(synthesized music) – Okay. Are you ready, Garrison? It’s been one adventure. So we’re going to
Takeshita Street right now. We’re gonna grab some food,
hopefully some things are open. We don’t really know, it’s New Year’s Day. I mean everything except
McDonald’s and Starbucks were open. (laughing) – Right at McDonald’s! – Of course! McDonald’s is…he gets it. He gets it. – Whoa. You’re our first taxi driver
to speak English really well. – Oh, that’s a rare species in Tokyo. – Thank you, thank you. But we’re in Tokyo, you know? I’m here to learn. I’m here to learn. If I can pick up a little
Japanese here or there, I’m set. Oooo. Look at this guy. (synthesized music) Thank you so much. – [Taxi Driver] Don’t
leave anything behind you. – Yep, we’re good. Awesome, thank you. (piano music) Right now we are walking
to the sunglass store. It’s called Kimono. Have you guys ever seen
those pink sunglasses either in the Coachella meme or just on every photo ever because those are the
only sunglasses I own? Well, we’re going back to have them fix the sunglasses that I broke. And probably buy another pair. Because they’re the world’s
greatest sunglasses. No, no, no, no! What does this mean? Alright, they’re open up on the second. But this is it, dude. This is Kimono. I bought these shades
here like two years ago. And now we’re on our way back. (heavy beat music) Do you have these in like American 13? What’s the biggest size? – 11. – I’ll try those. Let me see. We got ’em. Now who’s is who’s? I have no idea. There’s only one way to find out, right? Definitely mine’s green. I got the matcha, the hot matcha. Ooo. Try yours. It’s fire, it’s really fire. Well basically since the
train station is a little too many stops over and
we’re just really lazy. We’re trying to find a taxi. Not even an Uber. Haven’t heard that come out of my mouth more than once, maybe twice today. I say the wrong words and I hold up the wrong number of fingers. That’s basically my life. But we’re trying to find a taxi. We’re gonna go home, crash on some work, do a quick strategy session,
and then we’re going out. Like, we have to go out. I’m tired of feeling tired. So we’re gonna go celebrate the New Year. And we got a taxicab. Hold up. Remember, we do not touch the taxi cab. Oh, oh. My guy. Just doing me dirty like that. No, no it’s super competitive. It is always competitive. Hey. We’ve learned. Nope, no. If Airbnb did not have the address on here we would be so lost. We’ve made it. Oh man it’s been a trip
since I’ve been back here. We’re going right across the street to see what kind of
iPhones they have here. They have basically everything
running every single software so you might find something
from 2010 that still works. (heavy beat music) Well that was it. Didn’t really find anything I wanted. But it’s the thrill. You get to basically see
history through glass. Like every shopping place, right? Yeah. Alright, so we found our ramen after all. Feels good. And I spilled right there. Right there. It’s always a race to
see how fast I can ruin a nice piece of clothing. It’s just like I can’t help myself. Literally, I can’t. That was ramen, we finally got it. It was as good if not
better than expected. What’d you think, Garrison, first ramen? More than amazing, come on. – I mean I’ve never had authentic ramen. All the other ramen I’ve
even had was in a cup, but this was pretty amazing. A lot better than in a cup. – So right now we’re in Akihabara which is basically the digital district. Where all the lights are,
where all the arcade games are. So we’re gonna go check
out a few of those. This kid’s first game. We’ll see how it goes. Jesus Christ. Just it hits ya. There’s a reason no one leaves this. Making the marbles come out. Oh my cute. Oh! Abort the mission. (game sounds) I’m so confused. I think that was just a yawn mixed with I think we lost ten dollars. Yeah. Ten dollars gone to marbles. But I had fun not really knowing what to do but like… So that was pretty fun,
did you have fun Garrison? You’re the master at it. How do we do it? (anime sounds) Dude it’s like, when it’s not your money it’s so much more fun to lose, right? – [Garrison] It really is. (piano music) (speaking in Japanese) – Square. That’s all I got. (heavy beat music) I’ve been waiting to do this for a while. I think it’s time to tell you guys, but I’ve never seen anime. So what better place and what better time than to start right now. I’ve googled the five best anime shows for first-time watchers
and here’s what we got. On Netflix because where else
would we be going right now where it’s not blocked. So we got not Yu-Gi-Oh, not
Pokemon, not Dragon Ball Z, but we got One Punch Man, we got Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and it talks about it’s
a fantasy adventure manga by the same name. 27 volumes? 64 episodes. Oh, wow. Attack on Titan. There’s definitely a lot. I went over to Netflix, cause you know I wouldn’t be getting this excited and I think it’s time to
watch our first anime. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Part one episode one. Look at that. Dude, look at that. – [Garrison] We’re about to find out. – I’ve been missing out for years. Vote up in the I Card if you
guys have ever seen anime and let me know in the comments if you guys like it
which ones to check out. We’re in Japan, I mean it’s only fitting. Garrison, you ready dog? (Japanese speaking on show) Subs or dubs? I’m gonna say it, subs get
the dubs right out of here. Subtitles are where it’s at. Alright, but without
subtitles I am clueless so dubtitles might have been it. Here we go. Japanese Netflix one, Keaton zero. Yeah. We don’t know Japanese. I thought the wi-fi would know, but no. So that’s awesome. We’re one step closer to anime. I just would not know what’s going on. Alright. It looks so good I just will
not know what’s going on. Maybe this is it. Maybe it’s finally time. We just have to learn. (show in Japanese) You got the happiest credits in the world. Alright, I’m just gonna say it now. I was hooked. It took a little bit to get into, but Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood was definitely a great starting point. And now I actually wanna watch well, part 1 episode 2. There’s a few other parts but I totally see it and have so
much more of an appreciation for the animation. Where I feel like if I was
four years, five years younger like 16 year old Keaton, I would have totally wrote this off. There’s so much there
that I didn’t even get because it’s not in English
dubtitles or subtitles. It’s 100 percent Japanese. But I still got it. We’re going on to episode two right now. That’s how good it was. Let me know in the comments if you guys have ever seen
anime your favorite one. There you have it. Something I didn’t know,
but something I like. (heavy bass music)