this is toy store Let’s do some toy shopping for kids. Let’s start with Baby Shark. YEAH! Hey Toy Box, show us what you have This is Mommy Shark mini plush toy We have another one color Pink Hey Toy Box Wow! This is grandma shark mini plush toy Hey Toy Box It’s Daddy shark toy for children Hey Toy Box Now, we’ve got a baby shark This is so much fun! It’s so soft and nice to play with Hey Toy Box It’s yellow baby shark toy again Hey Toy Box Hi brother shark Hey Toy Box Mommy shark, how are you today? Brother shark toy One, two, three … Baby shark doo doo doo doo Let’s sing along together Baby shark doo doo doo doo I love this sharky toy I’m so excited. Take a look what I’ve found I’ve found a playdoh playset with a many
sharks actually baby shark family here is mommy
shark baby shark daddy shark Grandma and Grandpa shark family love
baby shark let’s see what other toy baby Toysee loves baby shark family Do you kids love baby shark’s family? YES! Let’s see what other baby shark toys we have in this kids store Look at this cute baby sharky this baby shark toy has magic motion sensor oh wow
I found another playset hey friends I think it’s a time to put all those
playsets into a shopping cart haha let’s collect them all whoa baby shark into shopping cart good job baby Sharky into cart
hey buddy into shopping cart yeah a baby shark family into cart hey
Daddy shark into cart Hey mom shark, into cart. In the cart baby shark
family all the toys I love today’s story shopping look how many different toys of
baby sharks I’ve found for you guys to play and to have fun with… hey my
friend I’ve just created a brand new video for you click here to watch it and
I’ll see you right there right now