Hi there, fans! I’m Keir, the communications director for
Random Tuesday, and we’re the organization behind the Fandom Running Club and the Fanthropy programs. I’m here today to introduce you to the FRC Bazaar, the one-stop shop for access to all our available fan-themed virtual running events. If you’re totally new to virtual running, let’s take a quick minute to explain how it works. Each virtual running event is a fun and engaging way to get up and moving to do some good for your personal health and fitness, while doing something great for the world at the same time. How does it work? You register for each event with a $25 donation, and registration proceeds will go to support our non-profit charity
partners. Whatever that event’s distance is, you can
complete it in any way you choose, whenever and wherever you decide. Run on a treadmill, hike in the woods, walk your campus or workplace hallways, jog the boardwalk, anything! It’s
really “your race, your pace, your place”. You don’t have to report back to us to prove you’ve completed it, or use any tracking apps to monitor distance unless you choose to. This is all about you! Best of all, in about a week, you’ll be
sent your uniquely designed fandom-themed medal! The medals are shipped on the “honor system”, so if you don’t have the chance to complete your distance by the time the medal arrives, that’s okay! Do it how, when, and where you can! Now, let’s get started. Right now, you see the Bazaar on a desktop view, but I’m switching over to mobile because a lot of you get things done on phones and tablets. The functions and features are the same either way. You’ll notice at the start that your cart
balance is zero and the “register now” button is disabled. To begin doing anything, you
have to increase the registrations to at least one by hitting the plus sign, and now the
button is enabled. Click that button, and we’re in like Flynn! (Sorry, ‘TRON’ reference, couldn’t help it.) We need to know your contact information, that you’re old enough to take part in our events, and how to reach you anywhere in the world so we can send you these medals. So fill in those details, and then there’s some fun stuff. Here in the Fandom Running Club, you get free customized digital runner’s bibs for every event that you register for. You get to pick
the name and the number that are displayed on the bibs, so have some fun with it! Just
don’t skip over these fields, because they’re required to continue. Now it’s time to start choosing the events
that you came here to register for. These all show up under “attendee items”. Let’s
say in this case that I came here to register for two Winchester Series medals: the Baby 6.7k; and the Enochian 9k. (I’m a big Castiel fan.) You see how each thumbnail image of the medal says “required”? That means that you have to tell the form that you do or don’t want
each medal in the Bazaar. It actually won’t let you complete the order until you opt in
or out of each one. I click “Add Baby” to pick that one up, and
notice the running balance goes up to $25USD. The next event down is the Enochian 9k, and
I click “Add Enochian” as well. The next medals might or might not interest me, but again, I have to say “add” or “no thanks” to each one. Maybe I already have the two Slayer Series medals, so “no” and “no”. And I have the d20 Roll from the Chaotic Series, but wait. When did this Forged by Fire 5k event come around? I have to have that! So “Add Forged”. I’m an 80s movie dork, so I got the Don’t
You 4k About Me back when it first opened, so I’m all good there, “No thanks”. The last item listed here has to do with $5USD
flat International Shipping because we want to keep costs down for people outside the
United States. If that applies to you, select the “Yes I Need International Shipping” button,
but if it doesn’t apply, you have to choose the “No I Live in the United States” button
because again, it’s the web form requiring one or the other to be selected. We encourage everyone to share our fanthropy
idea with others, so spread the word if you’d like to, but it’s not required. You’ll see your running total in the order
summary and if anything was missing or incomplete in the form above you’ll get messages here
that will help show you what needs fixing. From there you can head down to checkout for
payment details, and get ready to see those medals in your mailbox! If you still have any questions or issues,
ping us on social media, or email us at [email protected] Lastly, welcome! You’re entering a community
of over 75,000 people around the world who have logged over 12,000,000 miles running,
jogging, walking, and more; and who have raised over $2.5 million that has gone to over 50
small, incredible charity partners. Geek out. Get fit. Save the world.