– One little like, whoop, too much and it’s over. (beeping) – Ah, that’s so good. – [Erin] Need to talk
to someone about that. – I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about. Your crotch looks fine. – Happy New Year, everybody! (popping) And welcome back to Clever Style. – That is right. Welcome, you guys. I think over the past year or so, I would venture to say
we’ve become fashion experts here on this channel or maybe even like fashion scientists. – Oh, I would even go
as far as to say that we are the Miranda
Priestlys of our generation. – Anything I could do. – Laurels. For Spring. Groundbreaking. – So we thought that the
best way to end the year and the decade, you guys. – I’m just terrified. – Seriously, would be to try on New Year’s
Eve dresses from Amazon. (whispering) (stomping) (laughing) – And you guys have seen this before. We are trying on dresses in
five different categories. And we’re gonna be ranking them on a scale of one to five
emojis that we will choose here is just brief moment. But when we try on the dresses, we’re also gonna be ranking them in terms of quality, comfort, and fit. – Okay, you guys, yes we have to pick emojis, but this is the last time of the year that we are picking them. So make it good. – A lot of pressure. – I didn’t notice that the iPhone did like, their update, you know? So there was a bunch of
new emojis introduced, and I saw a pair of tweezers
and I was impressed. And that has nothing
to do with New Year’s, but I like it, so I’m gonna be the pair
of tweezers for today. – Interesting. – [Drew] I like it. (buzzing) – Since 2019 is over, I feel like we should have
a moment to mourn the past, but be excited about the future. So today, I’m gonna choose a skull emoji. – Very dark. (laughing) Well, I’m gonna go with
like the sparkle stars that look like glitter, because festive, you know, positivity. – I feel like you’re the most
relevant of all the emojis. – I mean I don’t know, I mean tweezers? That’s pretty relevant. You get to pluck out the
good dresses from Amazon. – Like Blackheads? – Everything that we try
on during this episode will be available via the links in the description box below, so you can shop it for yourself. – Yeah. – True, right on. – We’re gonna go try on
our first round of dresses, and I’m so excited. – Yay! – Glitter! (whooshing) – Okay you guys, category #1, obviously we
can’t do New Year’s Eve without sequins. – Sparkles! – Looks gorge. Which just might be my favorite category, I’m not gonna lie. – Yeah, same. – I love glitter. I am pleasantly surprised with this dress. The only thing I don’t like is this slit, you have to be extremely careful. Because one little like whoop, too much and it’s over. Other than that, I feel
cute, I feel festive, I feel sexy, I feel fun. – It doesn’t look like
a cheap dress at all. – [Drew] Right? – [Sinead] It’s kind of like, hugging in all the right places. – Yeah. – It looks like supportive. – And I think you could actually get away with wearing this to multiple events. – Like the LVD of the
sparkle dress community. – I’m impressed, absolute
impressed over here. – Buy this! – Just don’t move too much. (laughing) Okay, rating system. For quality, I’m gonna give this, bear with me, five lil’
sparkles, you guys. – So hot. – I’ma navigate pretty hot. – Yep. – On comfort, I’m gonna also
give it five lil’ sparkles. I feel comfortable, well, I’ll give it four, just because this is a lil’ scary. And then for fit, I’m gonna give this
five, I really like it. – Yeah. – It fits really good. – It looks like it was made for your body. – The fact that like, you have a small waist, and bigger boobs and a big butt, it’s like people can– – Oh my god, did you just say my butt was big? – [Sinead] Yeah. – It was on camera, don’t cut that out! – I chose this dress. I think it’s so fun, I don’t feel like it’s a
dress that you see very often. You’re not 100% comfortable in your body, you can hide behind
this ruffle right here. – I mean I like the iridescence of it, I think it’s that kind of cool sparkle. – And looking on the floor though, and I feel like it’s like
shedding amongst all of us. – That’s my dream. (beeping) – I don’t know if the quality is there. So, speaking of quality, I’m starting there with my skull emojis. I’m gonna give it a three skull emoji. Just isn’t quite there for quality. For comfort, I would say
that it’s pretty comfortable. It’s a wee bit itchy, like on your arms right here. When you put your arms down, it’s a little exfoliating. So I’m gonna give it four on comfort. And then fit, I’m gonna
have it to give it three. It’s a little too big up here. It’s mildly too tight around my butt. – It’s like a Monet, right? From far away, it’s like oh so beautiful, – Yeah, yeah. – But up close it’s like. (scratching) – Okay, so for my pick, I was fooled by Amazon. Online it was not sheer and
this is, completely sheer. So I am wearing, actually like, shorts, little biker
