– [Man] All these are
like cracked geodes. We should crack one of
these with a hammer salad. That looks good.
– [Man] That does look good. Okay ready?
– [Man] Yeah. (gentle music) (upbeat music) What’s going on Coyote pack? Well it is officially
our day off from filming episodes for the Brave
Wilderness channel. And what do we do
on our day off? I guess we just continue
to film more stuff right? – Apparently. – Pretty much every time. So we’re in Tucson,
Arizona right now and because it’s our
day off we’re gonna go to one of my favorite
places to explore for cool desert treasures. Now we’re not actually
going out into the wild to do this
we’re going to the Tucson Gem & Mineral store. This place is awesome. (gentle music) (mumbling) – [Man] Whoa.
– [Coyote] We’ve made it. – Just as cool as I remember. – [Coyote] All right,
are you excited? – Yeah man, they’ve
got a T-rex outside I mean it’s legit. – [Coyote] Check out that Rex. (roar) There are all sorts of
treasures we can find in here. Skulls, bones, fossils, gems, minerals you name it they have it inside here. Now I’m challenging
both of you to find something cooler than
what I’m gonna find and we’ll compile it
all at the end and see who has come across
the coolest treasure. Sound good? – May the best
treasure hunter win. – Now this is like a
legit treasure hunt inside of a building that is filled with treasures. – [Man] And I think
the Coyote pack should pick the winner in
the comment section. – Oooh that’s actually a
great idea, yes let’s do that. So at the end of the
video guys write down in the comment section
below which treasure between myself Mario and Mark who found the coolest thing. Right?
– Yeah absolutely. I think we should pick
someone at random. One of the fans will
get the winning prize. – Oh that’s a good idea. Well about what if I want
the winning prize though? – [Mark] Yeah I think I
think somebody from the Coyote pack would
deserve it more than us. – All right all right I
guess this is a treasure hunt for the Coyote pack. We’re gonna find a
treasure just for you. You guys ready?
– [Mark] Let’s do it. – All right, let’s go inside. Now what’s cool about
this is it’s like a museum only you can buy all
the stuff in the museum. (upbeat music) – [Mark] Ooh petrified
is pretty cool. These are awesome. (upbeat music) Those are really cool. (mumbling) (upbeat music) – Oooh, it’s an alien skull. Apparently there’s
stuff outside. Check it out. (upbeat music) Yes. – [Mario] Man did you just
spend all digging this stuff. – Look at this this
is volcanic right? – [Mark] Wow this is cool. – [Mario] Is that heavy?
– [Coyote] Oh yeah. – [Mark] Check that out.
– [Mario] Oh wow. – [Mark] Yeah.
– [Mario] Yeah that’s got the weight. All these are like
cracked geodes. We should crack one of
these with a hammer. – [Coyote] Whoever
whoever wins also gets an uncracked geode, how about that? – [Mark] That sounds
like a good I like that. I’d love to have a geode. That looks good.
– [Coyote] That does look good. Okay right here. – [Mark] I’m going to
cut it back this camera I don’t want to crack the lens. – Okay, are you ready?
– [Mark] Yep. Watch your eyes. (dramatic music) He blew through the rings. – [Coyote] That’s
what was in it though. – [Mark] Oh here it is.
– [Coyote] Shiny. Oh is that it?
– [Mark] Yeah. – [Coyote] Wow look at that. That’s awesome. – [Mark] There’s the other half. – [Coyote] Yeah, here it is. So I’ll keep that one
I’m going to pick out a random one for somebody
who’s gonna win it. – [Mark] Just one crack. – [Coyote] Oooh that one
looks pretty good right there. – [Mark] Yeah.
– [Coyote] With the coloration. – Uncracked or are you
cracking it yourself? – Yes uncracked. So whoever wins the
big prize at the end also is going to get a
geode to crack themselves. Make sure you wear safety
glasses when you crack this open so you don’t
get fragments of rock and crystal in your eyeballs. All right let’s go back inside. (dramatic music) – Look at this.
– [Mark] What’s that? – [Coyote] Woolly mammoth skin. – [Mark] Ooh,
that’s pretty cool. – [Coyote] That is pretty cool. – [Mark] You saw it first so if that’s your choice
I’ll let you have it. – [Coyote] And a big
aspect of this too is is what’s the right price
too because there are some things that
are real expensive some things that
are inexpensive. You have to find this
happy medium between what is really really cool and exactly at the right price. That’s pretty awesome,
wooly mammoth skin and for $19. – [Mark] Kind of a
bargain actually. – That’s a potential
candidate right there. – [Mark] Oh man is
that a bear skull? – [Coyote] Where yes. It is.
