I guess I really don’t know what
Christmas is all about for that let’s get this really started so I wanted to
go full shopping today because I need some produce in terms of vegetables and
a few fruits I’m not real big on fruit but like a few fruits so that I can prep
meals at least for the next two days for myself and then of course I’ll cook
again you know so that I can have meals for I’m sorry but it’s darker today and
I just cannot see so that I can cook meals you know every two or three days
or so so I want to you know record that and then I just kind of want to go in
Walmart now I think I’ve technically decided this year that I am NOT going to
put up my Christmas tree mainly because I’m not going to be home
for the full month of December I’m going to you know be gone on the 19th back
home and I just didn’t feel the need to put it up take it down well after New
Year’s because I won’t get back from Hawaii until like late you know so I
felt like oh no okay I’m not gonna put up a Christmas tree but that still
doesn’t mean that I can’t look at the you know decorations and stuff like that
and I think this year I wanted to give Christmas cards and little gifts to my
colleagues and to my supervisors so I am typically one of those people like I’ll
do you know like uh gift cards but this year I’m just I don’t
I don’t want to get people a gift card and they be looking at me like oh you
didn’t put any effort in this and I guess I could technically get the gift
cards and put them in a you know the envelope with the Christmas card and
that would still be sufficient but you know I don’t know I’m just not a gift
card personally I would give produce he’s like yogurt
now I’m Kirsten by yogurt connoisseur right Greek yogurt fine with me they have strawberry blueberry in but no no starving
you know h2 with these flavors that I don’t like
that I’m gonna be okay we’re done with that like peanut
you know non salted of course I’ve always been very cognizant of my
father mainly because I’ve shared with that people in my family have
you know died from my blood pressure those legs and stuff
everybody know the podium is one of the factors pressure issues sorry I’m so sorry that’s one of the things where
you have to do like keep it in mind so that I don’t cross
those boundaries I hate when things are really salty like
it’s something about my pal just like pick it up and I just won’t be
able to eat it so say that I am NOT an almond person like a person who just loves
all men’s and stuff like that like best time they have drivers zero podium
so it’s pretty good right and I typically will mix it with my dried
cranberries and make my own little trail mix so that’s all I need is the driving
nice work all right so well fine find my nice and your moods they’re way on the other side and a
store probably this journey over there shall we so yeah no no we’re here like people are
in the store will watch you is it like first of all I’m not family Union I
don’t want to see typically try to stay away from coming
in warmer because they reel into those impulse buys
like they know exactly and I afford to retail when I was in high school they
know exactly where to place items so that you will have an impulse passed by
in his face you know so we’re not doing that today curse you you know think you get away no
impropriety as far as Christmas shopping y’all leave
down in the comments and plug this is good because I’m getting my steps in
today they’re walking quite a lot today yup tell me down in the comments like I
gotta get my data view like not even a little and I hate the
Beast old cliche and get him hi you know like Sloane or something this
is the first time he’s blogging his save my life let me was about to talk me into a
Trinity account I want to bet on cable I got cable already no time for that who’s
being sort of shot anyone okay boom don’t want a phone service you don’t
want no internet who everyday weird there’s today one people because
otherwise they would change no offense the yard I know not to your
husband sister but during the holiday season I don’t know if it’s good if you
keep these doors like this because some people get easily irritated with it they
really do talking about the china shop sit all the way down Oh Anjali’s in trouble using a kitchen item unit I think Obama unintentional jars y’all know I really
don’t want bout no jars when I got a thousand and one over there huh oh okay
I do just see the lead in the band good because I do not want to buy 2.75
in diameter like okay I got money I got my food I
hope because you know you could spend mortgage money in Walmart I’m just saying Steve look at this this
is where it’d be getting you first of all how cute it’s a shaker I want you
drink like that but how is it I want about it I kind of do on a mule all right
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which will be every day up to the day of Christmas and we don’t in this video
because I’m gonna check out this is not buying anything else I appreciate y’all
tea squad love y’all and I’ll continue to stick it out with me why I do this
weight loss and I’ll be back again with another video on my meal prep all right
T Squad out!