shorts that Erin lent me, and a sports bra type of situation. I actually do like it, I just wish it wasn’t freaking sheer. But I am a little bit itchy in the arms. – I’m obsessed. – I think beauty is pain. Deal with the itch. – I would deal with the itch. – [Drew] Because this is so cute on you. The stones make it so sparkly. – You know what, they’re not from Michael’s, but they might be from Hobby Lobby. It’s like that type of situation. But somehow, I don’t know why, it does look a lot more expensive. – You look like you’re
going to the Grammy’s. – [Erin] Or performing at the Grammy’s. – You know what, I think for quality I’d
have to give it a five. It’s not made from the
highest quality materials, but somehow they’ve made that work. For comfort I’ll give it a four. Just because it is a little bit itchy. For fit. – It looks bomb. – Yeah, I think I’d have to give it a five. – Yeah, you have to. – It looks really good. – Yeah, so, I mean I’m gonna find something
to wear underneath it, but you will seeing this on ze Gram. Thank you. – And at the Grammy’s. (laughing) (whooshing) (upbeat music) Category #2, velvet. – Oh, we look so good. – We look so good. We’re like, we look so good. – [Group] I love this color. – Like a purple situation. Violet, I like it. – It’s like a merlot or like a plum. – It’s like a maroon meets a plum. – All these things I wanna eat. – [Erin] Sugar plum. – A sugar plum. Holiday, sorry. (laughing) I just thought about the nutcracker. It’s more boob than I
thought it was gonna be. I’m not mad at it. – God damn, that’s so cute. – That back looks really cute. – And it’s soft, is it soft? – It’s so soft! – It’s like because it’s tide, everything is really secured. Like I’m not worried your
boobs are gonna pop out. – But we won’t test it. (laughing) – Don’t do any cartwheels today! – For quality I’m going
to give this a five, because it feels like velvet, looks like velvet, and it is velvet. For comfort I’m gonna also give it a five, because I feel like
everything is very secure. – Uh-huh, tight. – Feel like I can dance the night way. Tight. For fit, I’m gonna also give it a five, because I feel good. I feel like I’m ready to
bring in the New Year. – I am unusually taller than average, which means average stuff doesn’t fit me, and tall stuff doesn’t fit me. So I’m somewhere in the middle, and everything is really hard length wise. And so when I bought this dress, I was like, I don’t think
this is gonna be long enough. I don’t know, I just don’t know. Because all the photos on Amazon, I felt like were shorter women. So I bought it anyway, and I love that it kind
of cinches you here. I love the fact the back
is like out and fun. – Yeah, that looks so cute. – I love the back, oh I
love back cleave so much. – I just, I don’t know, I feel really comfortable in it. I love it so much, I
just with it was longer. – It’s really hard for me to
hear you talkin’ all this BS, because you look amazing. – I mean I would want it to be longer, I think I get what you mean. – Yes. Like that’s how you can tell
if a dress is cheap or not. Is if it hits you at this level. – Yeah, I can see that too. – That’s the only thing. – Or if it hits you at
like an inch or two longer. – [Group] Yeah. And that sucks, but I do love the color, I love the fit. For quality I would give it a five. Other than the length, it
is really good quality, it’s comfortable. For comfort, very comfortable,
five skulls there. And then for fit, I would say four, but just because of the length. But everything else is amazing, like I feel like I
should give this to you. Because I feel like it
would fit you better. – I mean it would be
on the floor for sure. (laughing) Okie dokie, so for my velvet pick, I was hoping to go for a mini long sleeve. Either, conservative on top and short, or long and not so conservative on top. And I got both, which
was not my intention. (laughing) This dress is so long. – [Erin] Oh my gosh! I didn’t realize it was that long. – I love a royal blue, woman. – I know, me too. – It’s the color. – I’m obsessed with the color. I wish it was shorter,
I wish it was smaller. Because it’s velvet, I honestly thought it was supposed to be gathered in the back. – Scrunched. – I do feel like it was
designed for a tall person, but we’ll see. So in terms of quality, I would still give this a five, because I think the quality is there. For comfort, I am comfortable. So I would still give it five tweezers. And then for fit. (laughing) – I forgot it was tweezers. – For fit is where I think we’re lacking. So for fit I would give it, probably like right in
the middle at a three. Because if it was a little bit shorter, a little bit whatever,
it’s not a big deal. But I think this is designed
for a very specific body type, which is like, I don’t
know, like 5’6 and taller. I don’t know, I got the
short end of the stick. Ah. (whooshing) (upbeat music) – And the category is jumpsuits. I love this. It’s like Disco Fever. I wanna go skating. The only thing I don’t like is that the sleeves aren’t long enough. – Oh yeah, what is that? – Yeah, I think this works,
