Customer satisfaction is the most important thing. So we really take that seriously. Service has been wonderful! Following your maintenance schedule is very important and it really does help the longevity and resale and well-being of your vehicle. We look at the rotor, which is this part here and we make sure there’s no cracks, no major rust issues, uneven wear, that kind of thing… I find they’re very quick and and they tell you how long it’s going to be and they’re always right on. We remove the pads, we check them… and now you can see any rust that was there is now gone. We also have a beautiful lounge area with all kinds of amenities. You can eat, you can do work, you can read newspapers, it’s like you’re sitting in your own living room. there’s CP24 on and you’re served your beverage. Then what we do is we take a special anti-seize that we have, it’s called Moly Kote Anybody that needs to get to work in the morning, if they want to drop their vehicle off, and we can get you to work and we can pick you up again. I know that regular maintenance catches thing that you might not catch on your own. Now if there’s any rust or anything on the rotor, we’ll clean that up. I know the winters are hard on cars so it’s extremely important to stay ahead of your service. In the long run I’m saving money. You’re treated as a person, not as a number. I just love my job! I think you walk away feeling like your car has been well taken care of and you understand what has happened to it. And I would recommend the dealership to anyone. For all the years I’ve been dealing here, it’s excellent.