So after the Christmas gluttony – I actually went out 21 nights in a row… In January we knew we needed to take drastic measures. So we decided to do ‘The Gut Makeover’ with nutritionist Jeannette Hyde And you actually can win the chance to win a free signed book and a consultation with Jeannette so that she can get you started on the Gut Makeover as well. The main principles are: you need to increase your variety with lots of vegetables and you also need to cut out things like alcohol, caffeine, sugar, processed foods – basically anything that could irritate your guts. Because we all have different guts – even Lisa and I. So normally Jeannette tells you to wean yourself off but no, no – in true Mac style we went from Christmas gluttony to cutting out absolutely everything. From hero to zero. Also you have to cut out dairy, but you reintroduce things like Roquefort and kefir about 3 weeks in to get your probiotics up. In the first week we felt awful. Awful. Like, sore heads… really bad cravings, really down But as we crawled into week 2 we were already starting to feel better and have more energy and then by week 3 we were the ‘wake up before your alarm’ and were cheery at 8am. So the sort of stuff we were eating was a lot of fruit and vegetables, chicken, lots of nuts, lots of homemade soups, ginger and lemon with hot water instead of teas and coffees. I got the slow cooker out and was making meatballs and generally was being loads more experimental. I was eating up to 30 different types of vegetables a week. Also we found alternatives for coffees – things like chicory root and almond milk. We also found this – but once we’d finished. But it’s basically natural, caffeine-free tea. So basically in short, we lost over a stone between us we had no sore tummies, not even a sniffle, bundles and bundles of energy No headaches, skin was clear and normally I suffer quite badly from acne. Jeannette also gets you to take a questionnaire which is things about your mental health and how you feel lifestyle-wise. My score at the start was something like 120 something? It’s the worst she’d ever seen… And then I went down to 32 …and I went down to 13 Which is amazing. Honestly, we had our first ever sober night out – and we didn’t mind We had sparkling water and lime, and pretended to everyone that it was gin and tonic! Also I saw it out in style with an 11 course taster menu… And I had an expresso martini… Usually after that much food my stomach would be really dodgy – I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it after because I would have eaten too much. But because my gut was in such tip-top shape, I felt amazing… it was fine! Now we’re a week into our old lives again, but we’re only have 1 coffee a day we’re cutting down on alcohol, having much more fruit and veg and taking a lot of the tips that we learned during the gut makeover that made us feel good Remember the competition – details are below – and also on we’ve got a link to the book and you can buy it on there and you can feel great too! Don’t be… lazy!