like if you don’t have boobs. It’s easier, because then it just likes, you don’t have to worry
about anything popping out. – It’s gonna be hard to keep that taped. – Impossible! Well I like cheated with my tape. I would normally do like
a whole over the shoulder, like you wouldn’t see any of it. – I know what she means, like the– – I brought duct tape. – Oh, I used to duct tape my boobs too. That’s a pageant hack. – I have scars to prove it. – Yeah, it hurts. – Other than that, I’m happy with it. – It’s so cute and sheek and like Erin said, with that blue. (laughing) – She’s really getting into the mood. – I thought you were
about to do the sprinkler. – For quality I’m gonna give this five, just because it’s velvet. I mean you can’t go wrong with velvet. For comfort I’ll give it a three, just because this is very scary, and I feel like I can’t live freely unless I’m taped properly. And then for fit I’m gonna
give it also a three, just because I wish the
sleeves were longer, and I wish the pant legs were longer. (whooshing) – So I had to choose a two-piece, I hate wearing jumpsuits. I always have crotch issues. They always, I mean
that’s a deep statement. – Deep! (laughing) – Every pants suit that I’ve ever worn rides up right here on me. And these kind of do a little bit, have to talk to someone about that. – I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about. Your crotch looks fine. – Maybe I’m just disproportioned. – Maybe she’s just hungry. – Your vagina she mean. – She’s well fed and watered. (laughing) – And watered? Ah that’s so good! – I think it’s a birthday party look, I feel very Funfetti cake in this. – It doesn’t scream holiday
to me, but I like it. It seems like very 80’s, very like workout video. You look like a fish. – The rainbow fish! – You know like the cover of that fish that’s like sparkly and iridescent on the cover of that book. – I thought you meant like
Shangela, like fish, you know? (chirping) – I love Shangela, does
she talk about fishes? – Yeah, it’s like fish. – Fishes? – There’s a song about it. – Fishes? Fishie? – Yeah it’s like. ♪ So fish ♪ ♪ Yes god ♪ ♪ Gotta serve me up on a platter baby ♪ ♪ So fish ♪ ♪ Yes god ♪ – So for quality, let’s just
say four, I’ll give it four. When you feel it though, you know it doesn’t cost
that much money to make this. But it actually is like well put together. For comfort I’m gonna
give it a four as well. I think it’s pretty comfortable It is a little itchy in here. For fit I think I give it a four as well. Just because these are a little short, and I just feel like it fits a little not like what I expected it to. – I chose a romper, because
I love a good romper. I am bummed, because I didn’t tape the girls properly. It’s really hard for me to
judge how much I love this, without seeing what maybe
this would look like if they were properly taped. – I love this and I’m
mad that I didn’t get it. – I feel like I can dance in this. I like that it also has the,
kind of like, cuffed sleeve. So in terms of quality, the sequin continues underneath. – Oh no, that’s not okay. – Which is like, why would they do that? So because of that, I would
have to give it a three. Because I felt it more than
anything else we put on so far. For comfort it kind of goes
along with the quality thing, I think that this was a quality mistake, but it’s effected the comfort as well so I would have to give it a three. I feel like this is the type of thing that gives you a rash in your thigh. For fit I would give this a four. I don’t like to be skin tight in here and loose up here. – Not fun. – Raised texture in your inner thigh? – Ew! (laughing) – No thank you. (whooshing) (upbeat music) – Okay, you guys. This category is little black dress. This isn’t short, but I really like it. – I like it. – So I was like it’s black! I feel very Morticia in this, but I like it. It’s the hair, yeah it’s the hair. I think that’s all it is. – I love the double slit too. – They’re like far down enough, where it’s not too much. – Exactly, exactly. – So versatile, I’m obsessed. The way it fits, I am actually
shocked this is from Amazon. For quality I’m gonna
give this five sparkles, because it’s double-lined, and for $32 this is actually insane. For comfort I’m also gonna give it five, because I feel like
everything is in place, and it’s not going anywhere. And for fit, you guessed
it, five sparkles! – It’s sparkles without
having a single sparkle on it. (whooshing) – When I think little black dress, I think a dress that you can
wear anywhere for any crowd. That’s why I went a little
more conservative on this, but I think it’s a little elegant. I think it’s classy. I feel like I could go to a fundraiser for the animal hospital in this. (laughing) – Very specific. (beeping) – I got a medium in this, but I think it’s a little too big on me. It’s like 10% more conservative
than I wanted it to be. But I do like it, I think it’s a great staple. – I get it, because it
is a thinner material, and because it’s a thinner material, it just doesn’t fit you as
