Hey awesome ones, Heather here. So I’m off
to London and to Paris for 8 days. Would you like to see the clothes that I’m
packing for my trip? And there’s a little bit of a twist here. I’m trying to get
everything for eight days in carry-on luggage. It all starts in just a few
seconds. So I laid out all my clothes on the bed
and I’m going overseas on a trip. I’m not going to a Caribbean vacation where
basically I would have swimsuits and shorts and maybe a flowy kind of dress.
No I’m going to London in Paris and the last thing I want to do is look like a
tourist. I know that Bill and I we have our
heart set on a couple of kind of upscale Jaunts and for that I want to have some…
something nice to wear like this beautiful dress in my wardrobe. I want to
look a little bit tres chic and I’ll tone it down a little bit for the
sightseeing tours but no ratty little shorts or flip-flops for me on this trip.
So in a few seconds I’m going to show you fashion and style and the kind of
material that I use for clothing. So it’s really kind of a travel fashion video
for you but trying to get all of this into the carry-on. And Bill’s going to
share what he gets in his carry-on and carry-on luggage as well. We’ll be on our
inspirational Channel you know that’s that new channel that we put out. I’m
gonna put a link in the description for you so you can check out did I get all
the clothes in the carry-on so. Let’s start with the shoes. Sometimes what I do
is I do bring you know the athletic sneakers and I would definitely wear
those on the plane because that’s gonna take a lot of room in my carry-on but
this time I wanted to have something a little bit dressier for all the
sightseeing. So these are Pumas but they come…you can get them in kids or other
kinds and they look really really nice with maybe a nice jeans skort or
something like that. Also I am bringing these are Skechers they are so
comfortable. I absolutely love them and they have a little bit of a heel in them
pointy toes so they’re a little bit fashionable but the last pair I want to
show you these are well worn in these are
a little kitten heel and they will go with the dresses and you know when I
want to upscale things a little bit. One of the things that you’ll notice about
all of my shoes is that they are worn in already.
Like the last thing I want to do is bring a brand-new pair of high-heeled
shoes and walk around for seven days ith blisters on my feet. That’s a no-go
for me. Now you probably noticed that even though we’re going in warmer
weather there are no sandals and there’s a good reason for that. Bill and I are
walkers and browsers…not those kind of walkers…we’re browsers and and we I
remembered…remember Bill we were in New York City and we walked like for eight
hours and then we went wow we just walked for eight hours. I don’t even want
to think of what my feet would look like walking around Paris or London for eight
hours in sandals. Enough said. So before I really say, okay I’m gonna wear this and
this I checked just before we’re ready to go
maybe just a couple of days before we’re going to go and see what the forecast is
going to be and what the forecast is gonna be for London is, you guessed it,
rain. So what I’m going to bring is this teeny tiny little umbrella that
actually folds out. It’s a great travel umbrella. I’ll put a link for it
underneath in the description because these are a must. It’s going to be
beautiful in Paris so of course I’m gonna need my sunglasses and also
talking about that rain in London I’m going to need a raincoat.
Of course this won’t fit in my carry-on so I’ll show you what I’ll do with this
later on in the video. So you might be thinking to yourself she’s going to wear
a coat on the airplane? Well the nice thing about this coat is it can roll up
into a little ball and I can have a nice pillow for my head on the plane. And
it won’t look wrinkly when it’s unwrinkled. But let’s talk about
nighttime. At night time I’m not bringing a housecoat. I don’t need to bring a
housecoat most of the hotels they usually have a housecoat for you but
I will take you know a little nightie. This is a nice thin one because it’s going to be
warm and I don’t know how the air conditionings going to be but I’ve got
the little nightie. Where are they? I also have some little ballet slippers. I
don’t know about you, I don’t like to walk around hotel carpets and that in my bare
feet. So kind of yuk. So you might be asking like how come no luggage and why
am I trying to get everything in this simple little carry-on and also a purse
because that’s about all you can take on the airline. Well the answer is simple.
My future son-in-law he just got back from Florida and you guessed it…they
lost his luggage. Now they eventually found it in some
other city across the USA somewhere but you know it was so frustrating for him
he was waiting by the carousel waiting for his luggage to show up and then all
of that frustration. Because we don’t have a big suitcase, we won’t have to go
through that. The other thing is a lot of the airlines they now charge you for the
the luggage that you check in and you know Bill and I we don’t want to waste
any time on this trip when we get off the plane. We can go just head on out to
our hotel and not wait and watch and wait for our luggage to show up on the
carousel. Now I want to make a point about the carry-on luggage as well.
You’ll want to check with the airline to see what you can bring. You know that old
duffel bag that’s been in the family for like thirty years may not make the grade
as far as getting on the plane. So you’ve got to be careful about that but let’s
talk about some oo-la-la kind of clothing. And definitely this dress. I love this dress.
