this song is good winning guys it is our voice is still it’s funny because you guys mentioned in my last vlog that it’s probably allergies and that’s probably what this is you guys I don’t think this is a cold I took a title sinus for cold so the fact that that didn’t even budge didn’t even work one bit anyways my eyes are killing so I’m switching to my sunglasses over here we are gonna be doing a grocery haul today we’re gonna go grocery shopping I know you guys love those but first I don’t have anything in my fridge you guys and I need breakfast I don’t have milk for my coffee and this is all my fault I was just being lazy yesterday and I didn’t feel well so I was like I’m not gonna get any of it so I didn’t get on the milk my coffee I don’t have any more turkey sausage I don’t have any bacon I ran out of my pancakes I hardly have any more syrup so I’m basically really really like empty in my fridge so I need something okay I need something so I just came up with this beautiful idea in my mind and like you know what maybe maybe because I have nothing to eat for breakfast I’m gonna have to go grab something for breakfast after so Finance just gonna get to it so we’re on our way to McDonald’s to get some ice on us breakfast and it’s so funny because in my last vlog you guys were mentioning how they have all-day breakfast there’s currently someone staring I mean like that’s the thing with car vlogging is you have to be prepared for people like staring at you but it is what it is you know it’s funny because vlogging I know this is like going off topic but vlogging has definitely forced me to be a lot more confident I know a lot of you guys think that I’m like just ultra ultra super confident but when it comes to like in public with my camera I mean at the end of the day people are always gonna be like what is she doing why is she recording on our camera you know and it’s it’s still a very fairly new concept to most people so I completely you know I get that when I first started you guys and people were staring at me I would stop recording and then I would wait until I was comfortable now it’s like you want to stare I can’t really help you out was I saying something before because I don’t know Jory brain like I’m just I’m very scatterbrained if you guys don’t know that I can like jump from one thing to the next we’ve got a lot of problems and let’s see how this iced coffee goes this time you guys like what was my last time what was that what was that I sipped it and I’m like where’s the coffee though like where is the coffee it was just bad I have a good feeling though that it’s going to be really really good today oh yes you guys were mentioning you’re like they do have all day breakfast stuff you’re so silly I’m like but not the burritos they don’t offer the burritos all day they only offer the sandwiches but it’s funny because I’m like kind of over the burritos right now so I kind of want the sandwich so that’s why a lot of you guys were saying I don’t know if it’s the same in the US but in Canada the burritos are not all day and that’s normally what I get from here so we are gonna go to the drive-thru in about like a minute or so I’m just waiting for the light to change and I’m going to bring you guys with me and see how this goes all right guys you ready this is just atrocious hi can I have these sausage and egg McMuffin combo please and vanilla iced coffee with milk please the ice coffees a medium yes that’s good that’s it thank you I had to make sure that iced coffee was the medium like who drinks a small coffee like if you’re a coffee drinker like to drink it up you know I like to get my money ready I don’t like when like thank you she was so sweet to me all right thank you thank you she was so cute too my father’s just come cute people ideas McDonald y’all cute did you all see that now this has coffee in it okay last one was milk y’all okay this I don’t know why I say y’all like I like was I supposed to be from the south I just I don’t understand okay listen here Seagal yeah no for sure yeah cross the road before him mm-hmm yet you have the right of way he’s just crossing the road like just so casually taking like a casual stroll living your best life siegy okay this is iced coffee this is cop bad that’s how you know you are like a psycho coffee obsessor oh that is hella sweet Oh how many pumps gel put that in there oh my god how many pumps did you guys put in there good god I’m just parking and I literally because I’m gonna go grocery shopping right after this I’m literally just gonna eat my food in the car I always feel so we’re doing that wrong and then when people like stare at you and you’re like like it’s just weird it’s just really weird okay that’s like really really stupid I think they put extra fat on there okay so the iced coffee is still not perfect this time but the color has improved it’s just stop it okay stuff like just grab the sandwich they did got our sandwich loves breakfast like please like just comment down below like everybody loves a good old you know what did I call this last time golden the golden potato that’s right okay I don’t like eating a lot of fried foods you guys I really don’t but you gotta make room for something you’re just – I’m actually gonna be shopping at forty nose today um I don’t think you guys have that in the u.s. obviously I think it’s Canadian but anyways I never go grocery shopping here I don’t know if they have like my own milk if I can’t find certain things that I’ll have to go to Sobeys and get like my almond milk and stuff like that because that’s where it is but we should be able to and I’m actually just kind of interested now to see what they kind of have so let’s go inside I wouldn’t by the way I didn’t make a list cuz I’m not all this maker I hate making lists you guys but we’ll follow our hearts we will figure this out they have the best bakery here I cannot see like we’re in the meets like what’s going on here be buff oh my god I didn’t stop to think that they may not have my turkey sausage which I don’t think they do they have the loose back bacon so I guess I’m gonna go with that this week okay here’s what we got so far you guys I got some chicken thighs chicken breasts I did get the back bacon and I’m getting these because I think I want to do like a pasta dish so these ones are actually less than 50 calories each and their pork so I think that’s all I really need from my meats let’s move on so in the bread aisle you guys I came across these president Troy’s PC pins I’m gonna get these because I have like a lunch idea for those and I’m getting these English muffins cinnamon raisin ones that I’m gonna try out these ones are 130 calories for each so we’re gonna try that out last time I got the Dempster’s bagels but I didn’t like how they didn’t like cut their bagels properly and I wanted something a little bit less so these ones are 130 so they’re gonna be perfect when I want like something sweet I have a thing for