It’s incredible. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. It’s unbelievable – I don’t even know how to describe it. In that room it didn’t happen immediately. Woah. Do you feel that? There was a strong, strong cold of air that hit the back of my hand. Like a wind. And that’s off. Is that an intake or an output? I don’t like this at all. I don’t like this at all. Everybody loves a good ghost story, but did you know that there’s a place in Las Vegas where you can actually be part of one? I’m here outside of Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum where it’s said that the artifacts inside are vessels for contacting spirits. But to be honest, I’m a bit skeptical of this place truly being haunted. And that’s why I’m here today – to find out if the paranormal actually exists. I’m Roberto Raad and guess what Vegas? We’re gonna go inside and find out the mystery of the paranormal. If it exists. Let’s go! Do we go Somebody take this please How’s it going? Well. Good. So, that was a very awkward introduction. Welcome – thank you – to Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum. Yes. Every item within this museum, while not necessarily haunted, is unique. This is a lifetime of collection that you’re seeing before you. Zak has spent his entire life bringing all these pieces together in what he calls his nuclear reactor of spiritual activity. Okay so uh what do I need to know anything before I walkthrough or what’s the uh… Be open to experiences. Okay. Keep yourself ready and focused. Okay. Be respectful of the objects. Yes of course I’m very respectful. And enjoy your experience. No touching anything right? Not advisable. No touching no touching okay. Alright. Excellent. Cool yeah. I’ll show you a special room. This is a Zak only area. It just started doing this – Are you being serious – It just started doing this I don’t know what’s going on we turn on and now it’s just flickering. That’s not cool at all. Yeah. I’m done I’m so done. – But see as soon as you leave light came back on. – Okay, okay that’s – I don’t even. We haven’t even started yet. – Oh we’ve started. The house knows we’ve started. Holy cow Bela Lugosi. Bela Lugosi’s haunted mirror. You of course are familiar with Bela Lugosi. Of course, famous for playing Dracula. Well, Bela was into the occult and he used to scry with that mirror which means using it to call upon the forces that lie beyond. Are you ready to gaze into the haunted mirror – I’m going to gaze into this mirror? You may. The word scry – I scry all the time but without the s. Okay. I mean is it supposed to be this dark? It feels like there’s kind of like a dark. Okay I actually don’t – I actually feel, all joking aside, I feel a little light-headed and I – that’s messed up. Alright I’m out of this room right now. I didn’t think coming in today that I would actually get affected. I thought I would actually have to sort of ham it up. or make things up – I actually felt light headed.
I’m not even I’m not even joking and it’s actually legitimately tripping me
out right now and I’m like I’m not actually comfortable about it. We still have a bunch more stuff to shoot. I’m just gonna stand up. Alright. You doing okay? – Yeah I’m good, I’m good. This is Zak’s seance area. Wow. We’ve arrived in the antechamber of the
Dybbuk box. What lies just beyond this door is arguably the most haunted object in the entire world. The Dybbuk box? – The story goes that the Dybbuk box, which is an old Jewish wine cabinet, was used in a ritual to seal inside of it a demon or a keselim or Dybbuk. It has passed through several hands – every one of those hands has been touched in some haunted way. Okay. – So if you’re ready we can go inside. –
Are you ready? May I have the – Are you ready? Are YOU ready? This is – okay – this is really bright. Oh wow this is uh – you’re not joking about this. Okay. Okay this is a very unsettling room. Okay uh so – what is this this is uh Kosher salt and a ring of sage. – Sage okay so why the sage? – In an effort to contain the Dybbuk itself. Wow. – The spirit that is contained/trapped inside. Wow. This is the offering box for the Dybbuk room. If guests feel the desire to do so they may leave something of value – can be a piece of money, it can
be a piece of hair. – A hair? No no no don’t ever touch the actual hair – I’m sorry Grab my eyebrow or something. Okay that really hurt. Don’t lose it. Is that too much? – So you’ve got half of your hair – oh my god – no you’re good. What did you do to my – you sure that’s okay? That’s good. Okay. – A good significant donation there. Clearly you value that eyebrow. Okay. I’m getting bad vibes but mostly from Caitlyn tweezing the hell out of my eyebrow. So, I’m here with Zak Bagans here of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. Now I just want it before we go into this amazing room which I’m very, very, very,
excited about and also kind of freaked out. I want to tell you a little bit
about a couple of my experiences today. In the Bela Lugosi mirror, I looked in it
I actually felt light-headed and a real tightness in my chest – yeah – and I
actually had to walk away How long did you look into it for? – A good
amount of time like I actually felt a real light-headedness – Cause I’ve seen a man
look into that mirror and literally collapse unconscious and hit his head on
the wooden floor and then when he collapsed unconscious his girlfriend had
a huge red – wasn’t a scratch – it was like a huge red mark on her neck and my camera guy received multiple scratches going down his neck and down his back and that to me is incredible. – That’s insane. But I’ve seen too many people like you that are skeptics or whatever and we all we all need to see it we all want to
experience it to believe it. I have to tell you what it does to the living – okay – for liability reasons and you have to understand it before going in – okay and we’re talking about Peggy here. – We’re talking about Peggy the doll – okay.
