Hey it’s Jimmy! Today we are together for a new video. And today we will see a rather special video, we will redo a presentation, a presentation of the Inspired Flow 20″. Many of you appreciate the presentation of the Flow 24. Today we will see the model for kids or for people up to 1m55 – 1m60. we will do a bike-check of this bike we will see what are his good points and his bad points we will see a bit of riding with Yuki Kishi and Matty Turner two riders who send huge stuffs with this bike ! Let’s go ! So for this presentation, I have the chance to have a brand new bike with me! It is loaned by the website GameofBike.fr You can discover the shop right here. The link is in the description! We will now see a bike-check We’ll see how this bike is equipped, his strengths, his weaknesses! Let’s go ! So how this Flow 20 is equipped ? It has an aluminum frame, a fork aluminum. The set is very lightweight. It has a very nice finish, the welds are high-end. This bike is built to last, to evolve ! You could change components on your convenience or keep it stock. The chain tension is made by horizontal dropouts. You have 2 small screws to tighten. This will move your wheel back and tighten the chain. It’s simple and effective and it works ! For the wheels, there is a super strong set we have trial-tech hubs and Inspired reinforced rims The set is mounted on Kenda tires to have a good grip in any situation. The driving is adapted for the short rider. it was a fairly short stem to fit their size and wide handlebars for maximum stability! For transmission, we have a Trialtech crankset with a bashring, a ring of 22 teeth. All is super strong to be able to absorb shocks We also have plastic pedals. As for the 24-inch model, we regret a little plastic pedals, because they don’t have so much grip in wet condition The chain is a reinforced, it ‘s super strong and the set is mounted in single speed so there is only one speed. At the saddle, you will have a plastic saddle, super light but not very comfortable But hey, it is for street trials, you will not have much need of the saddle. If you are in the saddle, it means that you do not ride, so you do not progress, so… do not use the saddle! At the brakes, you have 3 different variants the first is with rim brakes with Vbrakes. the second is the mechanical disc brakes and the third is the brake hydraulic disc. I definitely recommend the version with disc brakes Braking will be better, You will be a better bite. It will be much easier to remove the wheel for example, to put the bike in the car or disassemble the wheel after a puncture, the setting will be easier than with rim brakes. The mechanical disc brakes is Avid BB5 160mm super efficient ! The hydraulic version is Magura MT2, also 160mm. The advantage of these brakes is that you can adjust the guard lever This means that for small hands, for the youngest, you can have the lever near the handle and it can be useful sometimes! In terms of weight, the bike is 10.5 kg which is much lighter than a conventional bike This lightness will serve you to have more maniability and easier to handle the bike So who is this bike designed for? It is designed for young riders Below 13-14 years old Measuring between 1m15 and 1m55-60 You can adjust the position via spacers under the stem to have a slightly higher or slightly lower position. Anyway if you made any 1m60 battery go for the 24-inch model, You can adjust the position and you will be more comfortable in crossing. While the riding level, what does it give? I found you a little video of Yuki Kishi a Japanese who sends heavy stuff with this bike and Matty Turner drove it a few times with this bike The bikes riding in the video are the old models They only had the opportunity to have rim rear brakes The current version can have a disc brake on rear. So in terms of geometry, we see that it is super effective for tricks As can be seen with footjamwhip, backflip, wallride … It is also effective for crossings you can make bunny hop, you will be comfortable on the rear wheel or front wheel You can really make a wide range of tricks and roll like a 24-inch You will progress quickly with this Flow 20 inch. So what are the positives and negatives things of this bike? So for the positives, you have an easy access geometry suitable for younger and for people shorter than 1m60. You will have a solid bike, reliable with tried and tested components and finally you will have a very lightweight bike that will help you progress very quickly. On the negative side, you have plastic pedals not so effective in wet conditions but this can be changed very quickly. And finally you will have a not very comfortable saddle Anyway, as we said previously if you use the saddle, is that you do not ride … and it’s not good ! That’s it ! I hope you enjoyed this presentation ! If you are interested in this bike, I puts you the direct link to the page on gameofbike.fr in the description. There will also be a promotional code with this video The code will be: JIMMYFLOW20 It appears right here. It will give you 5% discount on the bike It will give you an even more affordable bike! I hope you enjoyed this video Do not hesitate to put a like if you liked it and subscribe to the channel and see you soon for the next video! Bye !