– Hey everyone, welcome back to The Dish. Mike Frazier is on set with us. He’s this months Community Connection Champion. He is the CEO of Peak Capital Talent Solutions. He’s also an author of these two books right here. Plus he’s the creator of Tee It Up For Kids. For the past nine years you’ve been doing this tournament. And actually, it’s taking place this Monday. – Tell everybody, how could they be a part of it? – Well you can come out and support us in numerous ways. You could come out as a volunteer. You could of course take a tee or a whole sponsorship. We’ve got a lot of folks now, especially with their marketing, having a hard time getting though to organizations they want to get a hold of. So they’re now using it as a way to gift holes, or teams, or sponsorships. And it’s really fun for them to do that, and trust me those folks want to take their calls after they gift that. – Absolutely, well, one of the other things that I like doing, is sharing a message of hope for the people that are watching. And I like for it to come from the Champion. What would yours be? – Mine would simply be that young people nowadays, are at no other time I’ve seen, are more challenged with life than they’ve ever been. That’s what Moxie the Purple Squirrel was about. It’s also getting us to be a little bit more proactive, rather than reactive to a lot of these issues that children are experiencing. We must remember that these young people are going to grow up, we tend to forget that. And become future leaders and our future workforce. So we need to do a whole lot more there. And so that’s what I look forward to doing now and in years to come, is creating more dynamic. So more processes and programs that will help young people just achieve whatever they’d like to achieve. – Well Mike, thank you so much for being here, and we really appreciate everything that you’re doing for the community. And to say thank you, Belk wants to offer you a $300 gift card to use how you would like to use. So thank you so much. – Shut up! I like it. – Yes! No, I will not shut up. – Yes, boom shakalacka right? – Boom Shakalacka, that’s right, Mike. – Bring it in. That’s right. – So good to meet you, and have you. Thank you so much. Guys don’t forget, you are chosen regardless of the circumstances that you’re facing right now. We’ll see you next time.