Hi guys, welcome back to the Alchimie
Forever YouTube channel. You may have heard me or others mention Forever
Institut and Forever Boutique, and I thought it would be good for me to kind
of explain to you what these entities are, how they’re different, and most
importantly how they relate to the Alchimie Forever brand. So Forever Institut, or
Forever Instut as we say on en Fracais, was created as an expansion of my father’s
dermatological practice and is really the first fully integrated medical day
spa of Switzerland, the best of course. Although I might be biased but you
should know that we have the largest laser platform in Switzerland and that
we have pioneered a number of devices and techniques such as, for example, the
Fraxel we were the first to have. So we really take innovation very much to
heart and this is a medical spa where you can go and get everything taken care
of. Face, we do body, we do some mild plastic surgery, and of course all of
your injectables, peels, you know medical treatments for the skin. A couple other
things to note; my sister Rachel is the CEO of Forever Institute and it is really
where Alchimie Forever was born. If you have watched some of our previous
videos, especially the one where I share my favorite story which is how we ended
up having some skin care products, how we ended up with a skin care brand, that
really, you know, the birthplace of Alchimie Forever is Forever Institut. We opened Forever Boutique in October of 2017. This is our second location. It is in Lausanne,
also in Switzerland about an hour from Geneva. The idea behind Forever Boutique was really to create like a dry bar of Medi spa. So we simplified the menu, you
only can get three or four treatments done at Forever Boutique. It is a
much simpler menu than Forever Institute. We also wanted to make it more
approachable, more easier for you to go to. It is at the street level. It targets
a slightly younger clientele, you know we want to teach you about medical
esthetics when you’re in your 20s and 30s before you really start seeing
all these changes in your skin. So it’s really the best way to describe it. Thank
You Ali Wehbe is Drybar of medical esthetics. Hopefully it’s the first of
many locations, we shall see. And the other exciting thing about Forever
Boutique is that this is really a concept pioneered by the Polla sisters,
that’s the first thing that we’ve really done together as four sisters. So this
explains to you a little bit about these two entities. I hope you get to go to
Geneva and to Lausanne in Switzerland to visit. If you have, because you know
YouTube is for everyone, please share your comments in the comment section and
I look forward to seeing you in a future video. Also hi Cyril, Rachel, and Roxane. I
did this video for you.