Exchange year in Lapland. VLOG 23: Welcoming Christmas Series is executed in commercial cooperation with Other commercial partners of the year Los Fernández -our family Good first advent Welcome to begin the Christmas season with our family here in Sodankylä We are definitely Christmas lovers I love the Christmas season and being here in Lapland makes it even more special So no wonder we have had Christmas lights in our house already since October In this video we shall also join the Christmas opening festivities in Sodankylä To the parish as they say here Although not to church but to the village centre. We had some misunderstandings here at first with the words An elderly man would ask me if I go to parish often and first I thought it meant church but later found out it actually means the village centre here. We will of course make a video of our Christmas also We will have our Spanish family joining us for Christmas Papa´s brother and his family are coming you may have seen them in our videos from Spain (the link above) In addtition my sister is coming with her family and my father The reindeer are right behind our window Mutu is not welcoming them here Are reindeer a bit too much for you Mutu? Let´s go to the other window They are headed Tarmo´s way One of them has antlers, I thought they would have dropped by now. No, the females drop them in Spring If anyone is wondering whether we are still interested in reindeer I think the answer is clear, right Ronsu? Well duh, no Well, I think otherwise. Everytime I see them it is equally incredible Somehow they move in periods. Sometimes you don´t see any in a long time and other times they appear daily I decided to create a Christmas table where I put all our Christmas calendars This year we have quite many A bit too many if you ask me but we received some as gifts and children got to choose their own chocolate calendars themselves This one is from our grandma It was bought from a Kindergarten Museum. It has a story on the other side This is a crafty calendar Every time you open a door, you may also cut a matching picture from the side and hang it as a decoration So it is an activating calendar I believe Lucia likes this Then we have the Scout calendar which is definitely one of the most important calendars from my childhood I never had a chocolate calendar Not sure if there were any in the 80´s But we always had a scout calendar and having been a scout myself I also sold them many times myself Ronja was also a scout last year and sold them then but she didn´t continue the hobby here in Lapland We might return to the hobby later, especially if we decide to stay here for longer. We still wanted support the local scouts by buying the calendar This is the one I want to see every morning. So this is the family calendar table Next I will show you girls´ own Christmas calendar heaven We are here to buy Christmas calendars to girls. They both can choose one I chose this one This is what is has inside I chose this Oreo calendar You get one of these, eight of these twelve of these and three of these all together they make twentyfour There is an article about our family in this new magazine called “Wonderful Christmas These pictures are from last year There is Ronsu decorating the tree last year There is Santa Claus himself If you are interested in reading about our Christmas plans this year Lapland, you´ll find it here Before heading to the Christmas Opening in Sodankylä I wish to take you skiing with me. Usually I go skiing every morning here Today I decided to go later just to be able to take you with me I needed to wait for daylight and there is none until about 10 a.m. and the sun goes down already at 2 p.m. We are going to buy these Sodankylä has it´s own present tree for the families less fortunate and we have picked two name tags from it First one is a 6 year old girl who wishes for Barbies or Petz toys and the second one is a 9 year old girl without any specific wish You and Lucia get to choose presents for them. Maybe some school supplies? A pencil case and some pencils maybe. We are now arriving to Sodankylä City I find it quite incredible to have a toy store in a place this small There are only 8444 people living in Sodankylä And this is not a small shop Ok now, Lucia We have two wishes here from the present tree. You can choose something for a girl your own age You can choose a Barbie How about the one with the rainbow t-shirt Or this, I love the dress I want this. Show me please How much is this? Sixteen. We can take that. I would want to have one myself. Well then it should be good So this is not just a toy store but also a shop for electrical supplies You can find almost anything here Lucia, weren´t there quite many things here you also wanted to have? Yes. At least a LOL ball. What? A LOL ball LOL ball, I don´t even know what that is We are now in Sodankylä centre or in parish as they say There is a roundabout over there and the main road on the other side What was it called… Here we have a local clothing store Simonen with a wide selection of clothes The Christmas opening will be held in front of the shop People don´t usually use sleighs to move around. They have cars Next we are going to Lahjakontti Sinikka gift shop They sell both gifts and fabrics We shall buy a Christmas table cloth for us Mom, come see my jewel is here Your jewel is there? Oh that is the one Grandpa bought you for your birthday Just tell them honey all the crafts you make at home and I´m sure they can help you to find what you need So you need something softer…. I want a red one and a white one And a pink one There you go. And orange. I think orange is nice It is nice. Papa´s favourite colour That is for our table. A Christmas pillow. I love that one I was thinking about that fabric first for the table cloth But there are so many children coming that I chose a darker fabric because the white one would look dirty after one evening Hopefully the darker one would last for a few evenings in row They are also serving rice porridge here Is it good? Yes, it is super tasty. You should get some also Papa Where are our children? What are you going to do? To see Santa Claus Do you have any wishes? A sofa for Barbies And a small backbag I am asking for a pencil case and some Petz toys What shall we do now? We haven´t written a letter. Do you think he will remember your wishes? Let´s tell him! Yes, let´s tell him. Maybe he will remember This is the highlight of the evening. We are meeting Santa Claus Santa Claus, what would you like to say to all the children in Finland? This season is very busy for us. Most of the year is behind us and this is the so called kindness period when everyone is trying to behave their best So very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Do you remember your wishes now? I am hoping for a sofa for my Barbies and a small backbag I am hoping for Petz toys and a small backbag and a pencil case I am hoping for a sewing machine and a horse Here we have local scouts selling waffles Papa and I already got some of course. What is your local scout group called? “Lapin kiehiset ja kivekkäät” So this was the Christmas Opening in Sodankylä This was a very nice happening and cozy But my fingers a freezing I need new warm “social media” gloves I need to use my phone for pictures and to operate my video camera and it is just too cold without gloves Papa went to a Christmas party I have been invited to reindeer herders Christmas party tomorrow. I wonder if it is more of a threat or a possibility, haha What do you think? I wont go there Well, you´re not even invited. Papa has a Christmas party at his workplace and we are going home This week I was given a special assignment Because of the mail workers strike during the last few weeks no one has received the local newspapers in Vuojärvi So all 29 tiny villages around Sodankylä have asked the local people to help them to deliver the papers In Vuojärvi they decided to ask me to deliver the paper The papers should be over there waiting for us so Lucia and I can start delivering them What do you have in there? I am going to put on some Christmas lights We are doing all the decorating now Look at this Maybe you should put them around the picture frames Now we are officially starting the Christmas season by hanging a Christmas wreath on our door This is exactly the kind of wreath I always dreamed of We visited our friends´Christmas sale this week This is handmade I bought this perfect Christmas wreath from there This is the first Christmas ever we spend in our home And we have the most wonderful home here for it So let´s hang the wreath and begin the season I wish a beautiful and peaceful Christmas season to you all. Thank you for watching. Give us a like if you liked this See you again in our next video