A STORE OWNER THINKS CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS AROUND THE CITY… ARE WHY THIEVES TARGETED HIS STORE. NEWS 13’S SOYOUNG KIM SHOWS YOU THE GREAT LENGTHS THEY WENT THROUGH TO BREAK-IN… AND WHAT THEY’RE AFTER. THIEVES TRIED TO BREAK-INTO THIS WELDING SUPPLY STOREA FEW MONTHS AGO. 10:19 – 24 “The rod iron door inside, and they couldn’t pry that open, they couldn’t get into it.” AND FAILED. BUT THEY GOT ANOTHER IDEA… AND HIT AGAIN EARLY SATURDAY MORNING. 13:06 – 08 “Half the storefront was taken out.” THIS TIME GETTING CREATIVE. 7:10 – 17 “There’s the skid marks where they were spinning their tires to rip the rod off with a chain or something and ripped everything out.” THE HIGH DESERT INDUSTRIAL STORE AT THE CORNER OF CANDELARIA AND PRINCETON.. SELLS WELDING EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS. 14:33 – 40 “They took welders from us, they took numerous carts from us, they took chop saws, they took tools.” THAT’S WHAT THE THIEVES WERE AFTER, BUT WHY? 15:30 – 35 “The welders that we carry range anywhere from like $1,200 to $6,000.” THE OWNER OF THE SHOP SAYS HE THINKS CRIMINALS ARE MAKING A QUICK TURN ON THESE ITEMS AT CONSTRUCTION SITES. 19:38 – 45 “They might go to job sites where there’s other welders and say hey, I have a welder over here.” AND CAN MAKE A COUPLE HUNDRED DOLLARS. 6:10 – NATS BARS 5:06- 09 “They pulled out one, two, three bars.” THE OWNER SAYS HE’S NOT THE ONLY ONE… 18:10 – 17 “He got broken into CUT AND BUTT they took his welder, took his truck.” HE’S NOW INSTALLING SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS. 16:04 -06 “For us, it’s a big loss” THE OWNER SAYS SEVERAL OTHER STORES ON THIS STREET HAVE ALSO BEEN HIT IN RECENT MONTHS. HE’S TALKING TO NEIGHBORING BUSINESSES IN HOPES OF STARTING A NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH PROGRAM.