Hey guys, so we just went shopping for groceries and I thought I just you know Show you our grocery haul today so First of all, here are the two bags that we got So we’ve been trying to eat healthily so we got, definitely got some fruits we got a big bag of oranges Like 5 kg So… we try to have one everyday And we got some berries Also yogurt. Greek yogurt. Definitely love these we have to put these in the fridge soon other types…I think we got Oh, yeah, we got some Tomatoes We have other fruits in the fridge right now but these are the things that we ran out of so we have to get some more Oh yeah As well as grapes without the seeds. Like sin pepitas So, so these are like the fruit that we got. Fruits and vegetables and well healthy stuff Also, we got bread. These are these are actually really affordable…affordable. They’re just like one euro and It’s natural so it doesn’t have a lot of preservatives and it lasts for maybe a couple of days This expires the 25th and right now it’s the 19 So we have a good amount of days until we have to finish it and we usually finish it soon We have some chocolate These are actually for a lunch tomorrow that Mary will be going, with her church, so but it’s just a nice Gift or just something to add to the lunch and Well, I got dark chocolate because it’s dark chocolate and I’m gonna enjoy these later. What I plan to do is to, okay, so I’ve been struggling a lot with Productivity and I’ve decided that in order to, you know, motivate myself to be more productive to get work done I’m gonna treat myself after. So these are not just for every day these are like when I feel as if I’ve accomplished a lot during the day, so Just a little idea Then we got pizza, this is barbecue pizza that we can bake in our oven So we’ll have this one day And then we have meatballs that we can fry or microwave Let me see what instructions say Well, these are for baking it says And then we have Fish sticks, I love to have fish, Mary doesn’t really like fish but I am a big fan of fish So I got these maybe she’ll have them, I don’t know And then this Roasted chicken right here. Oh my gosh when we had it the first time it was amazing. So it’s just and it’s precooked so all we have to do is maybe bake it or microwave it depending on what you want, but it’s Really good. It’s um roasted. Yeah, it’s just 4.50 euros…about We got eggs. Definitely just a staple item We recycle, so the plastic that covers the eggs, we actually recycle and just try to help the environment So that’s it for the food, but for other essential items, we got toilet paper These are comfy comfortable and Nail polish remover Don’t know if you can see my nails but I love doing my nails. So it’s good to have things like this and then hairspray For Mary, with her straight hair. I don’t really need the hairspray. I think maybe I don’t know I don’t think I really need hairspray And then for me I got a natural Bathing gel because I have issues in my skin so I need to use things that are not really perfumed or have a lot of Chemicals in it that my skin can respond to well So I’m going to try this is my first time using it. But I’ll let you know how it goes So that’s it for our supermarket haul. I hope you enjoyed These are items that we’ll be using for the week. When we just got here. We got more stuff But right now this is just to stack up on food that we need So I hope you enjoy I’ll be seeing you soon and have a great day You