(celestial music) – ‘Tis the season of Merry Christmas. Christmas tree in the background. That’s the socks I was working on folding until not that long ago. So we’re wrapping Christmas presents. Yes we are. You may have already seen my Large Family Christmas 2019 video. I got some comments
people were concerned at some of the kids’ piles
looked smaller than the others and I always share we do it
based on a budget per kiddo. I couldn’t show certain
brands in that video. So about 10 minutes of
that video got cut off. All that to say, in this video I can show ya all kinds of stuff. And there’s some more stuff coming. We’ll break it down, we’ll
break it down by kid. Also, this video is
sponsored by StoryWorth. What in the world is StoryWorth? I can’t wait to tell you
more about StoryWorth coming up shortly here in the video. But you can use promo
code Large Family Table to get $20 off your
first StoryWorth order. Click the first link in
the description below. We will open this baby
up and you are gonna see I’ve never heard of anything like this. Another frequently asked question, do I call Mr. Travis,
Mr. Travis in real life? I don’t, I call him Trav or Travy. Pretty much that’s, or hey you, right? So he’s here, he has his
cough drops, we’ve all, again, ’tis the season. But today was a day of big deep cleaning. We’ve purged closets, we’ve
filled bags for donations. We have been super inspired. Because again, ’tis the season. And so, eight o’clock now, most of the kids are watched a movie. Naomi and Benjamin are upstairs, she’s finishing a closet project. Jadin came and picked up Zion and took him to the new Star Wars movie. Mom and dad here we’re gonna
get to this Christmas wrapping and I thought for half
a second about 7:30, well, now, am I gonna get
dressed and do my hair and makeup just to do this Christmas
video and I thought, no. Five years on YouTube, look at the height on that thing tonight, you’ve endured the towel on my head, so you’re gonna have to
deal with it tonight. Let’s get wrapping Christmas gifts. Now, we took the tablecloth
off of the table. We had one tablecloth
on there, the Lego one, ’cause yesterday was Daniel’s birthday and we had a Lego, pizza,
chocolate milk birthday party, lots of Hot Wheels. Anyway, Travis also does
not like stuff on the table when he’s rapping. But this pile is for Jadin and his wife. Oh, my big YouTube news. Check my Instagram, updates over there. But I can’t hide it from you when we’re wrapping presents, right? It’s not bad news, it’s good news. But again, it’s like how
much of life with adult kids does mom share on YouTube? And talking hand says, “Not much.” But you see the presents, there you go. – [Travis] And these
aren’t, but those are. – Oh, okay, yeah, that’s
something for Naomi and Zion. Is that flashlights? Okay, so yeah, dad got them
special high power flashlights. This is for Jadin and his girl, let’s get wrapping other stuff. Let me show you the real fun mess that’s on this side of the room. Jamerrill why do you have bags of trash just all in your house? It’s not bags of trash, it’s
all the Christmas presents. Think I told you last year,
we accidentally donated Stories From Christmas Past. I donated Daniels birthday presents to the thrift store last year
when we did a big clean out. And Travis is like wouldn’t let me wrap, let me get him some stuff to wrap and then I’ll tell you a story. So the first thing, first things first, so every Christmas Eve we do pajamas. And yes, we decided
we’re still doing pajamas for adult kids. So let’s see here. Okay, this is Daniel. So they will get new
pajamas on Christmas Eve, and I do usually get them two sets. One to wear on Christmas Eve
and then another for Christmas. So here you go, aren’t those cute? Got a walrus, got some football. (coughs) Then we’ve got Manny
Boo, he is still able, I always loved these footed sleepers. So yes, Travis does all
the wrapping, it continues, yesterday for Daniel’s birthday
he did all the wrapping. I don’t know how to wrap a present anymore because once I found
out Travis could wrap, he’s got himself a job, huh? But this is from Costco. Three T, got the little footies clipped up there but. So, Benjamin jammies. And, oh yes, these are super cute. So this is for Miss Amelia,
a little koala with glasses. These again are from Costco. I love the Carter’s things at Costco. And they wear them all year. I’ve been looking at
kids lately if they get, “Oh, you’re getting me
jammies,” and they need it. A stretch plushy set for
Amelia, so it’s her two pairs. So we wrap until the day of Christmas Eve, this year I also worked on
