This project originated about two years
ago with this amazing idea to bring Street View technology to the Amazon as a way to bring
people who are online all over the world to the Amazon to
see the beauty of the forests and the beauty of the river for themselves. We’ve decided to start at the Rio Negro Sustainable
Development Reserve. Where we’ll collect images
from the river, and then,
collect images from the community
and its surrounding area. We intend to get images from some tracks in the forest,
to represent a bit of the community’s
daily life. The Street View Trike is a vehicle
developed by Google that uses the cameras
that collect Street View images on top of the cars. And they’ve adapted it
on top of a tricycle so that the vehicle can collect
images where cars can’t go. We are training employees of
the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation as well as local community members and
will be leaving the equipment with them so that they can continue to share their
point of view with the world and continue to collect data
that they would like to see online as well. Google has an amazing vision to bring the world and all its diversity and all of its beauty to the global online audience through Google Maps and Google Earth and this is one amazing project
that helps to do that.