you have to have a reason why cars after come down and that's why innovating and constant innovation for us is a must okay and so what's actually keeping us awake please try and you know it and not reduce profitability hi it's Caroline would Sokka welcome back to my channel and my conversation on the retail revolution and I cannot do this without speaking to the gentleman next to me this is Willie kee money Willie is referred to in my circles by many ways our Willie will you are neighbors does anybody know you as anything else no in a world of who to me and mahkumaat comes tuskys and comes Willie who doesn't have Rolls Royce budgets but once the Rolls Royce show or kiss 100 Carolyn and I will never forget I mean okay how dare you what made you that daring have a branch of knowledge you've just rebranded we have a new tagline uh-huh and I definitely want to go ahead yes and the branch was in infancy stages and all that claim so to go for the best you go for the best yes my first novice within spitting distance was novice Westland yes if the only other place I'd ever seen novice was out of town in Eastlands and in kitchen gala yep when I used to go and check out my bluets so a novice comes to Westlands why does a new to me right opposite what was propelling you what she noticed with Westlands was it was actually underserved and entirely what was actually happening everybody go into Westlands was offering an a/b market the only thing that we had a whole larger mainstream medical community who know how to go back to town again and shop and go so our taking to restaurant you know green to actually at that particular portal point were we just before the masses we actually when doctrines and say ignored even rather not much in place live after oil from West Gate where they show they had no place to shop so they luckily all come flooding I was the guys walk to the guitar shops the guys walk to the hotel or the malls and all so those are very big market but everybody was coming in from the bigger mall the whole fancy award and so we gas giving us without then businesses Europe continues and then one day I run into you in my own spare time casually out to have a meal and I bring that you're like you need to come and see our new neighbors it's on Camp Road you made me look like if I did not come to see this place I was crazy and here's the thing it wasn't up yet yeah you think you've gotta see you've gotta see two years later I'm here who said you can do this exactly and we went we went all out we went to checked out the South African market checked out the European markets came back home we actually you know what exactly now the the outside market and how it actually feels and then we know canonized what we thought a food market to look like something that will actually not scare with the normal nervous customer who will actually be able to draw in the the a be market into specific to area because no is this kind of a mom a spot we can actually be able to go into into 11 trillion or carry me too yes bring it in capital center at that particular point never schooling do it nervous was just known for growing the best price own gather sugar that's where to go we still have that but you know India to jail without losing the customer that you really are and also attract their a customer also I need to ask you this much as you were excited without telling me I need to come and see it how many people said what the hell are you do that mean you guys and what is this the first and foremost thing guys were asking um so you you're such a percentage of your store it's gonna be it's gonna be fresh and the uptick for example the penetration we actually seen for fresh within all our stores this actually has all the food markets are very high in nutrition for fashion but this is not and I know because its retail it is about the customer yeah but it also makes business sense yes because in what we would call supermarket supermarket the margins there neither here nor there yes I'm not in court order 30% of your store is fresh and that accounts for what percentage of income without giving away a trade secrets aha but I'll actually say almost at least 40% of the profitability comes first what okay so when I spotted ability yes I know differently yes so when I started this conversation it's just because there was a night I was driving from a friend's house in Keela I Drive past Valley a kid and I see something called become a child like but it's an infant he wears it open and where does it look nice so I went back the next day and and then it's one I realized for a person like me was come from the world of candy the world of Woolworths ibrahim sunbeam this my mother would be so shocked but you see at the same time there is a twenty-something and a 30-something we think this is regular they don't know to my talk on my first cup especially as I reach Allah by day the first one actually community trust easier for example metamaterial justice will have to check orders on books and we had to know each and every escape yeah we like to go in check this is a adora I needed supplies coming in tomorrow's like in it's gossip yes coz to Pune Nene times to have what watch and then wait for the guy to come in beg him for an order yeah yeah yeah yeah that's where we came from mm-hmm now you actually have wall here your thoughts your data inside systems more people into each used to walk some crazy hours actually so return was just what you forgot a plan to be honest then why you know the market no then even but now ah things changed because no you actually getting specialises guys you're getting there's much more retail has become actually but a more whole bigger component and how he chose by systems survive margins aha by supplier engagement now because a spy and look and fear of course because you have to know hit you have to you know make so the innovations are all those things Wow yeah I don't think if I had tried to tell the story on radio it have worked because if you can't see it you don't understand and if I was telling you when I started working on this piece I'd remember I said so there's three people I have to talk to you it has to be really it has to be honey and I'll look for whether those characters ow who put up with Matt and opened it at midnight but this is beautiful yes it's taken me two years to come here he told me two years ago he says we have an open we have an open but when we open wait a minute he'll learn Imus you go haagen-dazs you know I've just seen the haagen-dazs yeah compiled a little finder you know how far you and I have come this is amazing so that's next I'm coming to the market reading yes bye my turn over V is the biggest battle in the biggest market reader you've seen the customer now is actually looking at the is that the gate and asking they go left to neighbors like right to have to do I go straight to quick my boy so you have to have a reason why guys have to come there and that's why innovating and constant innovation for us is a must okay and so what's actually keeping us awake let's try and we love it and not to lose profitability oh yes that's actually watched and that is true and I'll add bells and whistles it eats into your and that's why something like this hits that's why I know for us fresh is big that's why fresh leads in the best way that's why you're actually going to be given all our stores whatever week nakuru beach swimming beach well we actually making sure that today the kings of fresh and this is the second most developed market of a South African so have you broken into East Africa yet not anybody was going out of Kenya come back has come back it'd be that's so so you know look uh guess what even if their last problem that you had I feel the last one year uh-huh with the two main retailers with still more on JetBlue by three positive still yes so that's the shock I need time is always right yeah and this was the right time for me to come thank you not two years ago when you could walk me through and show me that Oh weather incidentally you know the way you say you come by a kick in a supermarket just try again okay I'm not gonna say anything else I'm gonna say this is my very good friend we've never done this even rounds on radio you never interviewed you and finally because I'm trying to tell a story about the revolution of retail I got to interview Willie