– [Mark] Look at his travel buddy holy cow. – [Coyote] That is real.
– [Mark] That is huge. – [Coyote] That is
a (mumbling) fossil. Wow that is really cool. Those are pretty cool. Fake Tyrannosaur and
fake crocodile head. – [Mark] Oooh dinosaur teeth. A raptor limb whoa. That’s awesome. Look at that. Real Raptor limb
that might be in the running guys,
that’s really neat. I like that one. You searching real
hard but I think he’s gonna find something as cool as what we’re gonna find. Thank you. Look at that. That bird is pretty cool. It’s pretty rare. Look at this coyote. That could be a pretty cool
prize for the Coyote pack. Giant stone coyote. Let me look at this rock. – [Mark] Album, arrowheads. Oooh, some really cool pottery. Oooh an ancient Egyptian
bronze figure. It’s a bird. That’s really cool. So is that small head statue. Coyote, anything? yeah I think I
found my candidate for the Coyote pack. – [Mark] Do you?
– Yeah it’s pretty cool. – [Mark] I hope it’s not
the same as my candidate. – I doubt it is I
don’t think you would have seen where
was it that I saw. Okay how do we want to do this? I’ve picked my selection. – [Mark] I got something,
Mario you got something? – I got something.
– Okay. How do you want to do
this do you want to like on the count of three
we all hold them out and then we go
through what they are? Do you want to go one at a time? – [Mark] I think
go one at a time. – Okay I say Mario goes first. All right hold. – [Mark] I’m gonna
come on over here. – All right Mario so here’s here’s the rule. We need you to hold out
your item tell us what it is and why you picked it. Does that sound good? – [Mark] That sounds fair. – Ready.
– [Coyote] Ready. – Ta dah. – [Coyote] What is it? – [Mario] It’s a horned lizard. – [Coyote] Oh cool. – [Mario] So.
– [Coyote] Wait that’s my favorite.
– [Mario] No that’s my favorite too.
– [Coyote] Oh it is. – [Mario] So on my first
trip to Arizona with you guys a few years ago I got my first
Regal horned lizard and I was really impressed
with just how they look. And I’ve kind of been
obsessed horned lizards since. So this is a wooden
horned lizard. – [Coyote] Cool. I feel like that’s a great pick. – Yeah. – [Coyote] Good first candidate. – I think I’ll go next. – [Coyote] Do you
want to go next? – Yeah, okay guys, you ready? – Yep I’m ready. – [Mark] It was tough
this is not easy but I ended up landing on a Velociraptor bone. – [Coyote] What? – A real genuine
dinosaur fossil. – [Mario] Wow that is a
Velociraptor limb bone. – Yeah.
– [Coyote] I haven’t even see that it. – It was hiding in the
back on the shelves. – [Coyote] Wow, what
do you think Mario? – Man it’s pretty neat. I don’t know that’s gonna be tough to top. I don’t like my chances. – I don’t know if I
have that one beat guys that is pretty cool. I actually want that
I might write in and pretend to be somebody else. – [Mark] All right now it’s
time for Coyote’s pick. (inhales) – Okay what I picked I thought everybody in
the Coyote pack would love as each and every
one of us are coyotes I selected the giant
stone coyote statue. – [Mark] What? – How would you guys like
to have your own stone coyote statue to
commemorate being such a brave member of
the Coyote pack huh? I don’t know Mario
what do you think? – [Mario] Let me
see, is this heavy? – It’s heavy. It means it’s expensive. – Yeah I was gonna say. – Don’t drop it. – Is it heavy Mario? – [Mario] Yeah it’s heavy. – Let me set it down here. – [Mario] Okay
let’s take a look. – [Coyote] There are the
three candidates guys. We’ve got the coyote. A raptor fossil. And of course the
horned lizard artifact. That was pretty awesome
spending our afternoon on our day off here at the
Tucson Mineral and Gem World. Big thanks to Ron and Rich
for letting us explore and remember write in
the comment section below which one of these treasures
you think is the best. And then of course we’re
gonna pick somebody at random to win the grand prize. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave stay wild. We’ll see on the next location. (gentle music) If you thought searching
for treasure looked like fun make sure to go back
and watch the episode where we take you on a tour of our Arizona rental house. And don’t forget subscribe so you can join me and the
crew on our next location. The most important
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