(scribbling) – [Child Voice] Tic tac toy – Where’s Waldo, where’s Waldo. Got to be here somewhere. This is trickier than
it f-, what are those? For Maya? Where did these come from? (upbeat music) Crazy, these make you see everything in black and white, this is trippy. I still see things in black and white. This is not good, what happened to my eyes,
who gave me these glasses? From the Toy Master, oh no! (upbeat music) – So Maya tell me what symptoms
you are experiencing today? – Well I can only see
black and white, no color! – And it’s all because of the Toy Master. – The Toy Master, he completely
wiped out all of the toys from the toy pharmacies last week. – He did? So how do I get my toy
prescription filled? – Will she have to see
black and white forever? – Well luckily as you can
see, I have quite a large stockpile of toy medicine
here in my toy doctor office, so I’m hoping I have
exactly what you need. – I sure hope so (suspense music)
– Alright well tell you what Maya,
let’s just do a really quick exam and I’ll see exactly
how bad the situation is, think I’m gonna start with the Fingerlings eye test,
let’s start with that. – Okay sounds good toy doctor. – Okay Maya I am holding five Fingerlings, which one is purple? – Uhh, I don’t know, I just don’t know maybe this one or this one? – This is worse than I thought toy doctor. – Okay no need to panic yet,
I have one more test I can do. Alright Maya I have three Zhuzhu pets, which one is yellow? – Uh, it’s just so hard to tell. – Just do your best Maya
– Okay this one. – Well Maya I’m afraid to
tell you, but it looks like you definitely have a case of Toy Master induced color blindness. – I can’t believe the Toy
Master did this to you, we have to find him and he’s
gonna pay for this Maya. – I agree that the Toy
Master has got to be captured, but the problem is, no one even knows who this mysterious person is. – Well do you have any toy medicine I could use to see color again? – Luckily I do have
something, there’s this new game out called Spy Code
Hackathon and it should do the trick, I happen to have one left on my toy medicine shelf. well, I know it was just here. – Did the Toy Master strike again? – Well I don’t know, I
mean I’ve been in here all morning long, I’m sure I
would’ve seen something or heard something if
he came in here and took my Hackathon game, it was right here. – This is not good, and you said that the toy pharmacy doesn’t
have any medicine too. – I’m afraid so their all
out, thanks to the Toy Master – Well what is she gonna do? – I have an idea, I’ll
write you a prescription for Spy Code Hackathon and you
could try taking it to your local Toys’R’Us store, maybe
they’ll have one in stock. – Unless the Toy Master
already got to them too. – Well let me write the
prescription and you should probable get there as
quickly as you can girls. – [Girls] Yeah good idea. – What is this? – [Everyone] First clue E – This must be some clue
from the Toy Master. – Well what do you think it means? Does it stand for something
like elevator or elephant? – I’m not sure, but why
don’t you take this with you to Toys’R’Us you could think
about it some more okay girls, you better get there quick, and good luck. Agh that Toy Master. – Five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 Okay I am officially
open for business today, hmm I wonder who my first
customer is going to be. – Easter
– Echo – Elephant
– Electricity? – Good morning and welcome to Toys’R’Us. – Hi there, please tell me
that you have a Hackathon game. – Oh you two happen to
be in luck because I do, just right over there on that top shelf. – That’s the best news I heard all day – Well just wonderful
and why don’t you take this shopping cart over
there and just pile on a few other things too, have fun shopping. – Where is it, where is it?
(happy music) – Why don’t you throw those
Fuzzy Wubbles in your cart and the Enchantimals or how
about a Neonate baby too, you want one of those don’t you? – Excuse me but where did you
say the Hackathon game was? – Just right there at
the top shelf, right, wait a minute where did it go? – Oh no the Toy Master has been here too. – The Toy Master, who is that? Has there been a thief
in my Toys’R’Us store? – Were trying to figure out exactly who the Toy Master is, no one knows. – He’s been stealing toys
from everyone though. – Say it isn’t so
– I’m afraid so, we’re on a mission to try and
find him and try and catch him – Well this Toy Master hasn’t
taken my money too has he? Wait, what is this? It’s the letter R – [Girls] It’s another clue!
Can we have that please – Yeah I guess so take the
paper just don’t take my money – Okay Maya, maybe the Toy Master is spelling something for
us, and if we decode it maybe it’ll lead us to the Hackathon game, or the Toy Master. – Maybe so but what can be
spelled with an E and a R – I don’t know, ear, eraser,
there’s probably thousands of words with an E and an R in them. – You’re right how are we
ever gonna solve this Addy – Excuse me miss do you know any place we can find a Hackathon game? – Well I know the toy
school has a lot of toys why don’t you try there? – Great idea Addy, let’s go
quickly I wanna see color again – Good luck girls
– [Girls] Bye! – Bye, hmm that Toy Master better not take any more of my toys. (upbeat music) – Wow Maya did such a great
job with her green and red crayons, this deserves and A plus – [Girls] Miss Lucy, Miss
Lucy, we’re so glad you’re here – Well I’m so glad to see you guys too, I was just grading your paper Maya excellent work on coloring, I love your choice of green and red. – Too bad I can’t even see
the colors I used Miss Lucy – Well what ever do you mean Maya? – The Toy Master made her color blind We’re on the hunt for some toy medicine to hopefully reverse it. – Wait a minute, is this
whole Toy Master thing real? You know I’ve heard rumors about it but I thought they were just that, rumors. You’re telling me the
Toy Master really exists? – He sure is Miss Lucy,
he’s stolen toys from the toy pharmacy, the
toy doctor and toys’R’Us. – Oh my that’s terrible, well what can I do to help you girls? – We’re trying to find a Hackathon game to cure my color blindness. – Oh you know what I can
help you look at that I know I have it right over here on my toy shelf, let’s see here. Hmm, you know, I thought it
was right here on this shelf but I suppose it could be up here. You don’t suppose the Toy
Master stole it do you – Not again
– Look there’s another clue on your board Addy – The letter K
– Clue, what do you mean? – The Toy Master has been
leaving us these weird clues so far we’ve found an R, an E and a K. – We’re guessing it’ll
spell something important like it’ll lead us to the Toy Master – What word can we make
with an R a E and a K? – Hmm okay let’s see, erk no, ker, rek, ekr jeez there’s none I can think of like this is it a possibility that
were missing some letters? – I’ts a possibility, we don’t even know – Well jeez I feel I’ve
been no help in helping you track down the Toy Master or even curing your color
blindness, I’m sorry guys – It’s okay but maybe there’s
one way you could help. – Anything what is it?