getting the kids a robe, okay? At least some of them,
I think I did girls. The girls got robes. Because I live my life in my robe, so there you go that’s for Amelia. And this was Costco too. I got the boys stuff at
Walmart, we’ll get to them. Okay, so then for Zion got him, so that is a
two-pack, a two-pack of… He was telling me the other
day he needed new pajama pants. And then I’ve been getting
his clothes in a large, he’s a men’s medium, but
just so much stuff shrinks and I don’t do laundry perfectly, as most things of mine. Okay, and then for Naomi, so
one pair of pajama bottoms. And then, here’s the other
pair of pajama bottoms, super comfy, and then, new robe. Okay, so for Gabriel
and Liam’s and Jeremy’s, remember who’s is who’s. They’re both of the 10/12s, but I tell you Gabriel is just having growth spurt after growth spurt right now. He’s gonna need 14, size
14/16 sizes very soon. Liam still has a lot of 10s that fit him. Gabriel’s has to be 12,
he cannot fit in 10 pants and has to be, mom’s the voice. Anyway, all that to say
I didn’t wanna get him 10/12 jammies, but I know the 14/16 is still too a little big. It’s just the struggle of growing kids. So anyway, we’ve got
this spider man jammies, has the hood, yes. And then we have a snooze, you lose, glow in the dark with pajama bottoms. So these are Gabriel’s. And then for Liam we have glow in the dark shark and then we have Minecraft
with the Creeper, Creeper head. This is some stuff I’ve got from my mom, otherwise known as grandmother. If you looked at my Instagram, if you’re not following me on Instagram, you should go follow me over there ’cause you see stuff you
never see on YouTube, like adult kids getting married
and my mom riding sidesaddle and Naomi and her at this big reenactment in these ball gowns that my mom handmade. Anyway, my mom loves clads
and things like that. This is just a simple throw. Everyone always loves body sprays. Yes, I got her another chicken. Yap, everyone needs a chicken. And then, I don’t think she has these. I don’t think, I just
recently here the last year discovered the wonderfulness of having a portable phone charger. I have one that just is in
my purse and if I’m stuck and if I’m not near my phone charger. We were in New York City last year. We were traveling with
someone who had one of these, and I was like, my life
is forever changed. So my mom travels a lot,
she rides sidesaddle a lot, and I thought here you go,
while she’s up on the horse she can have a portable phone charger. So these are grandmother gifts. Okay, here are some things that were not in my Present video, extra things I’ve added since then. This is towards Gabriel and Liam pile. Again, are more Costco goodies. So you can still run up to
Costco and get this stuff. And then, towards my Daniel pile, he always loves these Magformers. Years ago, when I was doing a
bunch of homeschool blogging, I worked with a company that
just gave us a bunch of, we did a bunch of Magformers stuff and we still have some in the lump sum but we need a fresh set. Another thing added to Daniel’s pile was this. This is additional stuff that
wasn’t in the other video. (Christmas chorales) So something that I just
realized that we did. This is one of the dangers
when you have a kiddo whose birthday is really
close to Christmas, because Daniel’s is the week before, Liam’s is the week after. And what I did with Daniel’s this year, he had a really good birthday, I bought Christmas presents and I got birthday
amount birthday presents. But I ended up giving him a
few things on his birthday that I was thinking in
my head for Christmas. It’s hard to keep it all straight. You see me with my trash
bag organization, right? So he’s got three things now this evening. We’ve got this “Toy Story
Dry Erase Board” book. We’ve got the Magformers set, and we have a Hot Wheel set. But Travis and I were just
talking we’re gonna have to get Daniel some more things tomorrow. So Merry almost Christmas, Daniel. And one of the things I had for Benjamin I had sitting in Daniel’s pile. So anyway, don’t worry, the kid
will have a lovely Christmas but we’ve gotta get him more things. So this is our growing pile that’s just gonna sit here on the floor. We have our Christmas tree in
our sitting room this year, years past I’ve put it here,
we put presents around it. But I think since I’ve kinda
mixed things up this year, once we’re done wrapping, again, we’re a few days before Christmas. I think honestly, we’re just
gonna put a tablecloth on here and I’m gonna have a massive
Christmas present mountain because there’s just no room for this under our tree quite literally. And yeah, we can just go from there. Again, not the worst problem
