Hello everyone it’s Soojung! Vlogs that I’m filiming here are meant for Koreans to learn, so I decided that I will be speaking in Korean! I always forget to do the intros… I was editing and realized…so I’m doing a VERY last-minute intro right now… This vlog is going to be about common shopping malls in America It’s called Irvine Spectrum Honestly…there’s not much you can do in Irvine it’s a pretty boring and safe city the best thing you can do is maybe go to the beach or go shopping with friends? So the most common way my friends and I hangout is by going to shopping malls like this. We usually shop, watch a movie, and maybe grab a meal Most American shopping malls are outdoors, unless it’s an outlet or department store. In the case of Irvine Spectrum, there’s even a ferris wheel and in most shopping malls, there’s always a theater there are SO many shops and places to eat If any of you visit Irvine, this is a MUST go place!! Besides Irvine Spectrum, there’s Fashion Island about 10 minutes away and South Coast Plaza about 30 minutes away. Fashion Island (in Newport Beach) is like Irvine Spectrum it’s also outdoors, and kind of free? South Coast Plaza is series of department stores It’s super big, but there aren’t a lot of people and it’s really just expensive brands…(Gucci, LV) So it’s not practical for me to go with my friends, but once in a while, maybe on your birthday, if you want to empty your bank account, there’s your place(: hopefully when I have time, I’ll film a tour of one of those places too! …if people like this video haha alright then, let’s go see what Irvine Spectrum looks like! There are outdoors and indoors parking lots, and there is no parking fee! (unless you’re doing valet) my mom and her mushroom hat…hehe FAVORITE STORE