Good morning guys, it is Sunday morning – afternoon
actually. And we are in Mangwon, and we’re going to
go to a thrift store that I just found, I’ve been dying to go to, I’m really excited! The people are so nice, I’ve asked them so
many questions like “can I bring my dog?” “are you guys open on Sundays?” (cause there was conflicting information)
So the people who work there are super nice, its a second hand store, any body can sell
there, any body can donate there, so let’s go find some stuff hopefully! Let’s go! Well this was an incredibly dangerous discover. So this is called Market Inu, and they have
two locations:they have one here in Mangwon and its right next to Mangwon Station, you
can’t get lost. And then there’s one near Seoul-dae-pu-gu
Station, or Seoul National University, and that’s only open Mon-Fri, but Mangwon is open
on the weekends. And I got a jacket, like a kind of coat (I
think it will be better for Spring), and a sweater, and a pair of socks! So the socks are the only thing that aren’t
second hand that’s from a local brand made in Korea, they have a couple jewelry pieces
and a couple notebooks too. And they’re all tied to promoting the community~
I don’t know that place is just really cool, they were playing really awesome Japanese
music…They have a small men’s section, mostly women’s. The shoes were mostly small, the pants were
also mostly small – I think the biggest size I saw was 29 in womens…But they had handbags,
coats, substantial coats!, they had boots, they had bags, oh my goodness! I love thrifting so I get really excited when
I find a new place, and the people there were so nice. It’s all about reselling and trying to create
the best impact on the world as possible. I really like them, I will link their very
dangerous Instagram down below, where they show their coolest stuff. Most of their stuff was between 5,000won to
30,000 was the highest I saw. But I think that it’s pretty good shop so
now we’re going to hit a cafe, and wait for my boyfriend to wake up, we’re going to go
get lunch, and let’s go!! Good day~ Okay boyfriend is awake so we’re
going to go get lunch, I’m going to go meet him. And that cafe was really nice, I got a mocha
which I never do I’m always just black tea or black coffee but I totally got a mocha
so I’m going to be really really hyper and my boyfriend’s going to hate me. But that’s totally fine~ So now we’re going
to catch a bus go over to Sinchon, leave this area – Mangwon is the super hipster area now. Especially this street, so everything is packed
because its all the ~cool~stuff. So I got to go focus and get on my bus! Let’s get out of here! We have no ventured to Yeouido, because we
have a Starbucks gift card, that we want to use but we want it to be an empty Starbucks
because Starbucks are always crowded…so we came to Yeouido where it should be abandoned
on a Sunday, and it pretty much is, so hopefully we find an empty cafe~ Okay! So that place was called Market Inu as I said,
and I saw brands there like kind of no-name brands but also Zara, and I think…oh and
Hollister which I havent seen since middle school. This sweater which I quite like, its not a
color I would normally try red isnt usually my thing, but I got this and it was 6,000won
my jacket was actually the most expensive and it was 17,000 but I really like it. And I got socks that were 5,000 which is kind
of expensive, but they were not thrifted they were from a local brand that does organic
cotton and they give a certain amount to children’s aide. I hope that was helpful for you guys, its
been a year since I made my last thrifting in Korea video, which is crazy because I thrift
like everyday, I try not to. But yeah that was a new find for me, but I
usually still just go to Vin Prime because that’s my rock. Also I wanted to say that I finished my first
book of 2018! It is The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead. I thought it was really good, it got to be
a little confusing it is chronological, but there are big chunks missing and it kind of
switches characters just once – like everything was from one POV and then randomly there was
another persons POV for like 5 pages… I find this period in history very very interesting. In elementary school I read everything I could
possibly read about Harriet Tubman. Oh I actually never read the back but apparently
it was Oprah Winfrey’s book club selection for 2016. I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do
more book related videos so I think my next video will be about my all time favorite books. I have to actually organize my thoughts and
I know that I’m going to forget some and in the comments I’ll add a thousand more. I’m currently reading a Salman Rushide ‘The
Golden House’ I will let you know what I think about that once I finish it, and yeah oh! Sorry guys I forgot that I never actually
said how I felt about Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant. I did really like it – I also along with Harriet
Tubman, went through a period of being obsessed with King Arthur, I was a weird kid, big history
buff. It’s set kind of in that time period the Dark
Ages of England. At first I thought it was just going to kind
of be like this adventure story, but the end was really philosophical, as expected of Kazuo
Ishiguro. Like literally the last page had me going
like ‘ooooooooooh’ and now I kind of want to read it again. I would only read it if you’re kind of into
that medieval style of writing, it could get kind of boring. I was a relatively quick read, less than 400
pages. I enjoyed it, but its very different from
Never Let Me Go if you have read that, by this author. And if you havent you should because that’s
*spoiler alert* one of my favorite books. This was my last book of 2017, first book
of 2018, off to a good start. I will need to wrap this up, I can talk about
books forever, so I will catch you guys later….The air was really really bad today so actually
all public transportation was free to get people off the streets so that they didnt
have to walk long distances in this really bad air. So I normally just walk home but today I took
the bus…Even though I had a face mask. If you are in Korea, I hope you are doing
alright, wearing your face masks, staying inside, drinking lots of water, make sure
you shower and really wash your hair. Stuff like that. So anyway I keep rambling so I will see you
guys next time, thank you as always for joining me! and have a good one! Byeeee!!!