to have in the world, but that’s the problem we’re,
the issue we’re dealing with. There’s the stockings,
I need to also work on getting the stockings filled up. More stuff of Zion’s, like I say, Zion has his little
quarter set up down here and he’s at the movies,
so I’m just letting it be, but I’m gonna keep piling up there. Travis right now is working
on some more Daniel stuff, then we have our Amelia pile growing here. So now while we have our elf working I’m gonna tell you a little
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your head from your perspective and you would love to
know their perspective. You do this every week for the whole year, StoryWorth is compiling it. Then at the end of the year,
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storyworth.com/largefamilytable, you’ll get $20 off your first purchase. Little messed up ice cream
but I found it in the freezer. Obviously melted at some point, refrozen, I’m not complaining. This is something that was not
in my Christmas Haul video. Gabriel has really wanted
this book from Costco. You see that, he’s just so
amazed with these pictures, so added that to his stack. If I can stop chewing for a minute this “Marble Run: Engineering Academy,” I can just see him really enjoying it. It’s got everything in this
box here and he’ll build it. I think you’re gonna love
these when you see ’em. It’s a steel model kit, no glue required. Travis hasn’t watched the video yet, nor does he know about this, but I know this is right up his alley. So Gabriel got the T-Rex,
and Liam got the dragon. Okay, so we’re letting Travis have a present wrapping break right now. But I’m going to finally get
to work on these stockings. The kids have gone to bed,
go to bed, stay in bed kids, but we’re gonna get these
stockings going now. And some of these things, I
call these stocking presents. You can see my full
Dollar Tree Haul on these but we’ll wrap ’em and they’ll be there right with their stockings
they’ll get on Christmas. And I’ll share it in my
Dollar Tree video that the stockings ended up being
about $13 per kiddo this year. Stockings and stocking-style treats, which I think is pretty good. (Christmas chorales) Of course, we got the Flying Chickens for those who need them. (Christmas chorales) There’s a look at our
tree, we’re winding down, we’re getting there, we’re getting there. And then streamers from
Daniel’s birthday yesterday. Okay, so the present wall is growing. We’ve got, this is that one
picture I got for Naomi, and then a fresh Teenage
Girl Bible, and a journal. So there you go, dad. I’m sure Travis will
wrap this appropriately. I’m picking different art things and wrapping things together. So just got a nice pile growing. This is two different
types of artist paper, then drawing paper, and
then water colored paper. Yep, there’s our products, I
guess they might stand here on the bookshelves for tonight. Also got all the stockings done. So this is Jadin, this is his girls. There’s Zion’s, Naomi’s, Gabriel, Liam, Amelia, Daniel and Benjamin. Little baby Sharky sticking out, so all the stockings are hung
by the chimney with care. It’s Travis versus the flower. Okay, this is the last
one, the last hurrah. So I’ll give you guys a time update. This is like one of my
freezer cooking nights. When I cook all evening. This is video footage of
Travis not listening to me. He’s got his ear buds in.
(laughing) There he is, he’s listening. – Is that it?
– That’s it, yeah. – This really needs more. – We know by this, we still
have to do some more shopping. We still have to pick up Zion’s big thing. Daniel needs a couple more things, and I’m thinking Amelia might
need two more things as well. Are we 75% done over here with all that? Pretty much. So out of nine, six are completely done. Our kitty, Sneakers supervising
the whole operation. Before I show you this time and you will not, you won’t be surprised, don’t forget to head over to
storyworth.com/largefamilytable to get $20 off creating this
amazing family memory book with someone special in your
family over the next year. Again, that’s
for $20 off, and create an amazing family keepsake. Yes, you know, we could
have gone so much later but mom and dad wrapping presents until almost one in the morning, and also tell us down
in the comments below if you are done wrapping yet. When do you wrap? Do you do it weeks before? Do you do it as you buy the presents? Do you do it the night
before on Christmas Eve? I know we’ve done that before. Tell us in the comments when you wrap. So, good night. (celestial music)