Hello everyone, and welcome to our: How-To
training videos! Today, I’m going to present you: “How to Sign Up or Register a
New Store.” After completing this training you will have 2 things: 1) your own
empty store, ready to be populated with products (please see another training
video on how to build your store) and 2) your unique STORE CODE made of 6
letters, which will allow you and your clients to connect to your store. Before
we start, it is assumed that you have already an iPad and have already
downloaded and installed our “Shop” mobile application from the Apple App Store
using the QR code provided on our website. Please have in mind that the
Shop app running on your iPad will be your store “Control Center” where you will
manage your store, your products, your promotions, your orders, your clients, your
deliveries, etc. Now that you have installed this Shop app on your iPad,
please open the app by tapping on its icon. You will see a pop-up message
asking you to accept Notifications. Please tap on the “Allow” button. It is
important that you accept notifications so you can be immediately informed when
a new client signs up with your store or when you receive a new order. Now you
should see a NEW STORE SIGN-UP screen with a green background. Fill up the
displayed form, providing the following information: your store name… a contact name… your email address, which will be also
your username when logging into your store… re-enter your email address to make sure
there is no typo and both match… create a password made of at least 8
characters, the one I am creating here is a very bad one, as very easy to guess, but
it’s only for this training!… Re-enter the same password. Please remember your
password, as you will need it to log into your store… In the next field, provide
your store street address… you can continue the store address using
the next field with an information such as a suite number, or a unit number, etc… enter the city… the state with two letters… your zip code…
and finally, your phone number so your clients can reach you… once the form is complete you should tap
on the REGISTER NEW STORE button. A detailed popup message is now displayed
informing you on how to continue the sign-up process, as it will need to verify
that the email address belongs to you. First, you will receive an email from
OmtrekSoft (you should also check your junk box). You will need to open that
email, using either your smartphone, or your computer, but please proceed as
you are used to, and open that email… That email contains a link and also your
STORE CODE made of 6 letters. Click on that link… a browser will open, and just
after a few seconds, it will display a message confirming that your store has
been successfully created… Please note that some email applications or accounts
may not allow you to click on the link provided in the email. In that case, copy
and paste the entire link into your browser address bar… then press the Enter
or Return key, and you should see a message in your browser confirming that
your store has been successfully created. If you click multiple times on that link,
the message will inform you that the store already exists, in which case you
should ignore the message and continue. Then after closing the pop-up message on
your iPad, you will need to enter your STORE CODE in the corresponding space at
the bottom of the NEW STORE SIGN-UP page. Finally, to enter into your online store,
you need to tap on the GO TO STORE USER LOGIN SCREEN button, which will bring you
to a new login screen with a blue background, where you can login by
entering your registration email address and the password that you created during
sign-up. As you can see, you are now logged into
your store. As said earlier, your store is empty. A next tutorial video provides
detailed and step-by-step instructions on how to populate your store with
products, including descriptions, pictures, prices, delivery cost information, tax
information, and so on. This ends our training video “How To Sign
Up or Register a New Store” Thanks for watching!