– Can you think of anywhere else we can find the Hackathon game? – Hmm let’s see, you know what have you tried the toy hotel yet? – Great idea
– Good idea, okay you guys good luck, I hope you find it! – Okay so I have you in for five nights in the Polly Pocket suite
beginning January 18th, thank you so much for
choosing the toy hotel – [Girls] Excuse me
– Oh goodness I’m so sorry girls I’m just
a little bit on edge today – Why is something wrong? – Oh it’s the Toy Master,
we’ve discovered that our entire toy gift shop has
been completely wiped out not a single toy left,
there’s only a mysterious post-it note with a letter left behind. – He strikes again Maya,
can we see the post-it note – Sure just head to the gift shop, bellhop Jason should be in there. – C, C what does that mean? – [Girls] It’s the letter C! – Hi girls, does this
mean something to you? – Well sort of bellhop Jason
– We’ve been collecting these clues all day long,
they’re from the Toy Master – Yeah we think they’ll lead us to him – Really girls, can I see them? – We have to rearrange the
letters to see what they spell – Okay I’m pretty good at spelling, let me see if I could help you guys. K, R, C, E, Chrissy? Kiercy? – That doesn’t make any sense, let me try – I got it, R,E,C,K, wreck! – No no, wreck is spelled
W,R,E,C,K and we don’t have W – Well maybe the next clue will be a W – Well even if it is what would it mean? – Wreck, wreck, I don’t know
– Bellhop Jason I know your toy gift
shop has been wiped clean but do you happen to have an extra Hackathon game lying around somewhere? – I’m afraid not, have you
checked with the toy scientist I know she’s always concocting
new toys down in her lab. – No but that’s a great idea
– Let’s get our clues and go – Hope you find your game girls – Alright just a bit more
of this should do the trick – [Girls] Hi toy scientist
– Oh hello girls I wasn’t expecting you girls here for jeez at least couple of hours – Well I’m afraid there’s an emergency – Oh no it’s not the
Toy Master again is it. (suspense music) -I’m afraid
it is, first he left some glasses for Maya that made
her completely go color blind – Are you serious
– Yes and we’re trying to track down the right toy medicine for her. – And we’ve been collecting bunch of clues that we think might lead to him. – Wow I can’t believe that
no has caught him yet, well what kind of toy medicine are you looking for maybe I can help. – [Girls] The Hackathon game! – Oh boy you are in luck, I
just made one up yesterday – Perfect
– Well I’m just glad I can help, let me see, you know,I know this sounds crazy but, I thought it was just over here – Aww it’s not crazy the
same thing has been happening all day
– The Toy Master stole it – But how did he get in
here, I have been sitting in this stool, by this lab
bench working for hours, I mean all day long and
it was here this morning. – I’m starting to think the
Toy Master might be a ninja, that’s probably why he
gets in and out without getting caught.
– I bet you’re right Addy, this is all starting to make sense – Well if the Toy Master is a ninja it’s gonna be really hard to catch him. – No kidding
– So, where are these you were talking about? – Well I see one right up there. – These are them, they
have to spell something – Well let’s kind of just
rearrange with it and see if we can make up a word here. Maybe it ends in an E,
let’s put the R at the front – Oh yes
– Let’s see, no – Tic Tac Toy fans do you
know what these letters spell? – Wait I think I’ve got it
girls, C,R,E,E,K, creek! – [Girls] Thanks toy
scientist we gotta go. – No problem, good luck girls
I really hope you catch him – Okay keep your eyes open and
your Slimeblaster ready to go – I wish we knew what we we’re looking for – At this point, I’ll just fire
slime at anything suspicious (piano music) – Fire! (splatter sounds) I’m gonna get you
– Oh, I think that was just a squirrel Addy. – Oops, well it was good practice. – [Girls] Toy Master where are you? – Hello where are you Toy Master – Toy Master I really am missing color
Addy, I hope we find these toys – What’s that Maya – [Girls] It’s the game! – And look there’s like
five Hackathon games in here – They must be all the Hackathon
games the Toy Master stole – Well I’m so glad we found
the game so you can see color again Maya, but I
was really hoping the clues will lead us to the Toy Master. – I know, this probably means we’re gonna have to deal with him again though. – Okay but let’s get these home now so we can get your vision fixed. (electronic guitar music) – [Maya] I can’t wait
to play (suspense music) (electronic guitar music)