A wis looking aboot online
to try and find a wee bargain And when a came across a few things,
a needed to point them oot. Cause am ragin.
Nothin. Ye can buy nothin.
Wit is the point? Well I mean I understaun the point.
Ye buy nothin’ fur a joke ahah! It’s no funny…
Noo I’ve made the mistake ae lookin for these fumin’ by the whole hing. Wit else have I found ye ask? Fluff. Belly button fluff. Why would somedae even
buy this? Nah nah nah nah…
Why would somedae even sell this? If you even hid a slither ae a thought.
“Aw aye that might be quite good” Get oot!
I mean it’s no as if its even packaged up nice Ye hink am done. Haw haw.
Nae chance. Feast yer eyes…
Oan a jar ae farts. Somdae his farted in a jar and thought. “Ye know wit?” “Am gonnae sell it!”
Imagine rocking up tae Dragons’ Den. I present you… Jar of fart.
They’re aw just sittin there in utter amazement. Its geein me the boke just thinkin aboot
the process. Let alone sellin it.
What do you hink aboot these mad auctions? Have you ever sold anything pure weird online? Hows about you let me know doon in the comments below.