hey guys welcome back if you’re new here
my name is Smitha welcome to my channel let’s get down to basics today you may
have the best makeup on but when you take those pictures with flash hmm not
so good I’m going to divide my face on one side we’ll do everything that you
need to do to avoid flash back and on the other side will do everything to
attract flash back and we’ll take a picture and I’ll show you the difference
so you can avoid flashbacks too if you’re ready let’s begin but before we
do anything to our face let’s go ahead and use a primer I’m using this new one
from Revlon it’s the photo ready prime plus I’m just going to apply a thin
layer all over my face and neck tip number one if you have uneven skin
tone or visible dark circles like me first try to color correct
please remember that most of the uneven skin tone that you see on your face has
a blue undertone so if you don’t color correct and apply a foundation or
concealer directly over that it’s going to mix with that undertone and give you
that ashy look so when there’s flash photography the colors look quite
different in areas where you haven’t color corrected giving you that
flashback instead if you color correct just like I did on one side it’s going
to cancel out that blue undertone so it’s going to even out your skin tone so
no matter what you apply over it you’re not going to get that ashy look or
flashbacks I’m going to very lightly set this with
a loose powder before I apply the foundation to avoid it from mixing with
the foundation you’ll find information on every product that I’m using in the
description box right below this video on the other side we are not going to
use any color corrector but we will go with the foundation directly that brings
us to tip number two avoid foundations with an SPF yes you heard me say it
I love foundations with SPF but just for the daytime definitely not when there’s
flash photography because that is going to give you flashbacks the foundation
that I use every single day L’Oreal fresh wear has an SPF so it has built-in
sunscreen I’m going to use it on the don’t side so let’s go ahead and apply
it and just to clarify some of the products that I’m using on the bad side
as some of my favorite products that I use on a daily basis but only during the
daytime if there’s flash photography I try to avoid them on the good side I’m going to be using
this foundation from amazing cosmetics this does not have a built-in SPF make
sure to bring your foundation down to your neck as well because you want an
even skin tone on your face and neck otherwise with flash photography your
face is going to look different than your neck again giving your flashbacks
as we all know flash photography’s are generally in the evenings and late in
the evenings when the sun rays are not that harsh so I would personally avoid
foundations with a built-in SPF but if you’re a firm believer like me that you
definitely need sunscreen whether there’s Sun or no Sun you just have that habit
of going out with a sunscreen apply a light layer on your skin directly and
then apply the foundation sometimes even that can give you flashbacks so you have
to really experiment with your skin and with different sunscreens to see if that
helps and always remember to use a foundation that is an exact match of
your skin tone if you go any lighter again with flash photography your face
is going to look ghostly and yeah you’re going to get those flashbacks and that
brings us to tip number 3 use a concealer that is a good match to your
skin tone don’t go lighter I’m going to demonstrate this with my favorite
concealer Milani and on the good side I’m going to be using my exact skin tone
shade which is 145 and on the bad side I’m going to go lighter with the shade
135 let’s start with the bad side first so I’m going to be using the lighter
shade of concealer so I’m going to be using it in the usual areas mostly in
the high points of my face and also to spot correct and on the good side I’m going to be
using the shade 145 again applying it in the usual places and I’ll blend it out
with a damp sponge and before it starts to crease I’m
going to set my face with some powder that brings us to tip number four avoid
using powders that are absolutely white because white attracts & reflects light giving you flashbacks instead use powders with a bit of tint to it with that make sure
you also avoid baking if you don’t want flashbacks baking is a process where you
leave the powder on your skin for a longer time just so it can mix with the
foundation and concealer and give you that flawless look it does give you a
flawless look but it can be very drying and can also give you flashbacks so on
the bad side we are using the lighter powder we’ll just let it sit there
because we want to show you how it looks when it bakes now for the good side
let’s use the powder with a little bit of tint to it and we will not let it sit and bake we will immediately blend it out most HD
powders and loose powders have silica in it it’s not the same as silicone primers
don’t get confused with that this is a completely different element so silica
is the one that causes the flashback because it has a little bit of shine to
it so basically we need loose powders to set our concealers otherwise it’s going
to crease so instead of using something that’s absolutely white/ light color try
to use something that has a tint that way it’s not attracting too much light
and will not give you those flashbacks now that we’ve let the powder sit and
bake for some time let’s go ahead and dust it out if you cannot find loose
powders with a tint you can also use pressed powders but just remember pressed powders can be a little bit more thicker they can give you extra coverage but at
the same time they can be very drying you can kind of already see that on the
bad side it’s already reflecting some light in areas where I used the concealer
and the powder and you can only imagine when I use flash what will happen now
for tip number 5 when you use dimension when you apply contours or highlighters
try to keep it very subtle don’t make it too harsh and make sure you blend
really well let’s start with the bad side I’m going to start powder
contouring and I’m going to keep it really strong and on the good side we
will use the same contour powder but we will just add enough that it can give us
that dimension and depth but it’s not harsh I’m also going to make sure that
it’s well blended into the other skin tone on my face I’m using the Tati
Beauty Blendiful you can use a powder puff blendiful brush whatever you have
and I’m going to make sure everything is well blended and that way you still have
that depth and dimension but it’s not harsh the same thing goes with any color
that you use on your face whether it’s a blush highlighter what-have-you make
sure it’s subtle and it’s well blended into your skin now I’m going to finish
up my brows apply a lipstick and I’ll be right back if you would generally look
at me like this in daylight you might not find too much of a difference on
both sides but let’s go ahead and take a picture with flash and see what happens
and here it is you can clearly see the difference on both sides one side
everything that we shouldn’t be doing that gave you a flashback and the other
side which is the good side where we did everything right I hope you found this
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