Oh ! Friend, It’s been a long time since I was busy with my beginnings as a teacher of watercolor but I resume my habits on Youtube. Therefore ! Welcome to my art studio You catch me just in time. I was going to leave to go to watercolor, under a beautiful late summer sun. music … music … (Title) Watercolor from Holbein. Episode # 1: Charm and Adoption. I bought this set of 12 colors of watercolor from Holbein, in order to make a video exploration of the product. I did not think to fall in love. Well, the charm did not work from the beginning. First, I created the color map with the 12 colors of the set. Several color tubes are opaque. And, that’s normal, there’s always that risk in one set to have a few. I never buy together, usually, but as my first goal was to just, explore! And for that purpose, it’s still interesting, the sets. This allows to be surprised by a color that would not dare to try, otherwise. I prefer by the nature of my work, use transparent or semi-transparent watercolors, so, I retained the colors having its peculiarities to fill the 12 half-pans of my little case. Of course, I chose individual tubes extra to complete it. Without suspecting it, I had just created a really interesting alternative palette to my palette of watercolor M.Graham, to go sketching outside. Holbein’s watercolor is a real professional watercolor. The colors are rich and vivid, we guess finely ground pigments. It retains the qualities of its Japanese origins, but is a transparent watercolor European style. It’s the best of both worlds. By the way, this watercolor is “vegan” I’m happy to find it at a good price versus quality and we find it in the form of tubes of 5 ml and 15 ml or in pans, online or at local merchants, unfortunately not my favorite at walking distance from my workshop. Note, however, that in the form of pans the color range is limited. Seeing that it fits well in the pans of my small palette, once dry and it does not crack and instantly remakes. I added half-cups to my palette to make a set of 20 to continue my test with more nuance. I love the watercolor of Mr. Graham, and I’m pretty faithfulto their products but, perhaps, nothing prevents me, to create a second studio palette with the colors of Holbein to carry out projects in particular. We must not forget that a palette is an object that can evolve over time. He is already trotting in my head to divide my studio palette that can accommodate 17 colors, in two. Yeah! 17 divides badly in two. Perhaps, my 8 favorite colors of Mr. Graham and my 8 favorite colors from Holbein. For the 9th colors, I reflect on a neutral of M.Graham or Holbein. Anyway, I’ll come back on video to show you. In short! I started this diary, Aqua Journal from Pentalic, a notebook made of 100% cotton paper 140lb (300 g / m2) acid free 8×5 inches. The presentation of the object, already, a beautiful blue blanket is nice. He has a nice mark page and a place for the pencil. I prefer travel books that have a rubber band like this one. This is a very useful detail to protect the drawings and keep the notebook close in the bag. Paper 100 Cotton, cold press texture, withstood partial flooding, some repentance scratching and Drawing gum. Wonderful! Will I adopt it and redo the purchase? Time will tell me. Finally, I will continue and fill in this notebook. I will come back to you on my impressions, very soon. On that dear friend, to the review! Music … If you like my videos, you can put a thumb up and leave a comment. You can also subscribe to my channel so you do not miss the next videos. Watercolor, Nude in a classic painting style, studyMusic, Mix to the Eve artist with the sequencesof Garage Band