with your host, Ana Christina. – Hey everyone, welcome to the Dish. I’m your host, Ana Christina. Thank you so much for tuning in. Hey, you picked a good day. We’re going to have a lot of fun today. As you know, lots of holidays are coming up, so that means family gatherings, portraits, lots of parties to get together and go to, and if you are going, you have to look cute, don’t you? You know that, ladies. So joining me today to help us out with that is personal stylist and owner of Brittany, it is Brittany. Thank you so much for being here. – Thank you so much for having me. It is pleasure being on here. – Listen, I love having you, because you’re so good at what you do, and today we’re going to be looking at a lot of different looks. I’m excited. – Yes, I’m really excited to show everyone. This season has just had some of the coolest trends. It’s so fun, you really can express your personality with everything, just mix and match different things to create some really cool looks that just fit your style. – That’s right, and you know what? Weather is changing, and so that means the trends are going to be changing. As the seasons progress, so do our looks, and so, we’re going to be seeing a lot of different styles today. – Yes, there’s a lot of different styles. – And there’s something for everyone, and you’re going to see that with the women that we have on. I’m so excited. We have seven gorgeous models, and they’re going to be showcasing all different looks. There’s something for everyone. – There is, there is. – So what are we going to be looking at today? – I would say there’s several really fun trends for the season. One of it is just what you’re wearing today. – That’s right, we’re both wearing Brittany. – The detailed sleeve is really in right now, and abstract looks, furs are very popular right now. Leathers, you’ll see embroidered lace. Just simple, bold colors is also very popular. So really, it’s like, if you’re looking to wear something for any party or special event, you shouldn’t have trouble, because there is just so many neat and exciting things to wear. – Things to choose from at Brittany too. – Yes, yeah, we love it. – Well, listen, we have to get started. I can’t wait to show off all these looks. Like I said, we have seven different models. We’re going to start with Ms. Megan, so tell me about this first look. – Megan today, she is wearing one of the popular trends as an abstract bold print. This fall season, just because it’s the fall, you don’t have to wear the mutes. You can be bold and wear something bright. – Have some color. – Yes, have some color, and with the black skinny jeans and the booties. – The booties, of course, right. All right, well, she looks gorgeous. Now, let’s bring on Ms. Savannah. I love this top. – And the pants. – Yes, I love this outfit. This outfit, it is one of my favorite. This skirt, it’s a pants in the front and it’s a skirt in the back. – So it’s business in the front, party in the back? – Business in the front, party in the back, and she is wearing the cold shoulder trend, and also, red is one of the trending colors for the season as well. So, this is a great cocktail outfit. – Thank you, Savannah. Now, next up, we have Ms. Sabrina. I absolutely adore this top. – Me too, me too. This is so pretty. So, you know, off the shoulder, with a detailed sleeve, and also she’s wearing the leather trend, and with fun shoes. So, this is a great look to wear to any party. Holiday parties coming up, or just any dinner event, yep. – Thank you, Ms. Sabrina. And next up, we have Ms. Clair. Check out her jewelry. – Yes, jewelry, bold statement necklaces are trending for this season, and this upcoming year, you will see a lot of bold necklaces, with a fur vest. Layering is very popular for the fall, so that way, you can take this outfit and you can wear it many different ways. You can pair it with anything else that you’ve got in your closet and wear this to a fun dinner, party. Yes, ready to go for the holidays. – Thank you, Ms. Clair. And coming up next, we have Ms. Amanda. Check out this statement piece. – Yes, Amanda is looking gorgeous. Just simple, blue dress. This is great to wear for any wedding. Yes, the ruffle sleeves. – You got it going on right here, Ms. Amanda. We call it Cha Cha look. The ruffle sleeve Cha Cha look is in for the fall, so this is great for, like I said, wedding or a date night look. – So cute, and Ms. Carlene we have. Look at her outfit, she looks fabulous. – Carlene is looking gorgeous today in this embroidered jacket. This is trending here for this season, as well as the spring. You see the embroidered look. Carlene is wearing something that’s for a leggy that doesn’t want to wear a dress to one of her parties or events or a wedding, so it’s a great look for pants. – Get some comfort in some pants, yeah, I like it. – She can mix and match and wear this any other time. – Gorgeous, Ms. Carlene. I love it. So, coming up, last but not least, we have Ms. Megan. Fun fact, former, or not former, she’s the current Miss South Carolina, top five at Miss USA. – Yes, we are so thrilled to have her with us today. So, Megan here is wearing one of the big trends. You see the big fur. So, it is okay to step out and be bold, and wear something that just stands out, a simple black long-sleeve T with the black leggings, and just pair that statement jacket over it, and she’s got a good look. – She looks gorgeous. I love it. Thank you so much, Megan. Thank you to all the ladies, and we’re actually going to see a couple of them in a little bit, because not only do you have Brittany Boutique, but you also have Brittany’s House of Elegance, so those of you may be familiar with that. So, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the more social occasion, mother of the bride type looks when we come back. – Yes. – All right, well, I’m excited. Thank you, ladies, you look gorgeous. Do not go anywhere, we’ll have more of her when we come back.