hi welcome to the second video from my Tokyo storefront series I have been living in Tokyo for three years now and I have found a lot of interesting buildings here with out of character so I decided to portray them in a new watercolor illustrations series this is a building I discovered in the Jimbo Joe district and it was a tailor shop actually a really nice kind of industrial looking front with the metal paneling going straight to the top really interesting like round sign unfortunately the sign was taken down when the shop was converted from the tailors to like a Verity goods shop in Japan they call it sucka so it’s like goods from period of I dunno 1960s or something and it’s basically just cool shop with these cool weird things so they took down the sign that said it’s a tailor shop and they put a small moto so former tailor shop near near the black and golden sign I found some photos on the internet showing the the round sign and I decided to add it even though it’s not there anymore other than this the shop is more or less intact and you can still visit it in Jimbo Chow and do some shopping there and it’s really interesting to see the inside because it also haven’t changed so you can still see the old layout and everything for this piece I’m using my watercolor set my large watercolor set and you can see what colors and what brands I’m using exactly on my website in the frequently asked questions and as for the paper I’m using the usual cold rain water for Dwight three hundred grams per square meter cotton paper and the lines are done with a copic multiliner 0.7 millimeters okay so that’s the picture done I used gold acrylics for design you can see the picture and a bigger version and some close-ups on my website and also you can buy the prints of the illustrations from the series on my society6 print shop subscribe if you want to see more videos like this I will be making a video for every illustration from this series you can see more of my art also some things I am doing professionally on my website Cheers see you in the next video