hey guys and welcome back to my channel
in today’s video I’m gonna be sharing with you my top 5 favourite foundations
from the drugstore this goes along with my series that I started a while back
I’ve only done my top 5 blushes my top 5 new lipsticks and now this is the third
video for the series foundations are something that I collect I have so many
different foundations just because I feel like I’m always on the hunt to find
something that does like a certain thing so I put together my top 5 for you and
all 5 do different things so I’m gonna share with you guys why I like each one
maybe some pros and cons to each I’m also gonna be putting in foundation
swatches so I put it all over my face with nothing else so you guys can kind
of see the differences between everyone as I talk about them hopefully you guys
find that to be helpful to a little bit more of a visual as I talk about each
foundation so let’s not waste any time I love to just get right into the videos
so I’m going to kind of start by coverage I’m going to go from like the
lighter coverage foundations to a more full coverage foundation keep in mind
that my skin type is normal combination I get a little bit oily in the t-zone
but sometimes I have dry patches on the outside I typically prefer a more matte
full coverage finish but some of these are not matte or full coverage but I’ll
tell you why I enjoyed them anyway let’s start off with one foundation that I
don’t really care that many people talk about I feel like it’s one of the most
underrated foundations at the drugstore it is the Neutrogena Healthy Skin liquid
makeup or foundation here’s what it looks like the shape that I use is the
shade of 40 now this foundation comes in 14 shapes the reason why I love this one
is because it’s a lot more skin like than some of the other foundations
I feel like this foundation looks the best when you use a little bit less
sometimes there’s foundations that you can really build up and it works this
one in my opinion I just feel like if you can use less and it just makes your
skin look so healthy hence the healthy skin title I really
love how this makes my face look it’s got a little bit more of a dewy satiny
kind of finish another plus is that it has sunscreen in it but it’s not just
any sunscreen it’s a physical sunscreen which is really great if you have
sensitive skin a lot of times chemical sunscreens can actually irritate the
skin and this does not have that so that it’s a plus it has SPF 20 I feel like
this is a great foundation for just running errands or just something that
you know will last you a few hours it’s not
the most long-lasting full-coverage foundation and so that’s why I use it
mostly in the daytime for just a really nice evening out of the complexion but I
won’t use it on days where I have events or something like that because it
doesn’t hold up for me as long as some of my other ones do and I still love it
so much and I think that it’s a beautiful foundation I kind of wrote
down some pros and cons the pros for me again are the finish less is more
the cons for me are actually kind of the shade range shade nude forty is actually
a little bit lighter in my opinion than the shade of thirty and also if you’re a
little bit more fair they do run a little bit pink so you just have to kind
of test out a couple shades and see if you can find one that works for you
because I found that it was kind of hard to find a perfect match this one is
actually a little bit too dark for me slightly but the undertone works better
so I just make it work with a lighter concealer another con that I have is the
packaging it does not have a pump as you can see it’s kind of messy because you
do have to pour it out on the back of your hand and it gets a really really
messy so I don’t love that I do love that it’s a glass bottle though and yeah
that’s all I have to say about the Neutrogena Healthy Skin liquid makeup I
definitely think you should try it especially if you like a more sheer to
medium coverage that looks really skin like and really healthy and glowy next
on my list has been a go-to for me recently I’ve had this for a while but I
didn’t really like become obsessed with it until the last couple months or so
it’s the L’Oreal infallible Pro glow foundation now this foundation is also a
medium coverage foundation and it does have a little bit more of a glowy finish
which I don’t always gravitate toward every day but I definitely happen
gravitating toward this during the day or for evening it is just a really good
reliable foundation it doesn’t give me as much coverage as some of my other
ones but I was a spot conceal and let the rest of my skin kind of shine
through the thing that I really like about this is it’s not like a greasy
looking glowy foundation even if I wear it for like 12 hours or so it seriously
lasts so beautifully on the skin and I just really like the finish of it and I
really like how it kind of lets the skin show through and has a really skin like
finish as well for this one I would say is definitely more long-lasting than the
Neutrogena one a con to this though is that the sunscreen it has SPF 15 the
sunscreen in this is a chemical sunscreen and I even though I know that
that has potential to really irritate my skin
I actually think that it might be causing some bumps on my forehead I
don’t know I can’t stop wearing it and I feel like I need to figure out a way to
maybe wear it where you know it doesn’t really react with my skin as much I’ve
been really trying to be careful with chemical and physical sunscreens because
I do notice a difference but unfortunately the foundation is just so
pretty that I can’t stop wearing it that is something to be aware of I really
like how lightweight this feels and again it lasts so so long another con
for this foundation could be the shade range there’s only 12 shades in this
foundation so at least that’s what I saw online but I swear to you there was more
at Walmart it could be only 12 so that could be a con if you’re looking for the
perfect shade you may have to mix some to get your right shade but overall this
is the one that I’ve been gravitating toward the most I just love how it wears
I love how it looks on the skin and it’s just reliable as far as holding up on my
skin for hours and hours so such a great foundation you guys should definitely
check it out if you have not already and if you have any tips for how to prevent
chemical sunscreens from breaking you out let me know because I think that
that might be a little bit of a problem with this for me but I still love it the
next foundation I’m gonna talk about is one that you guys have definitely heard
about from me and from probably a lot of other people here on YouTube it’s the
Maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation so this foundation has a
little bit more of a full coverage finish it’s really buildable and it’s