like (slurping) as it should. – Yeah, exactly. – [Drew] It probably feels like it’s, looks like it’s too big, but it doesn’t look like it’s too big. – Yeah. – It doesn’t look like it’s too big. – It doesn’t feel too big in the arms, but here, literally this is so much room. For quality I feel like
this is five skulls, I love ASTR The Label’s products, they last a really long time. For comfort I would give it like a four. It is mildly itchy. For fit I would give it also a three, because this is a lot of extra fabric. Like a loose panty. – Not a loose panty. – Ew, I hate that word! (laughing) (beeping) – So for my little black
dress, I failed miserably. – Why? – No, you didn’t fail. – Because this dress is so big on me. – That’s not a fail
though, it’s really cute. – It’s a really cute dress, this is gaspy af. – Yeah. – I know, but I failed in the sense that I was really excited about it, and it’s just too damn big. – You look like that aunt at your wedding. – I was thinking of insects. And I’m like what kind of
ants are you looking at? – Oh, I thought you said incests, I’m like no! Not at your wedding! – For quality I would still
give this a four, honestly. I think that it’s moreso just
me picking the wrong size. I think it is actually a little bit weird in a couple places, but I still feel like
it’s made really well. And for comfort I would give it a four. And then for fit I give it like a three, right in the middle, because I just feel like, it’s a specific body
type that could make this look like not a costume. – Yeah, totally. – I want you to wear a
matching sparkly headband. – [Sinead] Head piece? I think that’s where I’d draw the line. (beeping) (whooshing) (upbeat music) – Okay, guys, we are
in our wildcard round. I like the color. I love this whole asymmetrical
situation with the arm. I love that the back is out. – High fashion looking. – The whole mermaid style thing they tried to do at the
end didn’t work out. – Yeah, it should just be
straight down, I agree. – Too short. – It’s too short. This is literally a nip
slip waiting to happen. For quality I’m going to give it, (grunts) it’s like a three. And that’s a generous three. For comfort, it’s pretty
bad, I’m gonna give it a one. For fit, I’m going to
give it, this is zero, this is a negative three. – Okay, good. That’s great. Because this isn’t workin’. – For my wildcard, I went so wild that I’m in an entirely different season. New Year’s Eve, what is that even? I’m already at the Easter bunny ready for my freakin’ egg hunt. Though it is a little more sheer
than I thought it would be. This also reminds me
of BB, like BB dresses. – Oh my god, I remember BB, yeah. – Yes! – Right? It’s really structured,
there’s a built in bra. I love the color. – I feel like this
dress is cheating on me, because yellow and me have had a very long, deep relationship. – For quality I would
give this a five skulls, because it is really thick,
it’s really well made. Comfort I would say, I
would give it five as well, I think it’s really like, it sucks you in and makes
you feel all tight and fuzzy. For fit I think it’s a five. I can dance in it, I can move in it. Like isn’t this something Kim Kardashian would’ve wore to the
Grammy’s like 10 years ago? – [Group] Yeah. – This is my wildcard and it’s my favorite dress that I’ve tried on so far. – I love it. – It looks good. – I feel like my boobs
are so well supported. It’s kind of like your little black dress, except the sequins. It fits exactly the way I want it to. I love the back, I like that it’s a tie. – You look like a TV screen when you don’t have satellite reception. – Oh like the sh? – Yeah. With like some holiday
bizazz thrown in there. – Yeah, like that dark girl’s gonna come out in The Ring and get you? – Oh, oh. – Samara! – Samara! – Yeah, you are reminiscent
of a horror movie, but in the sexiest, hottest way. – Thanks, guys! For quality I’ll give it a four, the material is very thin. – Yeah, it kind of feels like, I don’t know like aluminum
foil meets fabric. – For comfort though, I’ll give it a five, because
I’m incredibly comfortable. And then for fit, obviously
I’d give it a five too. But yeah. Alright, so should we
put our favorites on? – Yeah. – Yeah. – Alright, so we are
back in our favorites. I chose my little silver dress. Just because I feel
like it’s so versatile, and I’m gonna get so much use out of it. All 2020 long. – Yeah. – I thought you were gonna say, I’m gonna get so much D. (grunting) (laughing) – Yeah, I chose this one. I love it, it’s comfortable. It’s not holiday, but I’m spending New
Year’s Eve with family, which is not sexy, so I don’t need a holiday dress anyway. (laughing) – And I chose my little black dress, because I feel like a sexy Morticia, and I’m gonna go marry my mob husband. – [Group] Yes! – To the New Year! – [Group] To 2020! – The roaring 20s! – Cheers! – Yay. Happy New Year’s you guys. – Oh by the way, if you didn’t know. The links are down below if you wanna shop these dresses. And also hit the subscribe and the bell! Happy New Year! – Yeah! – Happy New Year! (whooshing) (soft music)