Japan is known for it’s convenience, and nowhere can you see it best than it’s vending machine many of which we featured in our series There is the hot food vending machine Fresh brewed coffee Ramen and banana vending machine There is also a vending machine standing bar and Crepe vending machine Japanese Sake taste testing and of course a totally unstaffed vending machine restaurant There are also Gachapon toy machines Dispensable unique and collectable toys and in this episode I’m introducing to you a brand new vending machine one that is like a department store opened 24hours a day The perfect place to buy a gift, whether it’s for… a birthday, an anniversary, or in this case, Christmas Just think, if you can avoid the store lines, and the delivery wait for online shopping, wouldn’t that be the perfect solution for Christmas shopping? This machine seems to be that answer for me A simple solution for lazy guys who want to be done with it in 5minutes or less Get into the spirit of vending machine shopping This machine is loaded with goodies There are many reasons this is the perfect one stop shop They are convenient. There are over 600 of them around Tokyo It’s quick Push the button, and done It’s 1000 yen, or about 10 dollars for each gift If the gift is no good, it’s not your fault Blame the machine Oh, and it’s fun That’s the way shopping should be All you need is a wad of 1000 yen notes The first gift was a pair of LED glasses Next, a smart egg It’s kind of a puzzle This one’s a mystery A box. I wonder what’s inside The hard part is deciding which button to push next Ah, a pair of wrap around head phones Hmm…should I go high, or low? Maybe I’ll go low this time and a pair of walkie talkie watches That’s enough for now I should’ve brought a Santa sack for these presents to be It’s quite a haul and very little fuss Ah, my friends are going to love these So, what’s the deal? Let’s ask Nakajima-san The CEO What exactly is this vending machine? This is a Gachapon machine for adults You will find various products from many brands is what you’ll get from this vending machine Where the heck did you come up with this concept? Well, to be perfectly honest… when I was a child, I loved to play with Gachapon capsule toy machines I wanted to play Gachapon for 24hours but that kind of Gachapon does not exist in Japan When you think of Gachapon, it’s usually made of plastic, with weak security you can’t leave them out on the streets for 24hours It’s normal now that when the store closes, the Gachapon machines are brought inside and locked away I wanted to overcome that and, make something available for 24hours and fixed up the old vending machines and created a 24hour Gachapon like vending machine There are expensive things in there, right? Sure, there are expensive things in there Is that ok? I mean it’s only 1000yen It’s 1000yen but Thanks to bulk buying, we can keep the cost low so we are able to provide everyone with something worth 1000yen or more and in every 300 to 400 items, we add goods worth 20,000 yen or more There are luxury items in there as well What we like to call it is THE DREAM VENDING MACHINE It started out with just one machine but now there are nearly 650 of them Inside the machines are 20 items, right? Inside them are actually 4 to 50 items in the machine -50 items?
-That’s right But there are only 20 buttons There are 20 buttons but, each slot may have 2 items or even 3 items It’s a secret but toda I want to show you what’s inside What’s inside?Let’s reveal the secret treasure Nakajima-san designed these machines himself Recycling old machines exactly for this purpose to give small gifts to people Here’s what’s inside The product lineup is like this The items fall from different places For example, let’s see… He converted old Japanese book vending machines into a mystery box dispenser. refitting the button and style. The button lights up when the item is available in that position When pushed, the machine simply releases the box in that location Box drops and it’s yours Just like that The system is really simple Nakajima-san made the first machine for himself to play with so he can stop by after work near his office Normal Gachapon machines aren’t 24 hours and he got off work late Of course his friends made fun of him but who’s laughing now? He’s got around 650 machines around Tokyo His job is leasing vending machines but when the book vending machine leases were up, he was stuck with 1000 of them Instead of throwing them away, he converted them to these This is really cool Cool There is a postcard in here When you win this, and you send the post card, this will be sent to your house This is not 1000yen This is 1000yen 1000yen and this may come out Sort of looks like a Pokemon Ball It’s really hard to copy this machine No way it will be copied Loaded with gifts, it was time to make my Christmas deliveries First up, Simon and Martina I gave them the pair of walkie talkie watches Look at the twinkle in their eyes.. Yes, they really do work Ahh, the spirit of Christmas Next stop, my friend Shingo He loves to solve problems at work, so I knew he’d love this one A smart egg You have to be smart to key threw the egg in a minute or less I have no doubt he’ll figure it out I found Peter in Akasaka He’s a big audio file and always dressing stylish so I knew he’ll love these Wrap around head phones Rock around town in comfort and style Here is Joseph The ultimate LED do it yourselfl tech wizard Nothing could be more fitting than this LED glasses that lights up to sound They also lit up a big smile Next, off to my favorite neighbor’s house Mr.Seiichi My 95 year old neighbor has always shared his wisdom about Japan with me Today, I’m going to enlighten him Yep, those LED glasses again It’ll be perfect when he sings Karaoke next time with his friends and family 5 for 5 This vending machine was the perfect answer to my last minute shopping So, if you come to Japan, give the KING’s Treasure Box or the Dream Vending Machine a try You might get lucky and win something big or you just might get something fun like these Merry Christmas I went back to get myself a gift These machines are all over the city If you want to see what I got, Check out the ONLYinJAPAN instagram page for the answer Thanks for watching ONLYinJAPAN Check out the latest episode, channel playlist and don’t forget to subscribe See you next time. Matane