– Okay, friends, I’m kind
of hiding on my back deck to do this fun video but
now dogs are barking. We just had some
dragonflies buzzing around. We have the wilderness
and the sun is setting. (jazzy piano music) I don’t know, you might see some forest creature in the background. Anyway, what I am trying
to do is trying to find a little bit of space in this world to do this Hollar box unboxing. So, let me show you, we got Hollar. Now, why I’m excited about Hollar is it’s like an online dollar store and things change constantly there and I love shopping for a deal. And you know, I can’t
always get out of my house to do that, ’cause I’ve got people, right? I’ve got people, you got people. My order is home school
stuff and kitchen stuff. Those are my two favorite topics and if I can do that for cheap online and it comes to my door, I’m excited. Plus, look at this, we
have Care Bear tape. So, all week it’s been Naomi’s birthday and we’ve had just Naomi
celebrations again and again, so the kids keep telling
me this big orange box with the Care Bear tape
is for Naomi’s birthday. And I kept telling them, no it’s mama’s, I’ve got to open it first, but then they get a lot of the
goodies that are inside. Also, you can get free
shipping on your first order through their mobile app or
you can get free shipping any time your order is over $25 online. So, Hollar is sponsoring today’s
video, we appreciate that. We always love sponsors over here on Jamerill’s Large Family Table ’cause that’s another
thing that keeps my world goin’ around and I appreciate it. Oh, and cute, even Hollar
is on the Care Bear tape. I didn’t see their name on
there before, that’s fun. Okay, oh the goodies in this box. Oh, we’ve got this bubble
wrap, that’s always fun. Look at all the stuff in here. It’s like home-school mom hyperventilation is what it feels like sometimes. Okay, so this is something fun. So these are Care Bear surprise pets. Look at that, we’ve got
three, we have five. They have sent us five of these. These are gonna be really fun to get into. Then I have Multiplication
Numbers 1 Through 10. This is one of the books that I requested because, hello, home schooling, yes. We’ve got the multiplication workbook and then we have a division workbook and these are quality workbooks. Excellent, nice thick
pages, very colorful. And then, okay, we absolutely love these huge Melissa and Doug floor puzzles. Actually, I still have several of the Melissa and Doug floor puzzles that I had got with little baby Jaden. He’s my 17, hairy son
now, big with a beard. Amelia, who is four, was
doing the Noah’s Ark puzzle that little Jaden and
little Zion used to do. I mean, all the kids have done it. Those puzzles hold up because
they are such high quality. So look, I was so excited
when on the Hollar site, I found several Melissa and Doug puzzles. You know, those puzzles are $12 or more at Walmart and other places. $7. $7 of quality puzzle
excitement right here. So, we got a big Busy Barn puzzle. And this is what I love. Look, three feet by two feet. The kids love them because they are so big and they can just spread out and do ’em. Actually, the other
week when we cleaned our game cabinet, even all
the way up to Naomi, they were doing our big
older puzzles that we have. And I told them, we have new puzzle orders coming and they were excited. Look at this, hello. This is a 100-piece, quality floor puzzle, all the Presidents of the United States. Also three feet by two feet. This is gonna have lots of
conversation, let me tell ya. So, that’s good for
learning our Presidents. And then, again, a huge safari
one, over four feet long. Ah, very, very exciting. So, we’ve got three
new, fresh puzzles there and that one was also only $7. And then, let’s see here. Okay, I ordered some little odds and ends so I’ll have to put my
camera down for a minute. These are some different
multi-purpose clips, ’cause I always need help like that. Got some more bubble wrap. They did really good on
their packaging, didn’t they. They really used the space well. Then, this was a Hopopotamus
game for only $4. Look at that, a big, fun game. I look for these large learning games, especially for in the
winter months when we need to burn a little energy
and we can’t get outside as long as we’d like to the
other three seasons of the year. So, I got this one with
winter-time learning in mind but that looks like a lot of fun, working on those early numbers. I know Daniel and Amelia will love this. And then now, this is fun. You guys, whoops, oops,
oops, look at this. I’ve got a stinkbug on me. Sheesh, get off of me, stinkbug. I told you we’re out
here in the wilderness. I’m gonna show you this next thing. You’re gonna laugh at me but then, many of you are gonna
also want this, okay? I saw these and I thought, man, my family is gonna love
this and if you’re doing trim, healthy mama or
if you’re doing low-carb and if you’re looking for just
creative ways to use bacon, ’cause we can always use
creative ways to use bacon, I think you’re gonna really like this. These are the Chef Tony
Grease-Away Bacon Bowl Pans. They were only $5 each. I ordered two of them so
that I could do 12 at a time. Just look, somehow, I
haven’t used them yet. You wrap your bacon around it. You can also cook your