one of those foundations that you can build up and I feel like it still looks
good this lasts throughout the day really
really beautifully and it’s not like a drying matte I still feel like if you
have dry skin you could still make this work as well as oily skin I do feel like
you can make this work as well I really really love the finish the shade range
of this foundation is absolutely insane they have 40 shades so that is such a
plus when it comes to a drugstore foundation like it’s so hard to find a
drugstore foundation that has that huge of a range so no matter what skin tone
you are or what undertone you are you will find something that works for you
the shade that I have in this one is ivory 115 I forgot to tell you guys the
shade of my L’Oreal pro glow it was 202 natural just in case you were wondering
but I really do what love the finish of this a con again is the packaging I just
wish that they would just put a pump on these foundations I know that that would
probably bump up the price a little bit because it costs more obviously to make
a packaging that I do appreciate the glass bottle I
really like glass bottles but again I feel like sometimes I pour out a little
bit too much foundation and it’s hard to kind of control the amount that I apply
but otherwise it’s beautiful the coverage is really nice too I like to
wear this one when I want to have kind of like a satiny matte finish with a lot
more coverage this is a really beautiful foundation for that so if you haven’t
tried that one yet you definitely should it’s so many people’s favorites and I
know why it really does look beautiful on the skin and it’s a reliable
foundation too and it photographs really well which is a plus the next foundation
I’m gonna talk about is also from Maybelline is the super stay full
coverage foundation the shade that I have is number 112 natural ivory this
foundation when you first apply it is so flawless it feels like velvety buttery
goodness on the skin when you apply it there are 16 shades in this range and
here’s a plus my friends it does have a pump packaging and a glass bottle so
definitely wins in my book as far as packaging goes I actually did a full
review on this on my channel so I will link that down below if you guys are
interested in seeing a more in-depth review on this foundation but honestly
it is so flawless when you first put it on I don’t even need to use concealer on
my blemishes when I use this because it’s just that full coverage and
beautiful one thing that I will say about this foundation that is kind of
surprising to me and you should just be aware of by the end of the day even
though it says it’s 24 hour wear the finish kind of changes on me and I’ve
seen that in several people’s reviews as well it’ll start out really really matte
and kind of feel dry if you set it with powder but then by the end of the day it
gets kind of dewy it doesn’t look bad it doesn’t look greasy but that’s just
something to be aware of because I don’t feel like it stays matte at all like
maybe the matte and poreless does it stays more matte than this one but the
thing that I do love about this is it still looks so good like it doesn’t move
around and it doesn’t break up around like my mouth or my nose unless I you
know wipe my nose with the tissue or something like that it really is such a
reliable beautiful foundation but you should be aware that it does kind of
shift and finish so if you are planning on wearing it for a long period of time
maybe bring a blotting powder or a blotting paper or something like that if
you tend to get oily in the t-zone because it does tend to look a little
bit more dewy than I thought it would by the end of the day
it’s a beautiful long-lasting foundation that is awesome and it’s very full
coverage so if you like full coverage you will definitely like this it makes
you look flawless last but not least my friends we have the Milani conceal and
perfect two-in-one foundation and concealer this is the most full coverage
out of all of them I would say this foundation has 19 shades in the range I
didn’t see that many on all TOCOM but I went on their actual website and they
had way more and I think at Walmart at my Walmart if they carry Milani there
were several more shades so the packaging is really great on this one as
well because it has a pump now this one I actually mix two shades I’m sure
there’s one in between that would work but this is the foundation that I’m
actually wearing right now and I mix the shades
zero-one creamy vanilla and zero zero B light to get my perfect shade some pros
about this foundation is it will make your skin look absolutely flawless it is
so full coverage and I do feel like it is really long-lasting as well I think
it looks beautiful throughout the day it says that it’s water-resistant and sweat
proof I actually haven’t paid attention to whether its water resistant or sweat
proof but that’s pretty great I also really like the finish of this
foundation because even though it’s really full coverage I still feel like
it gives a skin like finish to the skin which i think is really beautiful and on
those days when I want full coverage but I want to kind of look like my skin has
a nice skin like finish still even though it will probably be obvious that
I’m wearing a good amount of foundation since this is so full coverage I will
reach for this one I’m trying to think if I have any cons about this foundation
I think I would definitely say to work in layers because this is so full
coverage kind of worked in light layers because I’ve made the mistake sometimes
of like accidentally putting on too much and then it’s really hard to go back
because this is so full coverage and it kind of makes you look like you’re
wearing a nice mask of foundation so I would say to apply this in layers and
kind of build up coverage where needed but other than that I think it wears
beautifully on the skin and it has a really beautiful finish like I said
before so that is it you guys that completes my top 5 drugstore foundations
I hope you guys enjoyed hearing what my top 5 picks are you guys know how much I
love to hear your recommendations as well so leave a comment down below
letting me know your skin type and your favorite foundation from the drugstore
and that way we can all help each other out because if somebody has oily skin or
super dry skin I would love for you guys to help each
other out and figure out if somebody’s looking for a good foundation for them
then they will be able to kind of have some recommendations in the comments so
if you would do that that would be amazing also let me know if you guys
like any of these foundations that I mentioned and let me know if they work
for you or if they didn’t work for you and why that is all I have for you guys
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