‘Hi, guys!
This is Bumchick Babloo!’ Excuse me!
Anyone here? How may I help you?
– I need chicken. Half a kilo or one kilo?
– Hold on. Mom, half a kilo or one kilo?
One kilo? Make it one kilo. You want it with or without skin?
– Hold on. Mom, with or without skin? Without skin?
Make it without skin. You want the size of the pieces to be large or small?
– Mom, wait! Should the pieces be small or large? The pieces should be small.
– Do I chop the leg part? Mom, should he chop the leg part?
Yes, you may chop the leg part. Shall I throw in bits of liver aswell?
– I like liver. So, yeah, throw in some liver. Is the chicken for curry or for biryani? Mom, this is why I said I won’t buy chicken.
Look how many questions he is asking me! Why are you getting so worked up, kiddo?
Take it easy. How much does 1 kilo of chicken cost?
– Rs. 200. But the newspapers say it costs only Rs. 190.
– The other day, the newspaper said a kilo costs Rs. 250. Yet, I sold chicken for only Rs. 200.
We don’t follow the paper prices here. I travelled 10kms to save Rs. 10.
Now, you say a kilo costs Rs. 200? Rs. 200 it is. Take it or leave it.
– Whatever! How many free eggs would I get? Why would you get any free eggs?
– I usually get 6 free eggs for a kilo of chicken. I was expecting atleast a dozen free eggs from you.
– If you’re getting free eggs, consider that chicken rotten. Here, I only sell the best quality chicken.
– I shouldn’t have even come here. Who asked you to?
– Fine. Give me a kilo of chicken. Are you sure this scale
hasn’t been tampered with? My business runs on trust.
If you don’t trust me go somewhere else. Alright. Atleast give me some free liver
for I travelled 10kms to come here. If you want liver, you’ve to pay for it.
– Whatever! Hurry up! What a pain this guy is! How much does 1 kilo of chicken cost?
– Rs. 200. Rs 200? Can I not get it for Rs. 100?
– You’ll get half a kilo for Rs. 100. We’re only 4 of us. So a quarter of a kilo would do.
– No, it won’t. – Yes, it will. Don’t throw the neck bit away!
– Why not? – My husband loves the neck bit! Don’t throw the feet away!
– Why not? – My daughter loves soup made of feet. Don’t peel off the skin.
– Why not? Skin tastes so good.
I like it. Don’t throw that bit away.
Don’t throw that bit either. Ma’am, give it some rest.
– Put that bit back. Yes, that one. Alright!
– Put that bit back too. Such customization
for quarter of a kilo chicken? Excuse me. I need some chicken.
– How much chicken? – Half a kilo. Wait! Won’t you put your gloves on?
At least wash your hands if you got no gloves. Look how black those knives are.
Do you even wash them? Of course, I wash the knives.
– I don’t believe you. Wash them now. Are you sure that is mineral water? Wait! Look how dirty
that block is. Wash that too. ‘I guess he’ll next ask me
to take a bath.’ I always clean the block. How much chicken do you want?
– Half a kilo. Did you atleast wash the chicken?
– Of course, I did. There is no AC in here.
So, I doubt if that chicken is any fresh. Chicken stored in an AC costs Rs. 400.
You want that? Non-AC chicken is fine. Could you wash that carry bag?
– Nobody washes the carry bags. But..
Alright. Can I get an extra carry bag?
– No, you can’t. You’ll only get one carry bag. What a disgusting creep! Pack me chicken worth Rs. 100. You expect me to find change for a Rs. 2000 bill?
– Come on! You sure will have a lot of change. Alright. Wait here. I’ll go get change for the Rs. 2000 bill.
– Sure. How may I help you?
– I placed an order for Rs. 100 already. You already placed an order? With whom?
– I placed my order with your son. My son? I’m not even married.
– I even gave that guy a Rs. 2000 bill. That’s your problem then! Go find him!
– You owe me Rs. 2000. This is not fair! Get lost! Four to five full birds have gone missing.
Even my phone has gone missing! I even lost my money!
What is happening here? Excuse me, sir.
– Yeah? – One kilo of chicken, please. Do you want the sizes to be small or large?
– Small would do. Bro, the chicken lorry is here.
– Coming! Could you do me a favor? The chicken lorry is here. I’ve to attend to it.
Could you manage the shop until then? I don’t know..
– I’ll be back in a jiffy. – Alright. I hope no one is looking. Let me give it a try. Knives!
These are so cool. I got to turn on
my butcher’s mode. Audience got a doubt. You aren’t trained
to chop a chicken. How did you manage to do it? We all got access to movies.