eggs in these little cups and you come up with this perfect, little bacon and egg bowl. Isn’t that fun? Bake fillings in reversible cups. This looks like a lot of fun. It says, use top side to
create your bowl-shaped food. I got two of them because I was thinking, of course, large family size here. Here are the little clips
and these were like a dollar but these are a heavier
metal and I’m just gonna use these to keep chip bags together and other odds and ends
that I need a clip for so I don’t always have to use a bread tie. I’m a bread tie queen, but I thought, I could have some multi-purpose clips too. I got two packs of those. Then, they also sent me another one of these silicone mitts. Look, it’s got a cute cupcake. I have a set that I
ordered with my instant pot and they’re very helpful and the kids love to use them when I have them out. I have not lost them yet, it’s a miracle. So, here’s another one
to add to our collection. And, they do work well. They work just as well as an
oven mitt, in my experience. Then, I wanted to give you guys a look in these really
high-quality workbooks here. In the Multiplication
Numbers 1 Through 10, now, this is for age range seven to eight and some even advanced
six-year olds, possibly. They had a wide range
of choices on the site. These are just the two that I picked up that we could actually use. So, you’ll see, nice thick pages. It goes through your multiplication. Lots of review. You’ll see the pages here. In some ways, it’s very
simple but it’s very sturdy. These could also be
reusable within your home. Then, for the division,
it’s a speed and accuracy workbook and there’s my dog barkin’. And that’s how these pages look. I brought a bunch of kids
out because I wanted them to each pick one of these
Care Bear surprise balls. Let’s see what they call it. Little Surprise Pets. I wanted them to each
pick one, be surprised. So guys, as you just
heard me say in the video, we got these Care Bear Surprise Pets. It’s this little ball and there’s some kinda little surprise pet in there. We like little surprises, don’t we. – [Children] Yeah. – [Mom] They sent us five, so
we’ve got one for Miss Naomi. Even though you’re a bigger girl, you don’t mind a surprise, right? Then we’ve got Miss Amelia’s got one and Mr. Liam and then Mr. Gabriel. Let’s open these up and
we’ll see what we got. Guys, I know you’re gonna be excited. You know those big floor puzzles we love.
– [Children] Yeah, yup. – [Mom] And I kept telling you
guys we would get new ones? – What’s this?
– Well, and then, look, I’m doing my haul again for you all. This is, look, a Hip Hopapotamus. That look like a fun game
for winter, right Amelia? – Yes. – [Mom] We also got
this giant floor puzzle. It’s a safari one. Then there’s the President
puzzle I told you guys about. Then there’s a fun, a Busy Barn one. Now, let’s make our stack and let’s stay focused and get back to Care Bears. Mama’s the one jumping around here, huh. – Yeah. – All right, quit jumping around mama. Mama just gets excited. I get excited about school stuff and stuff for the kids and kitchen stuff. ‘Kay Miss Naomi, I’ve
got it started for ya so let’s see what cha got. Ooh, oh Naomi, it matches!
– Ohhh. – [Mom] What does it match? What does it match? – Oh, it matches my nails. – [Mom] It matches your
nails, look at that! See, now let’s show our friends, Naomi. Look, she’s got her birthday nails and you got the Care Bear
that matches your nails. Let’s see if it’s like a Beanie Boos. Oh, Good Luck Bear, cute. Cute, cute, cute. It has a little book in there, fun! Okay Miss Amelia, so let’s see. You gotta open it up, what did you get? Can you pop it open, work hard, work. Oh.
(children exclaiming) – [Naomi] That’s so cute! – [Jamerill] Rainbow Bear! Hold it up so mommy can see it. It matches your shirt. Take her out so we can see her, honey. Show mommy, wow! Does she have the same
rainbow that’s on your shirt? – Yes.
– That’s so cute! (kids talking) Oh, and there’s a bunch you can collect. You’ve got the book in yours, honey. Yeah the book.
(children chattering) They’re working on their
collections, oh boy! So Gabriel’s gonna keep the sunshine one and we’ll give this one
to Daniel when he gets up. – What’s mine say? – [Jamerill] Your’s says Good Luck Bear and this one says.
– Now I got two balls. – Oh, Funshine Bear. I was calling him
Sunshine Bear, he is cute. A few more price comparisons. This Hip Hopapotamus learning
game is usually around $22. Again, at places like Walmart, and it was just a few dollars for me. And the regular price of these bacon bowls is $12.97 and of course,
I got ’em for $5 each and I got two of ’em for less than the price of one, so, yee hah. Thanks for watching our fun
haul from Hollar today, friends. Be sure to check my link and the special offer in the description below. Remember that you get free shipping off your first order using the mobile app or any online orders over $25. I am definitely gonna check Hollar out, probably once a week,
since their offers change. I want to own every
single giant floor puzzle that Melissa and Doug makes and if I can get ’em for $7, I’m gettin’ ’em for $7. So, I’ll see you next time, friends, with another brand new video and I’ll chat with you in those comments below. Buh bye.