I know I know I’m sort of wearing black today because I kind of want to show
with you some of the outfits, but it’s got this little kind of mini dress built
into it and I just absolutely love it. And Bill and I will be able to go some…will be able to go someplace kind of a little….see see how long it is…I don’t
know if you can see it all in the video…. but we’ll be able to go out someplace
fancy. And what I love about this dress is it already has
kind of a wrinkled look to it. So what I’m going to do in order to get all of
my clothing into that carry-on I’m going to be rolling up all my clothing and
this dress is just gonna get rolled up like this. Look at this…into a little
tiny ball and that’s all the space it’s going to take. And again on that video on
Tuesday on the second channel you’re gonna see how I actually pack all of
this, but watch this……….. as soon as I get to the hotel I’m going to
hang this up on a hanger and it still looks lovely .So we’re going to be in
Piccadilly Circus in that area for London. I don’t know I just kind of feel…
do you guys remember Twiggy? You’re probably too young to remember her. But
this retro dress of mine it just reminds me of some kind of English 60s look. I love it. A little bit on the short side for me so I’m going to put this nice
little pair of leggings underneath even if it’s hot these are so lightweight
they’re great and I’m going to bring a little sweater along just in case you
know I can mix and match with this it’s just in case I need it. So for the
undergarments I’m going to be wearing on the plane, you know that new bra that I
bought did you see the video that I did on undergarments and shopping for
undergarments and shapewear? I’m going to put the link up there for you because
you know what if you look into your undergarment drawer and it’s starting to
look a little bit old and tattered it’s great to do some shopping there, but I’ve
got that Bra. I’m wearing it on the plane. I also have a pretty lace one as well.
Again oo-la-la I want to feel pretty and you know and also of course enough undies to
have for the trip that’s always important. And yep I’m gonna put in a
pair of shapewear. So I told you I’m not bringing any shorts and instead I’m
bringing my skorts and this looks like a little
jean skirt but it does have the little shorts underneath of it. So it’s it’s you
know you’re hiding stuff right. Love this jean skirt. I also…skort sorry. I also
have one in black that I I love as well again nice stretchy material. I’m not too
sure at this point if I’m going to get the blue jean skort into my luggage… into my carry-on so it may have to go. I’ll show you that on that other video
on the second channel. The reason that I will keep the black skort is because
I’m also bringing…you know I love this top…this nice little lace top and
with the black skort it can almost look like a little black dress. So again I’ll
be mixing and matching the clothes as I go in London in Paris. So I definitely need
another jacket. I can’t just wear the raincoat all the time so of course my
favorite hoodie. I love this little white hoodie and what I like about it is if I
am in London and it starts raining well I got a hood to put on. But the other
thing I like about it is it’s so lightweight that lets say all of a
sudden it starts to get really warm outside. I could just sort of you know
what wrap that around my waist and breathe in the little sunshine. So I’m
almost done for the clothes for my packing. Well of course I’m gonna wear
something on the plane so that’s another outfit but I’m going to show you two
more tops. This one’s lots of fun it’s really kind
of trendy looking and of course I’m gonna wear a camisole underneath but
love that top and also you guys know you’ve probably seen this a few times. My
lace top that I love and just think about these being all rolled up even
being rolled up they are just going to come out beautifully and again hang them
up when you’re in the hotel room so that they kind of unwrinkle a little bit. You know I’m…I know that I can just wear these clothes and if by any chance
maybe I have to wash a little top or something I’m four days
in London and four days in in Paris. So maybe the first day I’ll go I’ll just
wash something. It’s real simple to do. So what am I’m wearing on the plane? Well
as you know a lot of my clothes and the clothes I’m taking are all stretchy. I
want to be super comfy on the plane but I also want to make sure that I’ve got
you know the basic white t-shirt. You always need that for your traveling and
because that t-shirt sometimes rides a little low in the front I’m also
going to make sure that I have my lightweight camisole with me. And those
camisoles are fantastic. Again I’m going to put some links underneath in the
description so you can find those. I’m going to wear my boyfriend jeans a
super stretchy…oh wrong way…super stretchy jeans and I was going to wear my really
tight skinny jeans but for sitting for eight hours on a plane I thought no comforts really important here. What else oh I got my little go-belt. This is
fantastic for sort of hiding your passport or what whatever. Your money,
your credit cards on you. So I’ve got that and of course I showed you the
raincoat that I can always just put around my waist if I’m walking around
the airport and again it doubles as a pillow if I need it. So in just a second
I’m going to bring in the cuteness factor…our little Hurricane. Oh
Hurricane can’t come on this trip to Paris and London but my daughter will
take good care of him. But this is a fun-filled kind of vacation. So what I
don’t want to bring is I mean I could fit all this into a carry-on. I know I
can. If I was going to a lot of business meetings and I needed you know really
fancy suits and fancy shoes all that sort of thing of course I would need to
bring my luggage. But I want to have as much fun and as short a time at the
airport waiting for things as possible. So this works for me but let’s go get
little Hurricane and talk about the upcoming videos. So here he is……
Hurricane! And let’s talk about the Tuesday video on the second channel.
Again there’ll be a link below and don’t forget to subscribe to the second
channel. So you’ll see our trip to Paris and London but in that video Bill is
going to also show what he’s getting into the carry-on luggage and the
question is will I get the skort in my carry-on luggage? What is Bill bringing
and then of course we’re going to talk about a lot of the rules of what you can
and cannot take in your carry-on luggage. Because there’s a lot of rules now for
that…oh and by the way when you subscribe on the second channel don’t
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videos and that’s the Lifestyle channel, it’s called Awesome Over 50 Inspiration.
Where you find food and fun and entertainment and of course travel as
well. So you know what…oh forgot, forgot …what’s coming up in this station. This channel for beauty and fashion. I want to walk around Paris and London
maybe do some shopping…Bill okay? Can’t buy a lot cuz I won’t be able to fit it in
my carry-on but you know I want to maybe do a video on some of the fashion there
in London in Paris. So that’ll be on this station, this channel. So until next time…
you know sometimes we only vacation a short amount of time during the year or
maybe you only go on one vacation a year or maybe once every two or three
years. You’ve got to make it fun and stress-free and I really find, I’ve done
this before… just taking the carry-on and a purse it
works so fantastic for me. And oh in the next video I’ll show you the purse I’m
bringing as well. But if you want to be stress-free you want to have a lot of
fun and of course you want to keep it