Kon’nichiwa! This is Heidi at EC Peesy.
In this video I’m going to show you what’s in my travel diaper bag for
practicing elimination communication and cloth diapering my toddler. My daughter’s
watched me film so many “What’s in my diaper bag?” videos that she’s a pro at it now too! I’m not currently carrying a travel potty in my diaper bag because we’re in Japan right now and most of the bathrooms are very
kid-friendly, where there’s actually a toilet seat reducer in the bathroom you can use.
So I don’t need to carry that around on a daily basis. Plus, she’s okay with me
doing EC hold over the big toilets. As my diaper bag / travel purse I’m using
this Pacsafe Stylesafe convertible crossbody bag. It’s called “convertible”
just because the strap can be long or you can switch it around and so it’s a
shorter strap. This is an anti-theft travel purse so it has features like
this zipper can hook here so it’s not easy to pull. These front zippers
can tuck away so it’s not easy for somebody to open those. I liked the
idea of using a purse and diaper bag in one so I have just one smaller item to
carry around every day while we’re out and about. The coolest thing about
this Pacsafe crossbody bag is that it has a water bottle pocket. I really
like the idea of a travel purse with a water bottle pocket because we like to
bring our reusable water bottles with us when we’re out and about in hot climates.
I can fit my 22 oz Hydro Flask or we also have a smaller Hydro Flask that’s a bit
shorter. It fits really nice in here. It does make the purse a bit heavy, though. And in
these two front pockets…to make them anti-theft you’re supposed to pull this up
like this so it’s not easy for somebody to pull that down.
In this pocket here… It’s the easiest for me to access. I have my cell phone. I’m
often using that to take pictures while we’re out and about. Then over
here I keep my train pass in here. We’re in Japan and so pretty much anytime we go
farther than the grocery store or the park we’re taking the train. So that’s my
pass for the train or the buses. There’s an outside pocket here and I put my hat
since I’m often putting it on, taking it off, and then just anything like
brochures from wherever we’re visiting, a wrapper from the kids’ snacks. My daughter
likes to pick up rocks and those end up in there sometimes. So it’s a catch-all
pocket right there. This strap is reinforced so somebody can’t just easily
cut it and steal it. And the whole purse as well has this EXOmesh in it so
somebody can’t just slice it and steal my belongings. Here in Japan I feel
plenty safe but we’ll be traveling to a lot of different destinations so I liked
the idea of having a Pacsafe anti-theft purse. And now in the main compartment, right here upfront there’s an RFID safe blocking pocket here. And in that one I keep my
little Pacsafe wallet and this also has an RFID blocking pocket where I keep my cards.
My keys in there. I have cash since it’s a very cash based system here in Japan and
there’s also a coin spot there. Let’s see, there’s also kind of a back
pocket here where you could put a small tablet but I just keep a couple items.
I keep one of her Indestructibles books in case we need a little
entertainment and one disposable diaper, which so far we haven’t needed while
we’re out and about, but just in case. I always like to bring way more diapers
than actually necessary. Just watch my earlier…like my newborn packing video. I had a ton of diapers in my diaper bag! 2 cloth wipes and then I’ll either have one or two fitted diapers in here. Even though I usually bring two
cloth diapers and one disposable, at most we’ve only used one diaper while
we’re out and about. And she wears a wool diaper cover over her fitted diaper,
which is usually something like these interlock wool capris. So since she’s
just wearing this as her clothing I don’t bring extra diaper covers. I just
bring the fitted diapers and she keeps wearing the pants all day long. Kind of
see how it is in there now. This is a zip-out bag that I use to keep the baby
carrier in whenever I take it off. Right now we’re using a Lillebaby all seasons
carrier and it can fit in there when I want to take it off.
Also, shoved down the side here, we have her shoes. Right now they’re just in a plastic bag.
I plan to get a little cloth shoe bag for her to use. These are her Softstar
Shoes minimalist shoes. I really like these for a toddler because they’re super flexible, they have a wide toe box, so they really let her foot move. She
still does have more trouble walking in these than just walking barefoot. We try
to give her a lot of opportunities to walk barefoot as well. Also, over there on the
side and I have her sun hat. I put that on her, she takes it off, I put it on, she takes it off, I give up
and I put it in my purse. And her shoes as well. It’s like she really wants to
wear them when were headed out the door but then as soon as she’s not walking,
she’s up in the carrier, she wants her shoes off. And then when she wants down to play,
she wants them back on. So it’s constantly on and off. I end up carrying her shoes in
my purse a lot. And then back here there’s two small pockets. This one I
often keep a really small Osmo Pocket video camera that we use for recording when
we’re out and about. In this one I have a reusable grocery bag. If we know we’re going to the
grocery store we bring your grocery bags but sometimes we forget so I have this
one just in case. And that pocket also has my lip balm, which my daughter every
morning is opening my purse trying to find my lip balm. That’s like her
favorite. Then I have a little flashlight in there too. A rolled up
blanket. I really like these Woombie Air-Wrap blankets. We’ve been using them ever
since she was a newborn because it can be used as a nursing cover, a light
blanket, cover her when she’s in the carrier, sunshade. It’s just very
multi-purpose. Over in this other corner I have a Grovia wet bag. so if she
does have a wet diaper while we’re out and about I can put it in here. This is a good size for
fitting her fitted diapers and I can fit one or two diapers in there. Then the
last thing is her meal kit. This is not organized as well as I would like for a
diaper bag. It’s just an open purse so it kind of ends up being everything
thrown in there. Instead of dividers that diaper bags often have. If you have any tips of
how I can keep it a little more organized please let me know. This is her mealtime
kit. It’s packed in a Logan and Lenora convertible clutch where both
pockets are waterproof. Out here I’ve got her OXO Tot roll up bib, which worked great with
my son when he was a baby but my daughter pretty much just rips this
off. Doesn’t really wear it for the meal. I’m still hopeful and I bring it
anyways. I bring her wash cloth for cleaning up. Again, she’s 13-months-old so
she’s still getting the hang of this whole eating thing. She has her EZPZ
tiny bowl that we can stick on the table at a restaurant in front of her.
Her EZPZ tiny cup cause we like her to drink water just out of an open cup. And her little spoon. And honestly, I don’t think I washed these after the last
time we went out to eat. But a great thing about this bag having two
waterproof pocket is: after we eat if I wipe them down and they’re still a little
messy, I can just throw them in here and then when we get home I can wash her
plate and cup and I can throw this bag in the washing machine to wash
it as well. So that’s everything I’ve been caring for my toddler in my travel
diaper bag and purse. if you’d like to If you’d like to learn more about the elimination
communication and early potty training please subscribe to our EC Peesy
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