Without the tiniest sense of shame for leaving my dearest wife at home this time I traveled to Jordan with my father Gintas. The first place we stayed at was called “Concord Hotel”. From here all the best-known tourist places of the city can be reached on foot. Most of the economy type hotels in Amman look pretty much the same… Clean bedsheets and authentic view… What else do you need? “We will rest when we get old” – my father
said and we started the downtown tour. Next to the roman theatre there is
so-called folklore Museum. Some of the exhibits here are from those times when Amman was a part of the Byzantine Empire and was known as Philadelphia. Travelers who enjoy long walks without a prior plan will love the winding streets of Amman a lot. You won’t find any modern shopping centers in this part of the city. Only tiny private stores everywhere look. Locals are incredibly hard-working and very polite. It looks like everyone mind their own business and don’t show too much attention to Western tourists… In Lithuania, we have a saying that
you can force a person to leave the village but you will never force the village to leave the person. Both of us are village boys so two days in a big city was more than enough. We decided to look for some fresh air and large open spaces. In about one hour ride we reached so-called Mount Nebo. A possible burial
place of the Prophet Moses. The remains of the Byzantine church are kept under the roof of the new building. About 25 kilometers to the east there is
the Dead Sea. Actually, it is more like a huge salty Lake splitting Jordan and Israel. There is an old saying that only two forms of life may be found here: bacteria and tourists. This is because the water in the Dead Sea is a few times saltier than the one in the most of the other seas on the planet Earth. While my Dad and I were enjoying a beautiful, yet windy day a traveler from Italy approached us. He was interested in what was the fieling of swimming in the sea where it is basically impossible to
drown and where we got all the good Dead Sea mud which is so well known for its healing properties. Wadi Musa or the Valley of Moses is a small town located next to one of the 7 New Wonders of the World. A perfect
place to spend a night! Most of us have heard the 7 Wonders
of the World. Most of them were not too lucky, because the Cheops Pyramid is the only one that survived to this day. There is also another list. A list of 7 New Wonders of the World. One of those wonders is located in the heart of Jordan. Yes, I’m talking about the ancient city of Petra. If you are lucky you will see snow in
Jordan once in five or six years. By the time we left Petra, it started snowing. Not everywhere, only the central part of Jordan. This is how we decided to travel
South and spend there a day or two. Aqaba is the most Southern city in Jordan. I won’t lie. It feels like it’s another world. Palm trees, fancy hotels and restaurants… Israeli city Eilat is located only a few kilometers away. Western travelers come to Aqaba for scuba diving in the Red Sea. The government of Jordan even decided to sink a few tanks and the combat helicopter in order to create so-called underwater museum. Aqaba castle is a historically important architectural monument which is widely visited by the city guests. The first fortress was built here in the 12th century. Soon it was destroyed and after about 400 years rebuilt again… My dad couldn’t imagine a trip to Jordan without tasting Arabic coffee. The coffee that we tasted here was a bit different from the one we are used to. The reason probably lies in the fact that in Jordan it is customary to add some cardamom. “This is the real thing!” “I read about it…” “It looks like they boil the water to 150°C.” “It is still too hot. I have to wait…” “Strange…” The charm of the bay of Aqaba tempted us to stay but we did not surrender to such temptations. Since the weather conditions in central districts were much better it was time to travel to the famous Wadi
Rum desert. On our way there we even met a few Western cyclists… Wadi Rum or the Desert of the Moon should look familiar to most of the movie lovers out there… A whole bunch of movies about Mars were filmed here… The “Martian” directed by Ridley Scott is not an exception… The Shobak castle also known as Montreal is one of many historical places that we visited on our way to the North of Jordan… Iraq al-Amir is the name shared by a town and nearby caves. About 500m south of the town is located the so-called Al Iraq historical site In northwestern Jordan you will find way more vegetation than anywhere else in this country. At this point we were only a few kilometers away from the border of Israel. “Write! Father is going to the Promised land!” It is important to mention that travelers who purchase so-called Jordan pass before their trip do not have to pay entrance fees and most of the tourist sites in Jordan… One of those sites is Pella archaeological site. If you have questions about the Jordan Pass feel free to ask in the comment section below… Our trip was coming to an end. Our last stop before the flight back home was Jerash probably one of the oldest cities in the world. My father decided we should find a bit nicer place for the last night than the ones we stayed at before. This is how we got to the “Atoom Hotel”. The owner was a nice young man about my age living with his family on the second floor of the same building… It feels so good to know there are still a few places like this one where exhibits can be touched… It feels so great to sit on one of these stone elements and imagine the stonemason who carved it thousands of years ago…