This doll had a lot of claims to it that I didn’t believe in. – right. – Okay oh, dolls online and you just look at the video and you have a heart attack – right –
I mean what kind of – YouTube videos that was – yeah well what is this all about – yeah. – So I flew her here. We interviewed her here, and I interviewed the woman who suffered a very real heart attack within seconds of looking at Peggy in the eye and we’ve had nosebleeds in here all kinds of weird phenomena but this kind of stuff I do have to tell you what you’re walking
into because if you do have an underlying heart condition or something
and I didn’t tell you this then that’s not then that’s not good. That’s – actually I’m a little nervous about going in there because the second thing that I
that I haven’t told you yet is when we came in out of that room and this didn’t
happen immediately but Woah Did you feel that? That air vent’s off Was that a wave of air? – No it was a strong, strong cold of air that hit the back of my hand. Like a wind. And I just checked
this air vent and that’s off. Is that an intake or an output? – I don’t like this at all. I don’t like this at all. No, that was cool. That was really cool. There was just a strong gust of wind. Like ice cold wind and now I’m all chilled up. Just keep your hand down there for a second. Just wanna see if you’re feeling what I’m feeling. – Well I do feel a gust. – Yeah but ice cold – yeah. Do you feel that? Like you’re sticking your hand into a freezer but it’s moving from here to here. Sorry to interrupt the – oh no no
no I’m actually feeling it I definitely feel something here. Yeah I don’t know. It was weird. I just – whenever anything happens I gotta
stop and like – I just want somebody else to experience. – Okay it’s
time for Peggy. I’m not gonna lie I’m kind of- Are you sure you’re good? – I’m good, I’m good. – You ready? – I guess. And it’s up to you whether you want to look at her in her eyes or not because that seems to be the trigger. …is to look her directly in the eyes. Okay. Are we ready to go? Hi Peggy. – Hi Peggy. – Peggy I’m gonna bring
in some some crews here – they have cameras They have video cameras – where’s uh, where’s Rose? Just seems like your crew doesn’t want
to come in. Peggy I’m gonna introduce you to a friend – Okay. – Why don’t you come up here. – Okay. In the gate. – Now I’m absolutely terrified. –
And look because you’ve already been around the Dybbuk box, – Right. – because
you’ve already looked into the mirror, Yeah. – I think that you should stand
directly in front of her and look at her in the eyes and I’m not – [laughing] – Listen! Since you’ve
already done the other two and I don’t ever let people back into this close
proximity of her. – Yeah, okay. But – Let’s go. – if you do that I kind of
want you to do it by yourself. – “By myself” by myself? Staring at her. – Okay. – Do you want to
do that? – Let’s do it. – But will you stare at her for a little while? – Yeah. – I don’t want
to tell you to do that, do you want to? I want to.
Here we go. Okay. – You good? – Yep. Ha… actually I feel really
sad all of a sudden I don’t know… Feel what? Feel really sad. Sad? Yeah, it was feeling very
hot and I… You know, I tried to open my heart and and look directly into her and at first I was it’s like okay this is this is this is this is bull and I’m
looking and now I’m… [laughing] You okay? You’re alright? Yeah, I’m fine. I’m… I’m actually feel really really warm. Like extremely
hot and ah yeah… What are you feeling? Like what is… I just feel like almost like a hot flash and that’s
kind of confused me for a moment, and I started to I just start feeling
very warm all of a sudden. Yeah, your eyes were like really big. When you came out you were like this. Yeah, and, and all like, like a wave
just hit me of just sadness. You see any flash images, or did you have any visions
of anything at all when you were looking into her, or was it just sadness? – No it was just,
it was a sadness and, and the the, and the and the warmth. The was warmth- Was this weird for
you? – This is… this is extremely weird for me.
This is beyond weird for me. I looked at it and I… I was like okay. I was like I don’t
want to get any heart things, I’m not gonna get a heart thing and then that
sort of went away. It’s weird how you got the sadness. Like you were even teary-eyed when you came out here. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, that was… that was real. That was, that was like instant sadness out of
nowhere. To me the most rewarding part about this museum is seeing things like
this. Is seeing people that I’ve really never met before, but I know your
thoughts on the paranormal, I know you’re skeptical, but to observe your reactions
to them and that to me is the most fascinating part about the Haunted
Museum and all these artifacts. Yeah. Peggy! Let’s just close this. – Yeah, can we just close- It’s kind of like closing a Ouija board session. Do I have to say thank you to her, or something? Or- That’s something that you do by yourself. – Okay. and if you will go in there and ensure
the experience and ask her to please stay here – okay. – and you respect that
experience. – Okay. Uh, Peggy, please stay here. I just want to say thank you and I’m not
looking you in the eyes anymore. And wish you absolutely the best. Thank you so much. Bye Peggy, thank you.