salads and all of these looks so good so once this one but I want with smaller version look at all the salads that they have okay this is al it’s a load bar oh my god this one it looks so good okay I might have to get one of these just to try them okay this Mexican one though Caesar this one looks good too I also got a pack of organic strawberries you guys because I’m really trying to have my fruit so the two sellers I’m going to try is the Southwest one and the Greek one of course I’m actually really interested in seeing what this one tastes like it just doesn’t have any chicken but I can always make my own yes they have my almond milk okay in November yeah we’ll take the November one thank goodness okay you guys suggested this one Buttermilk protein pancake mix okay okay okay half a cup is 200 calories shoot what’s the other one I can’t remember now it’s okay I’m gonna try up I’ve got some pineapple and then I got this mini fruit mix I tried to buy like fruit in the big bulk like the actual big pineapple but then I just end up wasting it got this a veggie ranch dip this was the lowest calorie one and ends up being like 30 calories per scoop or sorry per tablespoon I showed you guys that got some organic strawberries and then I’m gonna be making like a sausage cost an Italian sausage pasta so I got some organic um roasted garlic and herb pasta sauce and I think I’m gonna add a little bit of these kalamata olives inside of it as well okay I can’t even lie like porteños it’s late they have a pica section they have a pasta section they had sections everything their syrups so be is because I found most of what I needed to get here and a couple of new things actually I’m actually really excited to make that Italian sausage pasta I think it’s gonna be so good I thought about the idea last night but I kind of had it in my mind for a while but I’m glad that I found pork sausages obviously adding it the bigger ones because those can be like 300 calories per sausage so I didn’t want to do that so I’m gonna be making that I’m not sure if I’m gonna do that in a what I eat a day probably most likely I will but it’s gonna be so good I think I’m gonna make it like a little bit spicy I just need to go Sobeys to get some beef cutlets and I forgot to get spinach here someone have to get spinach there as well I found those pancakes that you guys recommended a lot of you guys are from the US that watch me so anytime you guys recommend me something I’m like oh can I get it in Canada because there’s a lot of things we don’t have here in Canada I don’t think a lot of you guys realized that but we don’t have like nearly as much as you guys do like I love all the stuff that you guys have but sometimes you can’t get it here I don’t know if it’s the same one that was that you guys were recommending from Costco but I think that one’s started with a k’ or something like that I think that calories might be similar I’m not too sure sometimes I want something sweet for breakfast I don’t want something like savory and salty I kind of like to change it up because I get really really bored so anyways we’re gonna go just so bees right now and get those two things I think those are the only things that I’m missing from this grocery trip okay do not tell me you don’t have baby footage they do but it’s the big one why live why are you here okay we’re just gonna pass by you here they are I’m gonna get three packs of these and then I might as well look at they have my turkey sausage Wow I think they turned their back on Lilydale and now they’re with Johnsonville okay wow this is real how can they turn their back on Lilydale just like that and now there was Johnsonville I just don’t understand like you can’t do things like that hello good are you the camera girl she’s back I know I think I’m going to snack on the fruit that I got the next one that I got it and I’m so excited for these salads I don’t know which one I’m gonna have but I think I’m actually I put some chicken in the pan right now that I am cooking up because I’m gonna add it either in the southwest fiesta or the Greek Mediterranean and I think tomorrow I’m gonna try for the first time my full app Jax I actually thought it was called flapjacks I think that’s what I called it but it’s actually called jack’d buttermilk poutine pancake and baking mix you guys I’m so excited for this you guys are in big trouble if this doesn’t taste good my water today has not even started I’m really gonna steal it silently okay 57 is one of us will get it in we will get the warrant see all I did was some paprika garlic powder onion powder salt and black pepper that’s basically it so I just like to cut it up into slices just like this obviously I’m not gonna use all of this inside of there I’m gonna put some of it inside of a little tiny and separate container and then I’m gonna keep it for the other sell it tomorrow I’m gonna go with the Southwest Fiesta I feel like having a Fiesta in my mouth today so I’m gonna have this one this dressing because I don’t know how many calories this dressing is I’m probably not gonna use all of it here’s another trick you guys can water down your dressings or what I like to do is add a little bit of apple cider vinegar these are so good for like on-the-go especially cuz I’m gonna be going out so I can actually mix this off so we’re gonna dump our little crispy treats inside of here you guys can actually break them up then you’re gonna put your corn you can put all of it another thing with these salads that’s really good is that you can put as much as you want – you don’t have to use how much they give you especially with the beans because beans are very high cow put that all in there and I am gonna put the beans because the beans are really good protein like let’s just get that all in there well black beans look at her chicken over top okay okay forget what this self what Fiesta baby apple cider vinegar inside of this sauce right now grab your fork okay without spilling the sauce you guys okay just over our top close it like this and we’re gonna shake we’re gonna shake up this Fiesta you have everything inside of here you have some veggies you have your dressing your beans your chicken this is good very very Mexican Oh what was that okay the thing with these salads is though they can get a little bit expensive I don’t really buy them all the time it’s for a convenience that’s why it is priced that way like let’s just be real it’s really nice and convenient for you to just kind of mix it up and me and look how quickly we does that I’m gonna eat up my salad and I am probably gonna go somewhere to go edit I hope you guys enjoy it make sure you guys give this video a big thumbs up and also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel let me know down below what you guys liked about this vlog and also other videos that you guys might like to see thank you guys so much for watching and I will see all of my beautiful babes in my next video