manage their health the first of which is a Prodigy talking blood glucose meter. This will allow somebody to measure their blood glucose levels and will announce the result in a nice clear voice Device: Your Prodigy meter is on, today’s date January 22 2015 Male: And it’s going to announce the date as well as the time and at that point Device: Please insert a test strip Male: One can insert a test strip and a clear voice will announce their blood glucose level. The next device that we have is a talking blood pressure monitor which again will provide an accurate blood pressure reading and will read out the result of which in a very clear and well understood voice. Male: The next devices we are going to look at are going to be a selection of our clocks and watches that we offer in our Tools for Living Stores. The first of which is a large display talking clock. The very nice thing about this item is it also has a thermostat for indoor temperature. So if I push the button on the top it’s going to announce the time as well as our indoor temperature: Device: Beep beep beep! 11:27, 73 degrees fahrenheit Male: So it’s currently 73 degrees Fahrenheit and that’s announced on this talking clock. Moving on, the next clock we have is very similar, it’s a nice clear voice and when I basically push our big round button, it’s very easy to operate Device: It is 11:26 am Male: It’s going to read the time in a very clear voice and we can easily understand that. These are two of our cheaper talking clocks, we have several available and I’ll move on to a selection of our talking watches. The first of which is a very nice men’s watch. It has a really nice band and again this will announce the time and date in a very clear voice as well as alarms Device: The time is 9:50 am Male: And it’s very easy to understand and a very nice watch. The next of which is another talking watch, this is a men’s watch as well. This is going to be with a bit of a softer band but a very nice watch. And lastly I wanted to show a women’s pendant that hangs on a chain and it’s very small and nice looking. This is going to give us a nice clear voice, but again it’s one you wear around your neck Device: 12:23 PM Male: And it also has an alarm on it and will read the date. Device: Thursday, January 22 Year 2015 Male: And that is a selection of a few of our watches and clocks. Female: Hi my name is Bridget McDermott, I’m the assistant manager here at the Lighthouse Tools for Living Retail Store and today I just want to highlight a few products that are very popular with our clients, first being the 20/20 pen. This pen is very popular because it gives a nice bold line, but it won’t bleed through your paper like a Sharpie would. So, examples of the paper we have also, are, as you can see, they’re all different shapes and sizes so whatever your task may be there’s going to be an appropriate size for you. So I’m just going to write my name here on what they call a ‘Shopping List’ bold line paper. And as you can see it gives a nice bold line, clear, which is very popular with our low vision clients. So another very popular product we have are going to be our calendars. Now the calendars are available in a notebook planner size or a wall size and as you can see, they’re both in large print and bold lines and again very popular for our low vision clients. Another popular product is going to be our large print keyboards. So these keyboards are available in many different styles and are available for PC users as well as MAC users. So if you need additional help with the large print keys we also have a number of different styles of bump dots which are adhesive bumps that you can put on a variety of different surfaces. They work well on the keyboards. The keyboards are flat so they stick nicely on the keys to help you navigate the keyboard even more so. So if you have trouble finding the Enter or Space Bar you can put a dot directly on that button to help find it better for you. Male: This has been Peter Tucic Female: And Bridget McDermott Male: And we look forward to seeing you soon at The Chicago Lighthouse Tools for Living Store. You can either visit us at our main location, located at 1850 West Roosevelt Road, or at our Glenview location located at 222 Waukegan Road. Female: If you have any further questions or would like a catalog please call me at 1-800-919-3375 or you may visit our website at lighthousetoolsforliving.org