trader joe’s haul, let’s get started so we’ve got tomatoes, garlic, half and half, coconut drink I love
coconut a lot so must have that marinara sauce I buy this for a years lemon, lemon avocado red bell pepper cheese
butter bread this is my favorite Italian bread it’s a white bread a honey
bear sour cream cucumbers red potatoes organic eggs organic beats I’m so happy they have this at traider joe’s because traider joe’s is my favorite grocery store I go there a lot
so I really need this in my house amazing Romaine lettuce for a salad of
course salary cabbage cheese Parmesan cheese I cook with this a lot mozzarella
cheese pizza and spaghetti organic chicken for make a borzsh soup
anything of that got chicken strips gonna make for Amazon chicken strips I
had a video if you need it I’m gonna leave the link below and got chicken
breast and candy coffee rio this is amazing I
open by the time I got home I need some coffee and this is a coffee
candy so it’s perfect for me and I love coffee a lot
so that was it you guys that’s what I got today at trader joe’s grocery haul