Wow, my hair is getting really light! We
are in Ottawa right now, and it is so pretty. And I always have said that I
hate the cold, but I actually really, really like this. Everything that could
have gone wrong with traveling went wrong pretty much. Like, my suitcase, which
didn’t have that much stuff in it but it had like my shampoo and conditioner and
like a bunch of other stuff— I didn’t realize until later that I actually had
also left my Invisalign in the bag, which doesn’t actually really matter to me I
mean like I want straight teeth but that doesn’t really matter. But more
importantly, I had my Birkenstocks, which I had bought like two weeks before and… *sigh*
they were just so comfortable, and I loved wearing them with socks, which some
of you might frown upon but I don’t care cuz it’s comfortable. Okay back to the
video. My suitcase, which didn’t have that much stuff in it, apparently was never
put on the airplane, and it’s still sitting at Dulles. So I’m wearing the
same clothes that I wore on the plane yesterday and we’re gonna have to go
shopping this morning so that I have something to wear to the wedding because
I’m not wearing this to the wedding. Ugh look at this! This looks so good. I have some raspberry mint kombucha,
sunny-side up eggs, and a fruit salad. *giggling* Is this gonna work? aww yes Sorry, this lighting is just really good. So we just had
breakfast I filmed it, so hopefully you saw that. It was so good. The kombucha was
like a little bit off I don’t know just not… [I] feel like I’m very particular
because the first kombucha I had was GT’s I think that’s how you say it. Or like GTS? I don’t know. but that one’s like by far
the best and now I’m like I don’t really like anything that doesn’t taste quite
as good as that um anyway so yeah we’re gonna go shopping we’re probably gonna
go to anthropology don’t really know where else we might go and then we’re
gonna have some lunch in town and the wedding reception is at 4 p.m. I believe
I’m not there I don’t know if it’s the wedding reception but the wedding is at
4 p.m. so we don’t have like that much time before we have to go there but yeah
that’s our plans for the day let me do a new father’s uber oh my
they were like No she told me that she loved me by the
water fountain she told me that she loved me and she didn’t love him and
that was really lovely cuz it was innocent because it’s so far north
I said yeah me here is done now I just need to put on my clothes my
bed is a mess and put on makeup before getting dressed Oh doing that I’m so
exciting I feel like a real adult this is I think the sleeves are a little bit
loose but you know that’s okay this is an entirely new outfit I literally
because I lost my suitcase I had to get so much new stuff this lighting isn’t
the best that’s okay you can see I have it in a clip the back half up and then I
pulled these little pieces out and then I have this sweater and these pants from
Anthropologie sorry and then I have these boots from Steve Madden I’m very
excited our ropes that have to be they can’t really joining me on my way into your probably
like 10:30 but we just got back from the wedding my hair is acting weird but
that’s okay it was amazing it was a really good ceremony and I had never
actually so it was a family friend who got married and I had never actually met
her fiance but he is a very very nice guy I mean I only got to talk with him
for a few minutes but I’m really really happy for her so yeah it was it was
great and we have to leave at 7:15 tomorrow morning but I’m not tired
because there was an entire instead of a wedding cake they had an entire dessert
table and I had so much food there were vegan doughnuts I like to eat vegan
whenever I can and I had one of those and that was really good and I also had
they gave like chocolate truffles to everyone just I don’t even know like
like a small gift and I had all of them yeah so I’m very full and very content I
didn’t make an outro and I just wanted to say thank you so much for watching I
had a really good time filming in Canada and I thought it was really enjoyable so
enjoy these pictures of me attempting to model slash show off my outfit after
nathan james jumping on the trampoline kidding me
I never learn just no big